Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I know, I know, Enough Already!

I told you guys I am a sentimental gal. =) I had to pull out some old pictures of our 4 splendid years with our child. I shed a few tears tonight looking through her baby book, and realizing she's not a baby anymore. I laughed at how funny she is, and was proud at what she is becoming. I gazed at her while she was sleeping, and thought to myself...Really could I get any luckier!?! I gave her an extra kiss tonight, and said an extra little prayer to help me be the BEST momma I can be!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Our Van.

The BIG 4! I really can't believe it.
I have thought of so many things to say about her that are not so obvious, and some that are!

Savannah was named after the old movie Savannah Smiles. Paul and I both thought that our daughter would look similar to the little girl in that movie. Little did we know I don't have the dominating gene for brown hair. =) If you ask Savannah where she gets her blond hair she will proudly respond "From my Daddy!" If you ask her about other features that she has she will proudly respond "Jesus gave it to me!" She does look very similar to me, but no one looks past her blue eyes, and hair!
Savannah is our free spirit. She loves bug collecting, princess stuff, riding her scooter, stickers, doodling, "paper work" (this is scrapbooking with me), Barbies, and a new favorite would be Toy Story 2! She calls herself a cowboy-girl. =) She doesn't even call the movie by it's's just this "Momma, can I watch Woody?"
We waited a LONG 6 years to have Savannah. If you ask me she was well worth the wait! From day one she has known what she has wanted...and usually will get it. She is outgoing, funny, sensitive, and LOVES making new friends. Savannah will always help make lunch. Will always get me a tissue when I cry. She eats like nobodies business (her fav foods would be broccoli, shrimp, and pancakes). Will play with anyone that wants to, and has NO problem sharing. Is a little Sassy Smart Alec! Loves to help Daddy clean vending machines and put the little toys in capsules. Gives you farts as a present (Daddy taught her this!) ! Has endless energy, and still can't sleep through the night.
Today I'm thankful that Savannah came to my little family. I tell Paul thank you often for letting me have her. If she is all I was given I would feel so BLESSED! She is what made me a Mommy! I gave to her my short legs, button nose, and her loud mouth...Paul gave to her those luscious lips, metabolism (phew!), and her love for going on walks...

Happy Birthday Vannah!
Daddy and Momma Love You!

Birthday Cele-ele-ele-brations!

(dinner with Shane at Ruby Tuesday's)
There is nothing like the feeling of making your child happy. Seeing her face light up, because she got the present she REALLY wanted. Telling Paul and I thank you so many times I lost count. Savannah is the BEST. She is easy to please, and will get excited about anything.

When I asked Savannah what kind of cake she wanted...she said "pink!" So, I said "No, like Barbie, Princess, etc!" She said "Just Pink!" Savannah picked out a pink cake mix, pink candles, and pink sprinkles...AND was completely content.A couple of weeks ago we were shopping in the mall, and found Squirmles. Paul, Shane, and Savannah fell for it, Emily and I were smarter than them. ;) It's a worm thingy attached to a string you can't see. If you can only imagine Savannah thinking for $10 bucks she can have a pet. I immediately was the bad Mom, and said "heck's fake Savannah!" She seriously complained and cried about that silly worm the rest of the time at the mall. If you can only imagine how excited I got the other day when checking out at the ol' Wal Mart...and saw Squirmles for $2 and some change!!! =) For once I didn't get suckered, AND you should see Savannah with Puppy the Worm! She is in LOVE!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Since I'll have to work on Savannah's birthday
we decided to have one BIG day of celebration.
We chose to take Savannah to Jumpin' Jacks...
it's a bouncey house. It was sooo much fun!
Lots of REALLY big scary slides,
and LOTS of exercise for Mommy and Daddy! ;)
Look at the size of this hole...yep, I had to fit through it. The first time I went through it my pants pretty much came off. One of the many BIG slides...
Savannah's face pretty much sums it up...exhausted!I loved watching her get so excited!She is really in to cowboy stuff...this is her doing a yeehaw!!This is what I look like exhausted...oh, soooo worth it!We HAD to play a little ping pong. =)


Happy 30th Birthday Paul!
(This is a classic Paul pose.)
30 fun facts about my hubby.
1. He is addicted to chapstick
2. AND lotion.
3. He loves to shop.
4. Paul has a "special" closest of clothes he has collected, and NEVER wears. You have to see to believe. =)
5. The first thing I noticed about Paul was his thumbs...they are HUGE!
6. Paul loves watching poker, but doesn't play it.
7. Paul collects the gold $1 coins.
8. Paul and I have been together all of his 20's!
9. His fav treat is orange rolls...from Gardner Village.
10. Knows more about vending than any person I know. ;)
11. Is amazing at finances!
12. Loves perfection in all things.
13. Hates getting pictures taken...poor thing has to put up with my obsession with my camera.
14. Gives me EVERYTHING that I desire.
15. Is the champion at Stratego!
16. Loves rap little thug!
17. Gave Savannah her gorgeous lips!!
18. Paul says the MOST amazing prayers.
19. Has to take at least 2 showers a day.
20. You should see his small and neat!
21. Hates blood, but loves mafia killing movies.
22. OH, and scary movies too!
23. Knows me better than anyone!!
24. Can buy clothes for me...they fit good and I like them!
24. Loves sports of any kind.
25. Paul IS my BEST friend!
26. He listens to me, and remembers all my little stories.
27. Is sensitive!
28. Loves to do ANYTHING with me...even if that is the craft store.
29. Always wins at mini golf, and is competitive.
30. I love him more every year! =)
I just want to tell Paul...
I hope this year is the BEST yet!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

the 3rd...I think.

Don't look too closely...they won't be selling these at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. =) We dipped and decorated caramel apples. It was a learning experience, but SO FUN! This will definitely be added to our tradition list.
(Savannah couldn't smile, because her mouth was full of candy corns!)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Halloween Party!

(Van with her new friend Ashlynn.)
Savannah kept calling the ward party "The Ball".
So, when she said that we needed to hurry in to the ball (church)
I kind of laughed.
BUT then she decided to kick off one of her glass slippers,
and pretend to be distraught about losing it.
That is when I busted a gut! =)
Savannah was so excited to see all of the other
little girls dressed as
Snow White, Sleeping Beauty,
oh and Hannah Montana was a hit too!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Baby Party!

just how cute is this picture? thanks kerst...(i stole it from your blog). savannah was able to attend her 1st girly baby party (shower). seriously, she is still talking about it. there are a few things that savannah said that still are making me smile...
  • there was this baby boy there, and she whispered in my ear..."momma, i thought boys were NOT allowed at these things." she was completely distraught.

  • the first thing savannah said is "momma, your best friend is beautiful". kerstin really does look amazing...check out her blog here.

  • i am always amazed that savannah can make a friend ANY WHERE she goes.

  • just yesterday savannah tells me that we need to invite kerstin to our ward halloween party, because she invited us to her baby party.

so, kerstin if you want to come to our chili cook off...come on over! =) thanks for letting us come and celebrate baby girl's arrival. we are so excited for you. you have made a lasting impression on savannah.

It's beginning to look A LOT like Christmas! What?

New Christmas tree topper...check!
Two new Nativities to add to my collection...check!
An ADORABLE new stocking for Savannah...check!
There is still a list of stuff to purchase to make my PERFECT tree this year...
new ornaments, skirt, and oh, the ribbon, garland,'s goin' be good!!!
oooh, my Christmas pictures are getting close!!! =)
Watch out world...Evonne is feelin' the Christmas spirit!
I even started singing Christmas music VERY loudly in Sam's Club when I saw all of the Christmas stuff out!!
If you would like your picture taken in your Halloween costume in front of my Christmas tree...come on by!!! Cinderella is going to look fabulous next to all the lovely lights! lol

Saturday, October 18, 2008

What we do...

None of us are Tiger Woods by any means, but we do have fun playin' a little mini golf. =) We were all neck and neck most of the way through our game, but I blew it at the end. We had a sudden death between Shane and Paul, and Paul pulled it out. Savannah had fun running to each hole, and putting her ball about 2 inches from the hole...then hitting it in. This is the perfect weather to be outside. We hope that winter doesn't come too soon. p.s. I was sooo close to putting up my Christmas tree today. Be forewarned if you come trick or treating at my might hear Christmas music. I'm so in the holiday mood!

Friday, October 17, 2008

10 Things...

That make me happy!
10. When Savannah sings along with me to songs in the car.
9. When Paul asks to go scrapbook shopping with me.
8. Date NIGHTS! =)
7. Vacations.
6. Holidays...of any kind.
5. My new work schedule!! Less work, more play!!
4. A clean house, and a clean car.
3. Lovely scents of ANY variety!
2. Lots and lots of pictures.
1. Of course I'm goin' say Savannah and Paul!!!!!!
I got tagged by Mrs. Bess...
so, I'll tag Rebecca, Amber, and um you!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Wee Witches Festival

Gardner Village always does a Witches Festival. I believe this was the first year that they did one for the little one's. Savannah will tell you now that she liked all the witches, but I had to coax her in to standing next to them. She was VERY scared of certain witches (very funny to watch). When I finally got her to sit next to one of the witches...a whole bunch of ladies/witches had been watching me talk her in to it...they gave Savannah a round of applause.

This is a must to attend, and this will now be our 2nd new tradition. ;) All the kids dressed up (even if they weren't a witch). I didn't know that or Savannah would have sooo gotten to wear her Cinderella costume. They had face painting, scavenger hunt, pony rides, stinky petting zoo thingy, and DANCING...which was Savannah's FAVORITE thing. I could have sat there all night, and watched her get down on the dance floor.