Friday, January 30, 2009


(idea # 300 something that represents your husband's profession)
Our first adventure came a little over 4 years ago. Paul decided shortly after Van was born he needed to start our own business. It was hard with a new baby, but somehow we did it. Paul worked his tail end off. We rented U-Haul's and got it done. Sometimes we had help, but mostly Paul did it by himself.

Shortly after starting Paul decided to expand out of the Salt Lake area. We decided to do a Logan route. My SIL came with us with the U-Haul full of machines, and it was yet another adventure. It was one of the longest days, and we said "never again!". Of course when Paul said it he didn't mean it, just I did! =)

We started thinking not to long after that of where else we could expand. It was decided Twin Falls, Idaho was the place to go. This adventure was one of our biggest. It took multiple trips in U-Haul's, and of course A LOT of hard work. (Did I forget to mention...Van just happened to HATE her car seat! She spent lots of time crying, poor lil thing I know!) This trip we just had the help of our locator's to guide us. Looking back I still don't know how we did it. Paul and I can look back on our 1st adventure and laugh, but the 2nd and 3rd adventure, I'm not sure we are at that point yet.

When Paul mentioned expansion again for this year...I was hesitant. I have tried to keep my happy attitude, but when he mentioned U-Haul I knew what that entailed. There would be lots of hard work, and of course the unexpected problems that ALWAYS seem to happen to us.
It did start off better this time, because Van has outgrown her hatred for the car seat. Oh, and we were only going to Provo. =) She had a blast riding in the BIG truck, and told me that we really need to buy one.We started early, and all had smiles on our faces. We ran in to problems right off, but we all seemed to be taking them well...except Paul had a few melt downs. =) The reservation on the U-Haul was screwed up, the delivery man showed up almost 2 hours late, the lock on one of the brand new machines broke, and after I left to work I took the tools Paul needed. Oops!
What is the saying "when given lemons, make lemonade!", and that is just what we did. We ate delicious cheeseburgers while we waited for the delivery man. We played DDR, and I rocked it! And we just enjoyed each other's company.Most importantly it went well, because we had ShanER. Seriously we COULD NOT have done it without him. Shane has saved our bacon...sooo many times. I feel really lucky to have Shane live close! He takes an interest in what Paul is doing, and I think that it's cool that brothers can be best friends.

Can you guess what I said after this adventure was done? Never again! At least Savannah was still smiling in the end. =)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

my example.

This is Van's BEST friend, Jasmine. She declared her to be that 3 seconds after meeting her. This is not uncommon for Van to find a friend, and immediately start calling him or her BEST friend. Oh, and she has to hold hands with everyone that she meets! It is a must!
As Jasmine and Van were playing in a breeze way of one of our locations I started thinking about this...
  • Van wants friends in life, and does a dang good job at making them. She doesn't wait for them to come up to her, she walks right up to them and says "Do you want to play rock, paper, cut with me?" I've decided I need to stop waiting for someone else to become my friend. I need to walk right up to people, and introduce myself.
  • Van doesn't care that Jasmine mostly speaks Chinese. Van doesn't care that she even can talk at all. They just kept smiling at each other, and little giggles would come from the corner. I need to not be intimated that they might not understand me. Everyone understands a smile.
  • I heard Van telling Jasmine, "Do you know where your name comes from?". Jasmine looked confused, and Savannah didn't wait for her response saying "It is from Aladdin!". Van makes it look so easy to talk to people. I always over analyze what I'm going to say...I need to remember to make it simple.

I watch my child, and learn so much from her. She is not afraid to be herself, and enjoy what life has to offer. I love her for helping me be a better person.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I {heart} Heber!

There is nothing like the small town feel of Heber, Utah.
I love driving past the frozen lake in the middle of the week to see people ice fishing.
It is an absolutely beautiful drive year round.
(idea # 130 mountains)

You must make a stop at the Dairy Keen to have a famous "train burger". Deeelicious!
Everyone says hello, and makes eye contact.
There is this little restaurant that sits on the shore of the lake.
Never been, but in 2009 I will go.
I was a little disappointed to see a WalMart SUPER center coming soon sign. =(
( idea # 112 clouds)

If you get up there make sure you go see Phyllis at the bowling lanes.
She is a little grouchy, but she'll warm up to you.
Paul asked me if I would retire there, maybe.
(idea # 101 a natural landscape, and that could be the house I just might retire in. lol)

It is just that wonderful!
I {heart} Heber!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


What makes you comment on a blog post? What makes you not comment? Do you blog just to get the comments of others or do you blog to just put it out there? Do you sometimes comment because you feel bad that there are 0 comments? Do you have those certain blogs that you comment on everything?
I have thought about making my blog so you can't make comments at all. What do you guys think of this? I have ran across some blogs which allow comments on certain posts, but not others. How do you decide which ones that you want comments allowed? Just throwin' some random ideas out there. Comment if you wish, or not! I am one of those people that don't blog to have the comments, but they are an added bonus. ;)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Hi, I'm Mrs. Friendly =)

We are Primary teachers. Yes, people trust us to teach their children! =) I call Paul the "bouncer", and I prepare the lessons.
We recreated a Primary sharing time this week that Paul remembered from 20+ years ago.
One not so fancy apron with lots of pockets. One gardening hat. One pair of circle zebra print glasses. Old lady shoes, and a knowledge of the Friend Magazine. Voila! I became Mrs. Friendly! Oh, and let's not forget, all those pockets bulging full of prizes like stickers, rubber stamps, candy, or even CTR rings to hand out.
I was nervous. Those of you that really know me are probably thinking "Evonne, shy?". I usually don't mind being the center of attention, but I had this "other" Ms. Friendly to live up to! If Paul remembers this being cool from 20+ years ago, I had to make it cool for these kids. I want them it mimic me in 20 years. Oooh, the challenge I faced.
(I did my hair different, but you get the idea. It was funny how many younger kids didn't recognize me!)
It turned out well, or at least Paul and I thought so! The kids were excited, and I wasn't as nervous 3 seconds in to it. I would definitely do it again for sharing time, and we even thought about Mr. Friendly coming too! ;)

Just because...

"raisin fingers" after our bubble bathi am so in love with her!even though she will be 5 this year...she is still my baby!

idaho day.

Paul goes to Idaho every 5-6 weeks. He leaves early in the morning, and doesn't return until the wee hours of the next morning. I usually plan A LOT of stuff to occupy my lonely day without him. Call me pathetic that I have a hard time going a whole day without him, BUT I DO!

Today I only had a couple of things planned, and it ended up being the perfect amount of stuff. I have on occasion planned too much to do, and felt like I ran around like my head was cut off.

I started off my morning going to a USBORNE book party...hosted by this girl. She is just starting off, and wanted some practice runs. They have a TON of cool books for babies on up. I booked a party, and if anyone wants to order...let me know. ;) My BFF, Savannah, and I went scrapbook shopping. This is a very dangerous thing for me to do. We found ONLY the supplies needed to do our Valentines, and hurried home to start creating.

Oh, we created...(idea # 241 making valentines)
we ate delicious enchiladas...

and we laughed!

My night has ended with a movie, popcorn, and a bubble bath with Van. Now I wait for hubby to come home...I miss him!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


I am thankful for my alarm clock, because without it I wouldn't wake up. Okay, so maybe I would, but a couple of hours too late.
(idea # 359 your alarm clock)

I am thankful for my car (aka the silver bullet), because without it I would have to WALK a lot of miles. =)
(idea # 124 your car)

I am thankful for my clean bathroom. This is a sight you rarely see. I always have mounds of clothes on the floor and makeup strewn all over. One night this week when I came home from work and walked in to my bathroom, I was shocked. Savannah (yes I said Savannah) cleaned my bathroom. Paul didn't even tell her to do it. Lucky...I know!
(idea # 163 your bathroom)

I am thankful for Joyce. I had this sewing project that needed to be done by Sunday. She saved me. Just wait for the post about where and when I'll be wearing this awesome apron. It should give everyone a big giggle.(idea # 186 project in process)

I am thankful for my computer. I can keep in touch with all of you. I love blogging, and editing my photos. It doesn't always want to work as fast as I would like it to, but it still does the job.

(idea # 11 you at the computer)

I am thankful for Lofthouse cookies. I tell Paul that these are my WEAKNESS! I seriously could sit down and eat 5 or 6 and not even feel bad. Why cook my own sugar cookies when the grocery store sells something this delicious!?

(idea # 167 a favorite treat)

I am thankful for my growing confidence. It might have something to do with my husband continually giving my props, but I have been working on my bike. I keep telling myself I need to look good for our family pictures. I am going to make this happen.
(idea # 12 your self protrait taken in a mirror)
(idea # 282 you exercising)
More pictures to come for my BIG project. =)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

new blogger =)

I have added an important person to my blog roll (Bulkley Bunch) SIL, Deanna has officially joined blogville! Go check out my cute nieces, and welcome her to the BIG, BAD blog world! =)


idea # 37 your place of worship

Monday, January 19, 2009


idea # 160 your sleeping husband...Paul has been working lots of hours to try to expand our business. He works hard to provide for us, and deserves to take a nap!! BUT my favorite thing about this picture is that he is using Van's princess pillow case. =)


Happy Birthday ShanER!
We love you!

these are the moments.

I wish that I could be a stay at home Mom.Paul and Van left early this morning for a journey to Logan together. Van was so excited to have some one-on-one time with her Daddy. I was disappointed I couldn't tag along. =(

AND when I said I'll miss you, and be good...this is what Van did!

I probably should stick to going to work...because I think that I miss her a little more than she does me! ;)

Sunday, January 18, 2009


idea #189. your ipod
This is the Christmas present I bought for Paul. We have REALLY enjoyed it!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

cleaning products

idea #10 your cleaning products...
I really need to stop purchasing this stuff...I think I have enough to last me awhile. ;)

Friday, January 16, 2009

tootin' my own horn =)

This week has been full of accomplishments.
I must share.
Although they are all small, I felt proud.

A couple of weeks ago I posted "my new start". I had simple tasks that I thought would help me feel happy in '09. It is working. I haven't done all of them, but I'm working on it.

One of the sentences said "Drive like I'm not in a hurry, and wave at the missionaries more." When I was grocery shopping the other day I decided to not only say "hi" to the missionaries...I said "Can I have a picture with you, and your groceries?" I felt a boost of energy, and it made my afternoon.
As far as the driving like I'm not in a hurry...I GOT PULLED OVER LAST NIGHT for speeding! LOL! It was the first time EVER, and I was ecstatic. Paul was hoping for me to get a ticket, but the officer was a dork. I totally breezed my way through it, and was laughing about it during and after. I can't believe I'm goin' be 28, and this was my 1st time. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

I have definitely taken more time for Paul and Savannah. I have stopped to notice that my baby is growing up. Just this morning she put on her jacket, and has taught herself to zip it up...all by herself. Where was I when this started? I was impressed.

My girls and I @ the RCW successfully planned a Chinese New Year party(which was a hit). I have started to appreciate my friends at work more. I can be random. I can be a dork, and they laugh with me. See below picture for some explanation... Yes, those are chop sticks in my hair! Oh, and don't ask about the face. I am still freakin' laughing about it.

I have enjoyed the sun, because it's been out. I have been staying up late, but not waking up early. ;) I haven't made my bed once...okay, okay so I said I was still working on some of them.

Stay date tomorrow with the hubby! Oh, and I get to see my BFF.

grocery cart.

idea # 146 your grocery cart.
This is the WalMart that has two levels of parking. So, your groceries get to take a joy ride up the escalator. =) This is the ONLY cool part about this WalMart!


idea #69 your workplace.
It really is impressive when you don't see it every day. ;)


I love giveaways. I enter a ton, but never win.
Except this one time on =)
I love this site. I love Vanessa. Oh, and I want to win this stroller.
Can you believe this is a GIVEAWAY!?
Really, really!
I want to win this in the worst of ways. =)
You might be thinking...Von, you don't even have two kids.
I'm goin', and when I do I should be sportin' this cute stroller.
If you didn't know, orange is my favorite color!
I already have the orange car seat picked out for baby sell.
I don't even care if it's a girl or boy...I must have the brightly colored car seat.
If there is a higher power...please let me win. ;)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

under construction.

Why when I changed my didn't change all of the way?
I have changed it so many times I can't count, and now this.
Does someone in blogville know how to fix this?

Okay, so I figured this all out...I think.
BUT in the process, I erased my list of all the blogs that I follow that are private.
Can you please e-mail you blogspot again!? =)
mmm...ya know who are you, hopefully!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

nail polish

idea 176. your nail polish

Savannah and I this is our collection. =)


I am still wondering why Santa brought Van play dough. It is not because she doesn't LOVE the ooey gooey stuff, but because of the HUGE mess it makes. =)
I have come to a compromise with her. If she will help me clean, then she gets to play with it. This is definitely working in my favor. Oh, and she loves that I let her use the "real" vacuum, and all my supplies.