Sunday, May 31, 2009

good news for some.

I am drawing new winners on the iTunes gift cards, because I still have heard no word. Bad news for them, but good news for the rest of you that get another chance.

The $15 gift card goes too...

The Meier family said...
I am loving Love save the empty by Erin McCarley but I always love Duran Duran! :)

The $25 gift card goes too...

Rebecca said...
How can you pick a favorite song??? I have no favorite song, but every time I'm listening to the radio and a good one comes on, that's my favorite song at the moment!

If you want to put in your 2 cents on how the winners of my giveaways should be here. Until then, these peeps have 7 days until a redraw occurs. again.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

my first party.

(some of the girls posing by the candle warmer I got for my "museum room")

I am 28 years old. I have been married for 10 years, and I have never been the host to a "friend party", ever! I do not like the anxiety it brings. I don't stop being worried about EVERYTHING. From no one showing up to the having a place for everyone to sit. I worry about it all.

I have to say that my first "friend SCENTSY party" was UHmazing! It might have everything to do with the fact that Sam (the Scentsy consultant) was helpful, encouraging, and so FUN to work with! Sam brought the table to set everything up on, lots of candle warmers to display, and of course scents on hand to purchase.
This picture is to prove just how helpful Sam really is...Yeah, we are in the bathroom with the catalog tryin' to decide which warmer would look best with me decor. That's helpful huh?

I will definitely be having another shin-dig at my pad. It was fun laughing with the girls, and smelling everyone's most fav "6 packs"! I think I might have a new addiction to the "simply irresistable" scent. Van said it best...this smells just like my Daddy. Yes, Paul smells good enough to burn his scent throughout the whole house. =)
Thank you to my girls that ordered on the website! Thank you to my girls that could come! Thank you Sam, FOR EVERYTHING!

Friday, May 29, 2009

Food Review: El Paisa Grill

This is one of my ALL time favorite Mexican restaurants. Every time someone visits from out of town, we take them here. I love the atmosphere, and this dish is the only thing that we order...the Molcajete Supreme
It has chicken, steak, shrimp, veggies, and green sauce.
This would be the meal I would request if I could never eat again.
Really, I'm not joking!
Wanna know how to eat all this delicious goodness?
Like this...
I love that you can find a mariachi band playing loudly in El Paisa. Van has been known to shake her thang in this place many o'times! It is kick back, and everyone is enjoying each other and the food. You can also find the owner going from table to table greeting his customers. =) The first thing that we have to do when it comes to our table is divide the shrimp up evenly between Daddy and Van. Van can out eat him any day of the week.
And this will be the ONLY food that I eat that you will find my plate like this...

Do you want to try it?
El Paisa Grill is located on...
2126 S 3200 W in WVC, Ut
Don't forget to tell him Paul (aka the vending guy) and his wifey sent you! Oh, and we are more than happy to go with you if you want!! Give us a date and time, we are so there.
Dieting is not for me, a muffin top is what I'll be!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Giveaway Vote

Since starting giveaways I have come across a problem. People come to enter, but don't come back to see if they win. I have unclaimed prizes as we speak. I feel like it's not fair for me to have to do all the "work" to track people down. I am going to let my readers decide how this should be handled. I want to get your feedback so that I can detemine what you want.

Your choices are...

A. I will give the winner 7 days to claim prize, if not claimed there will be a redraw.

B. I will require everyone that enters the giveaway to include e-mail, and I will contact you.

Speak up! If you don't...I will do it how I want, and all unclaimed prizes I will keep. =) The voting will end June 5th.


Are you coming to my Scentsy Party? I have been all sorts of excited to have peeps over at my house. =) It is on Saturday the 30th. It is an open house from 11-2. If you need my addie, just e-mail me. Everyone is welcome! If you can't come you can always order online too!
Click here.
Then you click on the Sell Party of, of course!
Can't wait to see ya'll there!


I was so excited that the Easter Bunny brought Van a big girl bike. I was even more excited when the weather became warm enough to use said bike. Too bad Van HATES her bike. We have used it maybe 3 times. Every time ending in tears, with a little bit yelling, and lots of frustration.
(day one on big girl bike: the only day I took the camera, this is the end result!)
I am disappointed, because she loved her little bike with training wheels. The bike that I thought that she would love and adore is quickly collecting dust.
In all my blog browsing lately, I have found the growing trend to be the bikes with no pedals. I found a giveaway on this website, and thought what the heck. What is the worst thing that could happen, I don't win, and I would have wasted a few minutes writing up some silly lil' comment like this...

Sell...Party Of 3 said...

Okay, this is a true story. I bought Van a "regular" big girl bike for Easter. She hates it. To the point that we have had fights about her riding it daily. Maybe this could be the solution to my problem. =) Van loved her "little" bike, but it broke. boo!

So, I am a follower, I follow you on twitter, and my e-mail address in case by some act of the heavens I win sellbabyphat {at} gmail {dot}com
Awesome freakin' giveaway! Really.
Well, Nyko from Skuut noticed comment number 16 out of 207 and contacted me with some totally freakin' AWESOME news! She wanted to give Van her very own Skuut bike. =) I think that I was more excited than Van to see how these bikes with no pedals actually worked.
Since getting this bike Van has been on it every day, except the one day it rained! She is in LOVE!! I am pretty sure that every person that has been to our house has taken a trip to the garage. Van loves showing off her Skuut. Van's confidence has improved quickly, and I am hoping that the Skuut will be the jump start she needs to start using her big girl bike with NO training wheels. (*sigh* my baby is growin' up!) Thank you Nyko for Van's sAweet ride. It has already been used more than the "other" bike. =)

Wanna see her in action...

The things she loves about the Skuut...
She has complete control.
She can put her feet down and touch the ground.
It is made of WOOD!
The attention she gets from all the other little kids that wonder what kind of cool lookin' toy is that!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Guest Post by Van

I went with Uncle Shane to the Children's Museum aka Discovery Gateway, and it was very fun. I dressed up like a cowboy and a fireman. I want to go back there. I really liked going. I had fun with the other kids. There was another little girl that was dressed up like a donkey, and we had fun together. I saw a cash register here too! You pretend to check people out, but I didn't get to do it. I have a kitchen at home, but Mommy didn't buy me a fridge.
I like Uncle Shane, because he takes me places. I really want to go again.
That's it Mommy!
Thank you Shane for taking her, and it's obvious she had a blast!
We love you!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

a baby.

(How cute is that shirt? A is for Alice!)
How quickly I forgot how tiny Van once was. How much work a month old baby is. How you fall in love so quickly, and how the chores will wait while you hold, rock, pat, admire, and LOVE on them.
We finally met Alice in Wonderland. Van was hilarious to watch. It gave me a sneak peak into what life will be like with two (when that time comes). Van will make an awesome big sister. She wanted to show Alice all the toys, hold her, sleep with her, and was very curious about feedings and diaper changes. =) My sista is an amazing Mother. It is fun to watch her take on this role. As we strolled through the store we look at each other, and said...
We are so glad that we both have daughters.
I am so happy we get to be Mom's. That our daughters are friends, we are friends.
I love my sista. I love Alice in Wonderland.
After Alice in Wonderland left Van was sad. Van wrapped her arms around my legs and bawled. Big crocodile tears. When she started to get herself together she said...
Alice in Wonderland stole my heart. <3
How cute is that, really?

When Van decides.

We left Van with Uncle Shane this morning. When we met for lunch Van jumps out of the car looking like this... I think that she has an eye for fashion. LOL. What do you think?

Monday, May 25, 2009

my followers

I promised my followers that if I won the Utah's Best Mommy Blogger contest I would write one of you a $250 check. It didn't happen, but I came pretty darn close. You moved me up in the ranks, and made me hang with the big DAWGS. Really, look at who I was up against. You realize these women are amazing, talented, and people I really look up to?! To even be on the list was a shock, and made me feel accomplished.

Utah's Best Mommy Blogger

The R House (25.0%, 429 Votes)
Singing Cicada (25.0%, 418 Votes)
Nie Nie Dialogues (17.0%, 290 Votes)
Sell Party Of (10.0%, 177 Votes)

I realize without you, my loyal fans, I would not have made it to 177 votes. For this I am giving one of my followers a check for $50. I went to, put in the number of followers, and it picked...

send me an e-mail
sellbabyphat {at} gmail {dot} com
so I can get you the check. =)
Thank you to everyone that became a follower, voted, and like my blog.
I loves all of you bunches!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

oh, how she has missed you!

Uncle Shane has been in Idaho for a month. Van has had a hard time having him gone. One night Van thought that Uncle Shane had died, and at 10:00 PM we were trying to get a hold of him to talk some sense into her. As soon as she heard his voice she had a grin from ear to ear. Van loves her Uncle Shane, we all love Uncle Shane.


Uncle Shane has already played princess yahtzee, doctor, and a new game of who can get the phone faster.

Thank you for coming to visit Shane. We wish we could play more often.

Scentsy PartAY

We have lived in this house for more than a year. I have never had a party. It is time, don't you think? Do you wanna come? Here are the details...

Where: my pad (e-mail me for addie)
When: May 30th
Time: 11-2 open house
Why: to buy Scentsy and hang with me, duh!
Can't wait to see ya'll! You best all be there!

And the iTunes gift cards go to...

This was a fun giveaway. I loved reading what every one's favorite song is. My favorite song changes on a daily basis. Today it is song that was on my "mixed tape" that Kamie gave me. Click here to listen. Thank you to everyone that participated.
$25 iTunes goes to...
Chillygator said...
ooh, I love music! My most listened to song is The Riddle from The Scarlet Pimpernel, but I also love anything Linda Eder. There is never enough of her (o:
$15 iTunes goes to...
Seeryus Mama said...
I'm kinda stuck on Brittany right now! I love Womanizer.

Winners need to e-mail me
sellbabyphat {at} gmail {dot} com
so that I can get your info.

Don't forget the other giveaways...
$100 Visa click here
Toys R Us gift card click here

Saturday, May 23, 2009

letter to my daughter.

My Savannah Alice,

Although I feel like I have the most opinionated 4 year old on the planet, you are probably the happiest child I could have asked for. You are extremely well behaved in public, I can think of very few tantrums. Today is a day that will mark history, your biggest tantrum in public to date. We were at Harmon's grocery store, and you wanted pink juice (bubble gum to be exact) in a bottle. I told you that if you could guess the flavor, I would buy it. Just for the record we already had in the fridge at home Capri Suns, Hi C juice boxes, multiple kinds of soda, and multiple kinds of concentrate juices in the freezer. You didn't guess the flavor, and we ventured to the check out stand. You did not go quietly, but I kept my cool. I am in the middle of paying, and you scream in front of at least 25 people "You aren't buying my pink juice, and I am gonna run away from you now!" AND that is just what you did. I got a few comments like "whoa!"...but I still kept my cool. That is until I got to the car where I immediately had the biggest melt down, and yes I am PMSing! I cried all the way home, and thought about how much I want to give you the world. I would have just gone back to buy the pink juice, but I can't show my face there for another week! Thank you for that Van!
When I watch you my heart leaps. You are everything I want to be. I love everything about you. From your love for shrimp to you singing to EVERY. SINGLE. SONG. in the car, you are my heart and soul.
I never thought that I would find another person in this world that wanted to have a baby as much as I do, until you. I watch you stare at all the babies that pass us, just like I always do. I think that I am going to make us a paper chain to count down "until we try".
Thank you for teaching me something new every day, even if that means that I can't go to Harmon's for a year.
I love you.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Food Review: Navajo Hogan

Have you ever eaten at the Navajo Hogan? Like some of you, I have passed this place numerous times then one day we went in. I didn't regret it either. We have been back several times and I swear every time it gets better. These Navajo tacos are the size of a dinner plate, and topped with anything you can imagine. They have a small salsa bar, where I found my new favorite salsa to top my already scrumptious taco. Everything on their menu is extremely affordable too!Paul declared this his new favorite dessert. It was delivered to our table so hot that it melted the fork I cut into it with. That is what I like. It means it was cooked just for me. =)If you decide to try this out, which I strongly suggest...tell them Sell Party of 3 sent you, they will be excited to hear it!

Want their addie...

447 E 3300 S in the SLC of Utah

Dieting is not for me, a muffin top is what I'll be!

Redneck GPS

I went to an unfamiliar territory last night. I asked for directions, and this is what my Boss draws for me. Who could find their way from this? Really?

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Remember when I blogged about this competition for Utah's Favorite Mommy Blogger? I am about to give you a reason to think that I am your favorite! =) I am 243 votes out of the lead. I am basically getting my trashed put it nicely. I think that I am in 8th place. We can't have that at the Sell Party of 3. The voting ends on Sunday, and on Monday if I see that I am in 1st...I will give one of my followers a check signed by moi for $250!! Right now I only have 42 followers. If those 42 people can make it happen great. If you wanna become a follower, and make it happen, even better!
You only have days to figure this out. =)
Vote here!! Remember you are voting for Sell Party Of!!
Good luck peeps!

I am so jealous...

I am about to make 3 ladies Thursday a little better!! =)
You might hate me after you get your box of cupcakes, because you WILL be addicted!
I promise.
So, I will be sending you all an e-mail with the 4-1-1.
I can't wait to pay you all a lil' visit!
Janet said...
This place is awesome! My aunt discovered it a little while ago. 4cupcakes? One for me, Tam, Margaret and you while we scrapbook..we'd have to hide them from the kids though =)
Amber! said...
Hook me up!!!! Yumm Yummm
arianne said...
mmmm cupcakes!!! I love cupcakes!!! I live in Stansbury park but would meet anywhere!! I have added your button to my blog.
Thank you to Melanie from Just Cupcakes for sponsoring this giveaway!
Don't forget your "corn on the cob" cupcake for your next bbq!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Blue Lemon Round Two

I couldn't pass up eating at the Blue Lemon with this group of hotties!Okay, okay, and I really wanted to try this salad... This is the Raspberry Chicken Salad.
Check off another thing on the menu that is DELISH!

Grandma Lizzies

Remember when I blogged about this new site? I totally entered her giveaway...and you guessed it, I got a gift card to Target in the mail. Who doesn't love free stuff!? She is having another giveaway right now, and if you don't want to see more pictures of me with the prize, then you best go enter here! That's all folks!

belly laugh

I am still laughing... video

Can you tell that we are related?

I am so in love with her.


After having Van we decided that our current home wasn't where we wanted to raise our family. We didn't want to go house poor, but we wanted something decent. The neighborhood that we chose is around 3 years old, and still is expanding with new homes. I don't think that there is a home under $200,000 in the area, but after seeing these pictures you will wonder about our decision...
Yes, someone considers this jungle their front yard. Really peeps!Does anyone else consider this grass?Half of this is our front yard...that is why it's green, but then they had to go and stick a couch on their front porch! Why? They need a comfy place to smoke, of course!I am thinking positively with these looks like they might attempt to try something. It is all I can hope for.

Please can someone come move by me!? My street is needing some TLC!

**Go enter my giveaways! Keep scrolling down. =)**