Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sam Tsui is the Next Big Thing

This man, who looks like he is 12 but is actually in college, has got mad skillz. He records each part individually, and then puts them all together not only in sound but video as well. It appears that he is a one man show, but there is someone that does some arranging behind the scenes. I don't watch American Idol (don't start on that.)...so I can't judge his talent, but he is very entertaining. He might have swayed me with his Michael Jackson Medley, because we all know what a huge FAN I am of him!

Hot Dog on a Stick Giveaway

As promised, a Hot Dog on a Stick giveaway!

Of course if you missed my review, it can be seen here.

I will be doing a few giveaways with Hot Dog on a Stick.

The first will be a $25 Gift Card.

Oh the possibilities! =)

I am even going to do some ways to earn some extra entries:

5 extra entries if you become a fan of Hot Dog on a Stick on Facebook

10 extra entries if you become a follower or already are one

Make sure you just leave one comment. =)

Giveaway will end Oct 4th @ Midnight.

Monday, September 28, 2009


Today was not a good day. Van doesn't try my patience very often. She is pretty well behaved, and is pretty good in public...and then today happens.

She stepped in a puddle,
and that is where the story begins.

We walk in to Cafe Rio, and I am by myself with Van. We get in the ginormous line. Van asks me if she can go to the bathroom to dry off her legs, I didn't feel right about it, and told her no. She keeps on, and on, and on! I finally cave. It isn't like Van has never gone to a public restroom by herself, she does this all of the time. I keep standing in line, I think to myself that she is taking an awfully long time. I am now two people away from ordering. I think I hear screaming, it can't be. I hear it again, and off I sprint...in all my pregnant glory to the restroom! Where indeed my child is screaming like someone is doing some awful thing to her. It is a one person bathroom, with a dead bolt. I stand outside, and all of the horrible things run through my head. I'm sick. I soon find out, someone isn't doing anything to her, SHE IS STUCK! Yup, she has locked herself in the bathroom, and can't get out. After some coaxing, she figures it out and she is FREE.
Of course the first thing that should run through my head is "I'm glad that she was okay!" But instead I yell "I told you not to go to the bathroom, and you didn't listen!" She is in tears, and I am just really upset that I have to go to the back of the line again.

I am not proud of the way that I acted, I have a lot to learn. I am definitely not perfect. It's a good thing tomorrow is a new day.

Van, I love you!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

a huge shout out.

Thank you Uncle Shane for spending the weekend with us.
Thank you for making our Van smile.
Most importantly going out on the town with Paul...
he needed it.
You are the BEST!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I almost forgot.

Because it's the weekend, and we always look forward to them...why not announce the winner of the 4 pk to the Dino Museum at Thanksgiving Point!

Vanessa said...
My son would love it!

Thanks for stopping by to enter...

Until next week.


Friday, September 25, 2009


I went to another Dr. appointment today. Everything is fine, just a routine visit. The Dr. did confirm that I had lost 7 pounds...which isn't a bad thing for someone like me who could stand to lose a bit. =)

At the end of my appointment the Dr. wanted to schedule me for routine testing of all the genetic stuff. Ya know, the tests they run to see if your baby is going to have down syndrome, and what not. I didn't feel right about it when I scheduled it, but I did. I came home, and questioned Paul about it...he has a much better memory than I do, and he jogged my brain about how we didn't do the testing with Van. So I called and canceled the appointment, and thought to myself...

How many people don't do the testing to find out if there is something wrong with their baby? Do you think that you should do it? Do you think that I'm crazy for not wanting it done? I started to wonder, if I did know that something was wrong would I plan differently? After all it is still a baby you are having, even if it has something genetically wrong with it. I will still buy clothes, diapers, and get a nursery set up, right? How could I ever mentally prepare for what would lie head? I don't think I could, I think it would worry me sick. Some may say they would worry themselves sick not knowing, I guess I am just not one of those people.

Food Review: Hot Dog on a Stick

My official food review of Hot Dog on a Stick... After looking at the Hot Dog on a Stick logo for a week, I was more than craving a cheese stick! We were also really excited to learn more about Hot Dog on a Stick, and test out some of the menu items that we hadn't tried yet.
We already knew that we loved their lemonade! Of course they don't just have plain lemonade...you can have it flavored cherry, lime, and of course sugar free. Did I forget to mention that they have frozen lemonade too!? It was by far my favorite drink! Paul's opinion would differ, his favorite lemonade would be the lime. If you can't get enough lemonade while you are there...which I can't...you can buy their lemonade by the 1/2 gallon too!Paul never has had one of their corn dogs, and said that it was the best that he had ever had. Van opted to have a hot dog on a bun, which I didn't even know that they had. My appetite has decreased with this pregnancy, so a cheese stick was more than adequate...and hit the spot!
Hot Dog on a Stick made our experience fun, and even showed me the secret technique to dipping their stuff in the "party batter"! I am still not sure that I could make it look as easy as they do. Even though some may say "they just sell hot dogs", the people that work here take pride in what they do. I was impressed that they checked on my order half way through the frying process to make sure that the cheese sticks weren't leaking...and even "patched" them up if they showed minor flaws!
After filling up on our main course, we finished up with funnel cake for dessert! They have three kinds to choose from just powder sugar, powder sugar with raspberry sauce, and powder sugar with chocolate sauce. It was the perfect way to end our meal. I can safely say the funnel cake with raspberry sauce quickly won our hearts! Absolutely delightful! We walked away with big smiles on our faces. It was such a great experience, and everything tasted splendid. Not one complaint from the three and a 1/2 of us! =)

Who wants to go? Well, you should! I am giddy for Tuesday for the BIG giveaway...make sure you check back!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tae Kwon Do Meets Student of the Week!

When Van started Tae Kwon Do, I will admit she wasn't very good at it. But Van loved it! I thought of it as a time to get all my giggles out. It has now been 6 months, Van has worked VERY hard to get to where she is at. It makes me really proud of her. She goes at least 3 times a week, if not more. Van is always very focused, and tries her best! This week she made STUDENT of the WEEK in the Little Dragons! She was so excited to tell me, and show me the board. I don't get to go often, but I am always impressed with Van!!!
I am in love with action shots...
especially now that her hair is long enough to put in pig tails again!
Van is currently working on making the "Split Club",
and is getting pretty darn close...
if I do say so myself! Align Center

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Proof that I really don't clean!

Van does get money for all of her hard work though. She is currently saving up to buy a hamster!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

my thoughts.

This debate goes on in my head daily. Should I or should I not stay at home? While raising Van I always thought to myself that I am a much better Mom because I do work. Just when my patience was/is running out Paul swoops in and takes over while I go and have "me time" at work.
Not only does Van have a strong relationship and bond with Paul, she likes her one-on-one time with each of us.

Now that she is turning 5 we have a definite system. She will only wake me up in the middle of the night, and in the morning. Van will only ask me to turn her cartoons on, and get her pancakes with dip. In the morning I am always in charge of entertainment, baths (if needed), doing her hair, and picking out her clothes.

While in the afternoon Daddy is in charge of Tae Kwon Do lessons, dinner, entertainment, and most likely he will give Van FREE reign of her clothes selection. *gasp*
Our system goes without thinking. You don't notice our different roles until Saturday night when we both go to pick Van up from the babysitter after a hott date, and she is less than thrilled to see me...and jumps in to her Daddy's arms. She was ecstatic to see him. Paul had to remind me it was only because it was during "his time". True dat.

With school right around the corner for Van, and a new baby being added, our family dynamic will be changing. I think that it would be an understatement to say that we don't do well to change. None of us. Obviously we will have lots of it in the next year. The question is should we make that next jump of me being a stay at home Mom, or should we not spoil a good thing?

Thanksgiving Point Loves You.

Have you heard of the Design Squad on PBS? Guess where it is filming at? Thanksgiving Point! It is this Saturday, September 26th @ 11:30 am. It’s free and open to the public to watch the live taping, and meet the cast and host! How fun, right? Who is with me?They also have a new exhibit Magnets, Motors, and Mind that is inside of the Museum of Ancient Life. If we didn't love Thanksgiving Point enough...they add more GREAT stuff to the experience.

Thanksgiving Point wants you to enjoy their new Magnets, Motors, and Mind exhibit that is in their Museum of Ancient Life (aka Dinosaur Museum). One lucky reader will receive a family 4 pack to go for FREE. Yeehaw! Just comment.

This giveaway will be ending Friday Sept 25th at Midnight!

Monday, September 21, 2009

the hormones of a pregnant woman

I have been a crazy woman to deal with. This is my public apology to Paul...for putting up with my roller coaster of emotions. I am sorry, honey!
Saturday morning I woke up, and asked Paul if he wanted to go baby shopping. Sounds thrilling for a man doesn't it!? He didn't even complain, he let me take my time, and didn't question one purchase.
We headed to the mall for our official Hot Dog on a Stick food review. Paul made sure that we went through the purse section to swoon over the Dooney and Bourke's. Of course, it is that time of year when they have all sorts of new prints...one caught my eye, and Paul made sure that it went home with me.
Our friend watched Van on Saturday night so that we could have a long overdue hott date. We got the drink I wanted, the candy I wanted, and watched the movie that I wanted to watch.
On Sunday I slept in, I woke up long enough to get Van breakfast, and for Van to give me a foot rub...and quickly went back to bed for a 2 hour nap. We went to church, and as soon as we got home and I was fed, I went back to bed for another 2 hour nap.
AND then today happened...I had a meltdown, and proceeded to tell Paul about how bad my life sucks. Really. I did that. Crazy huh!?
So, go ahead and tell me to shut up. Tell Paul he is a rock star of a husband, because he deserves it. Give him all sorts of groupie love, because right now he is dealing with a lunatic!!
I love you, Paul! Thank you for putting up with me. I promise I won't be like this forever. You are a fantastic BEST friend, and I think you are simply amazing!

Nursing Cover Winner!

Thank you to Balaboosta Baby's Shop for giving one of my readers your fantastic nursing cover. I am really excited to have a baby to get some use out of one myself!

The winner is...

Lace said...
Great idea! Especially when baby starts pulling on the blanket! I will be needing this in December!!!
crossing my fingers! :)

Congrats Lace on being the winner, and more importantly on your new baby girl coming in December! I hope you enjoy it!

E-mail me your information!!
Another giveaway tomorrow!

Friday, September 18, 2009


By Friday my brain is a jumbled mess. Thinking of a blog post comes out something like this.

Oooh, should I talk about how I thought of a really cute baby boy room theme...dinosaurs. Cute, right?

Or about how last night on the way home from eating some really strong Mexican food my anonymous friend decided to FART in the car. AND it seriously made me dry heave something fierce. Still today I am laughing about it, and her husband told me never to hang out with her again. =) I totally will still hang out with her, but I will question going to Mexican food again.

I could really do another baby post of cute high chairs I am deciding on, or how I got a really cute car seat yesterday, and it made me all sorts of excited. BUT am I talking too much about the baby? I don't want to get annoying.

I could do a post about how totally excited I am to go to Hot Dog on a Stick tomorrow to do a food review...cheese stick...one word, yummo!

I could totally write a few posts about how much I absolutely adore when Paul writes funny comments on my Facebook, or that I am completely amazed with our Van daily. How she told me this morning "Mom, it is my responsibility to get my laundry done." Or when she said at lunch today "Who am I kidding?" She is growing up so fast. I love that she mops, unloads the dishwasher, and wants to help me with everything. I might just have the best big sister on my hands.

I could write about how my side of the family welcomed in our 7th girl today. Congrats Jeff and Deanna on Preslee...what a cute name!

Or I could just write that I am in desperate need of a weekend. Period.

Have a good one!

Food Review: Guadalajara's in Burley, Idaho

If you are ever traveling in Burley, Idaho...you must stop at Guadalajara's Mexican Restaurant! It was a few years ago that we made our first trip for vending up to Idaho, and found this gem. They have a fantastic all you can eat buffet. I know what you are thinking when I say that...gross. Guadalajara's Mexican Restaurant has some of the best Mexican food you will find! They have a cute little old Mexican lady that is making fresh tortilla's, and serving them up in the buffet. You don't usually find fresh at buffets, but here you do.
Paul's plate is a little more neat...He chose a taco, rice, and these absolutely to die for crisp meat burritos.For my plate I was feeling a lil' more crazy! Nothing is named, and you have really no idea what you are getting. A taco is a safer bet than what I put on my plate. I asked my cute Mexican friend if she could name my food choices...she said that the item on the left hand side of the picture is a huevos rancheros. It is going to sound weird, but (it has been a constant craving since being pregnant) it is an egg with some sort of chile inside, of course a sauce over it with cheese. So good. I also had rice, beens, crisp meat burritos, with chile verde sauce over it ALL.This is the dessert. It is chips with honey and cinnamon smothered. Can we say mmm, mmm, finger lickin' good!? If you are ever in the area...make sure you stop by Guadalaja's Mexican Restaurant. You can tell them the vending family sent you. {wink}
And I know this picture is completely out of focus, but I love Van's adorable facial expression!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Baby Decor and Paint...

I decided that with this new baby I wanted to do the nursery funky...like my taste. I have a plain white crib, and I REALLY want paint it a fantastic color. I have looked at a lot of bedding, and have picked a few that I like. What do you guys think of the bedding, and the color the crib would be painted?
Or I thought that I could just leave the crib plain white, and do something like this...

I am totally open for suggestions. Tell me you like it, or you hate it. I won't be offended. =)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


This week has been full of new and exciting things.
Lots of things to share with you, my favorite blog readers.
Notice my new sponsor.
<--------------Yup, Hot Dot on a Stick!
Thrilled beyond to work with them.
Oh yes people there will be giveaways!

Jay Leno and President Obama Interview

guest post by: Paul

I normally don't give out recommendations when it comes to TV shows, but I have to say that the new Jay Leno Show is hilarious. You need to check this out! It is on at 9:00 pm mountain standard time on NBC. So far, he has had Jerry Seinfeld, Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Oprah, Michael Moore, and Ludacris on his show to name a few. If you want to watch past episodes, go to www.thejaylenoshow.com. I thought this was pretty funny. Anytime politicians look stupid, it makes me laugh.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nursing Cover Giveaway

Things have definitely changed since I had a baby. I kind of feel like a fish out of water. The other day I was holding Kim's babe, and it didn't feel like riding a bike at all. Especially when I went to put her in the car seat. Scary!
I have decided this time around, I am going to make it as easy on myself as possible. Crazy that I didn't think of that the first time around!? They didn't even have "nursing covers"! If they did, I didn't know about it. I swear they have come up with all sorts of new stuff in 5 years!
I have teamed up with Balaboosta Baby's Shop to give someone a free nursing cover. I know I will definitely be enjoying this cool product with my new babe. Are you not sure what it is?How convenient does this make it to nurse in front of people or in public? With a rigid neckline that arches away from the body you can still peek in on baby, and stay totally covered up. I am all about that.
Oh, you don't plan on nursing or having a baby anytime soon!? Can we say AWESOME baby shower gift!? I would totally dig it if I got this from one of my besties!
Not only does Balaboosta Baby's Shop carry nursing covers, they carry freakin' adorable burp clothes, soft minky blankets (totally on my wish list), changing pad, and these nifty diaper clutches that hold your wipes and diapers. With reasonable prices and the homemade touch...they won me over!

This giveaway will end Sept 20th @ Midnight!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye West at the VMA

Did you think that it was that bad? There is a debate going on in our house.

Have you seen the clip of him apologizing on Jay Leno? Does it look legit to you? I know that if I was paid big bucks, I could probably look pretty sad too!

baked goods are divine.

It's a good thing that I have good readers that keep me on my toes. {wink}
I am super forgetful and this pregnancy is seriously making it worse.
That is horrid, if I do say so myself.
I woke up this morning, and thought to myself....
  • dishes haven't been done in more than a week
  • I am sticking to my floors
  • garbage might be what is making me dry heave daily
  • and I wasn't sure that I still had counter tops

We cleaned, we organized, we were productive. AND it felt great!

But I forgot to put my winner of the $20 gift card to Schmidt's Bakery! My bad.

Frieda said...
Love anything baked...pastries and breads included! Never been to Schmidts, but would love to try it!

Congrats! E-mail me your 4-1-1.

AND make sure you go and look at Frieda's blog. You will drool. With a name like Lovin' from the Oven, I think that she could probably bake up anything that I buy at Schmidt's. Can we be friends IRL Frieda?

The Utah State Fair

There is nothin' like going to the Utah State Fair! We definitely made sure that we got the full fair experience this year. Complete with BBQ, cotton candy, a HUGE elephant ear with powdered sugar, ice cream, high priced rides and games, and of course souvenir's.I am glad that BFF went with us. I think that we all got sick from all the food we kept eating, and no we didn't try the fried gator. eeeww!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The GREAT Escape Tag!

Thanks to Emily I was tagged!
This is a contest entry for Todays Mama and Cricut!!

1. If you could escape to anywhere in the world where would it be? Since I have never left the west coast, I would be easy to please with going literally anywhere. I would love to go to New York, and do a Broadway show. I would love to go to Washington DC, and see the White House. A vacation would be fantastic. =)

2. What song do you play when you are by yourself in the car? My most recent love is Miley Cyrus. I know, I know. So, when I am by myself I play Party in the USA. It's catchy, don't judge!

3. If you had a night to yourself, and money was no object, what would you do? I would take a quick trip on my private jet to a big city for shopping, eating, and fun!!

4. What is your guilty pleasure? The Halloween candy. Ya know the orange pumpkin taffy, that is licorice flavored. I can eat a whole bag without thinking twice.

5. What is the farthest place you have traveled away from your home? Hawaii. Our honeymoon. aaah!

6. Last book that you couldn't put down? I don't read. That just lost me the competition. If my other lame answers didn't. LOL.

7. When you want to escape into another time, what movie do you watch? I would say that I watch movies to escape to another time, but mostly I pop a movie in to fall asleep...so escape to dream land!

8. What is your favorite local escape? We got to Gardner Village. It is a weekly trip to the Naborhood Bakery, and Down to Earth.

9. How do you escape on a budget? I got to the mall to browse and people watch.

10. Best food you've ever had while on vacation? I could never just narrow down one thing. I had the best little danish in Pike's Place in Seattle. I love a good bagel from AJ's in Tracy, CA. If you are talkin' road trip to Burley, Idaho...you have to stop for Mexican food at Guadalajara's!

A few friends who should do this too...

Kendahl, Debbie, and Rachel Sue. =)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Food Review: Rock Creek Pizza

You have to be drooling over this?! Have you been to Rock Creek Pizza? I have only been once, and I literally crave this all of the time now. It was delightful. This is a personal pizza, and it was definitely big enough for two...and it was totally affordable!! If you go, please take me along. I am in desperate need of this.

Dieting is not for me, a muffin top is what I'll be!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

love her.

Today was a much needed morning with my Van.
She played on my "farm",
and planted all my blueberries for me.
We made a paper chain of 50 links,
counting down until her 5th birthday.
We snuggled in bed,
and watched a lil' Sponge Bob.
Van made paper creations for everyone that she loves.
I should mail them out,
but I will say it was the thought that counts.
We made lunch.
I dry heaved numerous times,
and Van was quick to make sure that I was okay.
Van thanked me for cooking,
and said that she was glad that we were all eating healthy today.
Today I am thankful I am her Mommy.
Today I think I fell in love with her a little more.
if that is possible.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

12 weeks and counting.

If you would have asked me a few weeks ago if I thought that I would make it to 12 weeks in this pregnancy, I would have probably told you I didn't think that this baby was going to make it. I was feeling like it wasn't meant to be. Not ever, just not right now. Then today happened. The day that everyone talks about like it's magic. The day I leave the first trimester behind.

Today doesn't feel magical. My body didn't all of the sudden decide to not reject our baby. My body is still fighting madly to keep control. I am hoping some day soon it will give up. Until then, I will continue to make embarrassing, uncontrollable noises in public places. I will want to continue to sleep my life away, and I will continue to pray that our baby is healthy.

Guest Post by Uncle Shane: Professional Sports

I spent the last six weeks visiting my family in Wisconsin on my break from college. One of my favorite things to do is visit new stadiums. I love the atmosphere and the excitement of being at a close game. While I was in wisconsin, me and my younger brother did a little bit of traveling in order to see some new stadiums and teams in action.Among the stadiums we saw were the Minnesota Twins at the Metrodome, the Packers at Lambeau Field and the Brewers at Miller Park.Each park had its unique features and things to do. For example, Miller Park has a retractable roof in case there is bad weather. Lambeau field has some of the weirdest fans that wear cheese on there heads in order to show their team spirit. This is also the last year the Twins will be playing at the Metrodome, because a new stadium is opening up for them in 2010. I love going to the games and cheering on a team with the other fans. I especially enjoy trying to catch a foul ball at the baseball games. It was the funnest thing I did with my younger brother in Wisconsin. So what is the most unique thing you've seen at a professional sports game?

(isn't Uncle Shane and Uncle Jackie so cute?)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

giddy inside.

I know people are going to hate me for this. I'm sorry in advance. Seriously though, I can't wait for the upcoming months. Can. not. wait. With a 5th birthday party to plan, a whole lotta candy to eat, a Thanksgiving dinner to cook, and Santa Claus coming down our chimney...it makes me all sorts of giddy inside. I have been know to put my Christmas decorations up the first week of November, I know...you don't even have to tell me how disgusted you are with me.BUT what is making you giddy inside?

my baked goods gift to you.

Since I took a week off of giveaways, I think you deserve a sweet treat to make up for it. Did you know that Paul makes multiple trips a week to bakeries? People wonder how I keep my girl-ish figure...I have my husband's addiction to baked goods to thank for it. We have our favorite bakeries to stop at, and I know all the craze is cupcakes right now...BUT have you tried Schmidt's Pastry Cottage?? I am sure they have cupcakes, but it is not the reason why I go there. I go there for the heaven on earth sugar cookies, and their absolutely delightful mint sandwich cookies. I'm drooling. Paul has different taste buds, and he would suggest orange rolls or a german chocolate cookie. Oh, and Van would highly recommend an m&m cookie.

Here is your chance to enter to win a $20 gift card to Schmidt's...just comment!

I want to say thank you for being the best blog friends and for always stopping by to say hi. I love ya'll sooo much!!

This giveaway ends Sept 13th at Midnight!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Wonder Woman, really?

Yes, it is true. Van wants to be Wonder Woman for Halloween. I thought that she might forget about it, but no such luck...yet! I am still hoping to make a few more stops at Halloween stores to sway her. She made an adorable Cinderella last year, but I would rather not see her be princesses every year. I want to see her be a clown, a cat, or I guess Wonder Woman is okay. ;) Are clowns even cool anymore?

Sunday, September 6, 2009

i don't care.

if they aren't in style.
if they aren't in season.
if at age 28 people think you shouldn't rawk pink velvet shoes.
some people might say that they are an "outfit shoe"...not me...they go with everything.
i couldn't pass these babies up.
meet my new docs.
i'm in love!