Sunday, February 28, 2010

a promise made. a promise always kept.

Paul is a man of his word. He has rarely made a promise that he hasn't followed through on, and if he doesn't follow through...he will always sweeten the pot!

With that being said, we were in a very different place in our lives when we had Van. We didn't splurge on all of those cool baby gadgets, and the truth is I didn't even buy one of those cute match-E crib sets. We were extremely practical, maybe even a bit skimpy.
It has always been my dream to have a really cute nursery. Why? I really don't know, because who honestly goes in there besides a few random people. NE-who, still my dream. I have talked about it for years. Paul promised me that he would make it happen when we had another baby. Guess who made good on his word? My sweet Paul.
We searched high and low for the bedding that would match the best.
We special ordered a super cute valance for his window.
Paul and I made multiple trips to pick out the most comfortable rocker.
We discussed and rediscussed how we would arrange Vin's nursery.
Then there was the whole crib debate. We dragged the crib up from the basement one weekend, got it all set up, and then decided we hated the white. So, back to the store we went to pick out a different color for Vin's "manly" room. =)
After all of the decisions were made, my sweet friend started getting creative. We have started on the lil' things to hang on the walls, but honestly I lost motivation after I got this far. Maybe when I don't feel like I will have a baby...I will finish those up. =)
I sat in the rocking chair last night, and smelled all of those clean baby boy clothes...and honestly I am thrilled beyond words for our son to arrive.

Friday, February 26, 2010

32, 34, 36...and still counting...

Oh yes, we are still the dynamic duo...Vin and I.
Doc today says we are well on our way.
2 more pounds gained, total is now 8 for my whole pregnancy.
Dilated to a 2, all the pain and contractions are working...phew.
I'm not telling the date, but I may have scheduled induction. We shall see. =)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Not So Wordless Wednesday: He Really Does LOVE Me!

Because my friend Stephanie always does a Wordless Wednesday, and adds words...I thought I would join her. =) Love you Steph! You guys already know my absolute obsession with Dooney & Bourke. I had debated on buying a big one for my diaper bag, but I haven't found anything recently that I couldn't live without. What I did find was this diaper bag that I swooned over for weeks. I showed it to Paul once, and he never of the many reasons I'm in love with him. Paul goes to great lengths to make his girls happy. Even though I don't smile much anymore, and I cry at any given moment...this really does make me all sorts of ecstatic. It is now hanging on the closet door waiting to be packed for our special trip to the hospital.

Thank you Paul for always getting me exactly what I wish for. You are such a freakin' amazing person, and I love you!!

ps Just you wait until I reveal Vin's nursery. It is so stinkin' cute, and not only that...I think that we found THE most adorable car seat might just end up being a week of pictures of cute baby stuff we have! =)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the r house couture

This is definitely not the best picture of this fabulous necklace that now adorns my neck, but I wanted to make sure that you could see all the different tags. =) With that being said let me tell you a little somethin', somethin'...

It was back in September that I wrote a blog post about the r house couture etsy shop. I wanted one of Mrs. R, Kimmie, and Leisha's necklaces badly, but I didn't know what our little Vin was I didn't want to order anything. Then 5 months past, and my mind got a little preoccupied with other thoughts and things. Let me bring you to Saturday at Vin's shower. I saw three little boxes in the bottom of a gift bag, and secretly hoped for one of their amazing creations. They did not disappoint. Tears were shed (shocking, right?!) as I opened up a beautiful custom necklace with my children's names stamped on tiny tags, a big tag with the initials of me and Paul, and then one long tag with the year Paul and I! I also got a pair of their beautiful earrings and a Pandora baby charm to add to my bracelet. I'm in love with it all.

Do you want something for you or a perfect gift for that special someones event? Go to their shop, order something, you won't be disappointed. I'm already scheming what lil' Van is going to get for her special Big Sister event. =)

Thank you Mrs. R, Kimmie, and Leisha...I absolutely adore my gift.

Monday, February 22, 2010

because it didn't come in maternity.

I saw this shirt, I had to have it. I looked for it in my size, and when I couldn't find it...I bought it for Van and made her wear it for me! All day while wearing it she called Paul and I her BFF's. Love her to pieces.Van is spoiled, if you hadn't already noticed, and the baby shower was no exception. She received gifts to make her feel included...again I have the best friends EVER!

I bought all these popular headbands for a $1 long before we knew what we were having, assuming it would be another girl. (You know you would assume that if you had all nieces.) I ended up just giving them all to Van, but we still needed the cute flowers to clip on to the headbands...Sam Jo totally pulled through for Van's shower gift. She made Van some very cute ones, and Van LOVES them. So do I, because look at how stinkin' cute she looks!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

a shower of the baby variety.

You have been warned...word-E post, with lots of pictures. Oh, and before any of you say it...YES I am that short, my friends are not giants...I swear. AND I have the pregnant face (double chin and all), and I am very LARGE. mmmkay. Let the post begin.It was months ago that Vanessa, Emily, and Quinn approached me with this question "Can we throw a baby shower for you?" It still makes me emotional that they all wanted to do something so sweet, and something so special for me and our Vin. Leading up to this weekend I was overwhelmed with the love that I felt for all of my friends. I got random IM's, e-mails, and phone calls asking what we needed for Vin, if they could help with food, and most importantly if Van would be in attendance. From the bottom of my heart, I want to say THANK YOU.
I cried multiple times. Driving to Vanessa's house I got emotional, and let's not forget greeting people as they came bearing lots o'gifts...I may have cried then too! It was the perfectly planned event.
Vanessa had asked all of my friends to submit a song that reminded them of me, and made a mixed tape for party favor' was absolutely the best idea! There was those adorable "Vin cupcakes" Emily spent hours slaving away on. The perfect decorations that Quinn had hanging from the ceiling, arranged on the tables, and everything was all centered around the colors of my blog...even the cups. Oh, and I can not forget the know that is my weekness. It was Mexican food, and I could not stop eating. I even brought home left overs, and ate some more right before bed. =) Sam Jo made a guest sign in book, and I will adding all of these AWESOME photos to where you signed it. I just have to also throw in there that there was even pebbled ice courtesy of Camille. I have been known to drive far for a cup of pebbled ice, and she had bags of this sweet stuff brought to me.
Thank you to Vanessa, Emily, and Quinn for putting this all together for us. It gave me something really exciting to look forward to. It made me all sorts of giddy inside, and made me realize what good friends I have. Thank you to everyone that brought food to help. Thank you for all of our fun gifts. Thank you for driving from long distances to be with us, and to celebrate our Vin. We are officially ready for him to make his sweet debut, and it is feeling like it could be any day.
I have lots of mixed tapes that I brought home that were extra. If anyone wants one or didn't get one...e-mail me.
A few of you were sneaky and I didn't get my picture with you. Shame on you, really. Now you have to come to my house and see me...
If you wanna see pictures of the decor, opening of presents, etc. Come back when I get those all from someone else. =)

Friday, February 19, 2010

big weekend.

It is the weekend that Van and I have been looking forward to for months...I think Vin might even be a little excited, as much as he has been movin' around lately.

I can't wait to share all the details, but that will have to wait.

Van and I are busy getting our pedicures, and dollin' up.

Happy weekend to everyone.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

because I can. and I want to.

This is my oldest brother Jeff, and his amazing wife, Deanna. Today is Deanna's birthday.
I have thought a lot about Deanna lately...not just today.
my sisters. oh, and yes they were both pregnant without me. =)
I was 16 when Jeff and Deanna got married. I was hard on Deanna, I am sure that I wasn't very nice to her most times...but Deanna has always treated me like a sister.
I am always in amazement at how Deanna does it all. Besides having to put up with my seriously crazy brother (you have no idea, really), she has these 5 beautiful girls that I call my nieces. Deanna is always willing to have everyone come to her house for dinner, she always has gifts for Van and Vin, and she is always offering support and help.
When they all came for Christmas vacation, instead of eating and going...they decided to take Van with them for the day. Who does that when you already have 5 kids to take care of, and you are on vacation? Deanna!
I don't think that I have ever expressed to Deanna just how much I love her, and admire her. I think that she is an amazing older sister. I don't think that my family could have gotten a better addition to our family.
Thank you Deanna for being such a great example to me.
We love you, and we hope that you are having a seriously awesome birthday!
-Sell Family-

wordless wednesday: still my one of my favorite pictures.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

a note to my sweet vannah.


I really do fall more in love with you every day. You have no idea just how much entertainment you bring to your Daddy and I. When you are at preschool...we miss you tremendously. You really are our permanent 3rd wheel that we will never be able to live without.
Your Daddy told me today that he thinks that you are smarter than me, and I didn't even take offense to it...because I think that he's right. I hope that you continue to be better than I am, because that means that I am doing something right. I hope that you set higher goals, go more places, take risks, enjoy life...and are a better person. You have so much potential, I hope I never hold you back!
I never could have imagined the love that you already show for your baby brother. You get more excited when I come home, not because I'm home, but because I bring Vin with me. You have definitely done more nesting than I have, and when I have tried to "nest" you quickly take over any job I might be doing. I am hoping this adjustment of being a family of 4 goes as smoothly as the idea of it.
Thank you for always cleaning my bathroom, taking care of Daddy while I am away, and thank you especially for being my daughter.

Monday, February 15, 2010

the end.

With Van my ankles started to swell the last couple of weeks of pregnancy.
With has come a little earlier.
One leg has better circulation than the other,
and you can definitely tell at the end of the day. I walk like a really. old. lady.
I get winded walking up the stairs.
I am always tired.
I eat like it's going to be my last meal.
And guess what?
It is all worth it.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

week of love: my two lil' loves.

So in love with my children.
Still feels weird to say that I have children...not just a child. ;)

Friday, February 12, 2010

week of love: food I love.

Food and beverages I love to love...

Coke. sigh. I'll even take a Coke slurpee.
Laffy Taffy, the sour more chewy kind.
Steak...from Texas Roadhouse.
Buttercream Maple Bars...from either Harmon's or My Sugar's Doughnut
Crisp Bean Burritos...from Taco Time.
Turkey Sandwiches...from Kneaders.
Beef Chimichanga...from Beto's.
Chips, Salsa, and Guac...from Cafe Rio.
A cheeseburger...from In-N-Out.
Onion rings...from The Philadelphian.
A polish dog...from Costco.
Pizza...from Pier 49.
Chicken nuggets...from Chick Fil A.
A pineapple cheese ball...made by yours truly.
Mozarella sticks...from Apollo Burger.
Brownie sundae...from Baskin Robbins.
Haribo products...found at your local gas station.
Carmel apple...from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.
S'more cookie...from Over The Top Gourmet Cookies.

The End.

Tell me about your love for food. I am feeling really hungry.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

week of love: things I love to say

"Ah snap!"
"ardy"...which is already
"srsly"...which is said in a slang way
"fo sho"
"most def"
"any day now"
"Did you know I'm having a baby?"
"Can you spray something, I just farted!" I say this really loud at work, just to be funny.
"I know, right!?"
"rrrright now!"

What is your favorite lingo?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

week of love: the random things I love.

I love snail mail.
I love the feeling when Paul reaches over, and puts his hand on my leg while he drives.

I love that Van is learning phone numbers, I get lots of random calls.
I love when Paul wakes me up when I fall asleep on the couch...he always helps me all the way to bed.
I love Food Network...even though I don't cook.
I love freshly vacuumed carpet.
I love curling up with a blanket right out of the dryer.
I love my toe nails painted, and foot massages.
I love cleaning supplies.
I love the sweet things that Van tells I'm her best friend.

What is a random thing you love?

wordless wednesday: it's starting to look like we are having a baby.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

week of love: places I love.

Places I love to go...

I love any miniature golf course, and any mall.
love Seattle.
love San Francisco.
love Jack Pot.
movie theater.
Wisconsin Dells.
love going to places where they cook my food.
and my new favorite love...bowling alley's.
Where is your favorite places to go?

Monday, February 8, 2010

i'm not perfect.

After my horrid "Mommy Moments" this weekend, I had some serious making up to do to Van. Paul was surprised by Uncle Shane with Jazz tickets for Saturday night. It was suppose to be just a girls night of fun...and it ended up being Mommy was very grumpy and in pain. =/ I felt bad for Van; she was so disappointed. I took my grumpiness out on her. I know I shouldn't have, but I did.

*side note* If you received a random phone call from Van on Saturday night, I may or may not have given her free reign of my phone numbers. What can I say, I was heavily medicated...and I was trying to make her happy.

So after a ridiculously bad night, I woke up ready to make my Van smile. When I was little, my brother Kyle and I would make lots of forts. It is a very fond memory that I have of my childhood.
When Van woke up I asked her if she wanted to make a fort, and watch a movie. She was sooo confused. How could my 5 year old not know what a fort is? I had to fix this pronto!! We rounded up all the blankets, and I went with the easy way of making a fort with the dining table. I let Van drag my lap top under the table, along with a donut, popcorn, drink, and whatever else she could fit.

Mission accomplished! I made Van smile. It made me smile that she was so happy with such a simple thing. Life is good again...

week of love: things I love

Welcome to my week of love.

My first day is...things I love.

my gaucho pants.
my laptop.
my car. xx Tango!
my cell phone.
my bath tub.
my blender.
anything that is "new".
my couch...because Paul and I have separate couches.
my purse collection.
pictures. lots. of. them.
What things do you love the most?

Friday, February 5, 2010


3 days with my new Expecting Miracles motto, and it is working wonders.
There have been lots of little miracles.
Lots of little things have happened, will happen, and for all of it...I am grateful.
One miracle we had today, our Vin is "bum up"! Sweet relief.
It was a little uncomfortable, but the end result...ultrasound and no c-section. =)
I would do it again, and I just might have to.
This weekend will be blog worthy, I am sure of it.
Especially with me expecting miracles...all. of. the. time.
Happy weekend!

the hat.

When Van asked for a hat, I didn't really even want to buy it...thinking that it would be a waste of money. It was cute though and if she did wear it, even occassionally, it would save me from having to do her hair...which she hates. Little did I know that I would have to beg her to take it off for bath time, and she was extremely disappointed when I told her she couldn't wear it to church.
So look for her wearing the hat in every single picture from now on.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

new motto

The Sassy Scoop girls got together last night. We went to review Anastasia's Attic in Gardner Village. You guys already know my love for Gardner Village, because I did just say that I went there with Van on Saturday. About 18 months ago I came up with a motto "This Too Shall Pass". It was a simple motto for what we were going through.
Times have changed, and I got inspired by these gorgeous bracelets from Anastasia's Attic. I changed my motto. It will now be "Expect Miracles". I love it. Every time I look down at my trio of bracelets I am reminded of my new motto. I am in love with what all three of them say, and together they are perfection.