Friday, January 28, 2011

shout out posts - best of this week.

Did you watch Annie Valentine on Studio 5? Talking about this article. What do you think? It's all the buzz.

Kinda wanna make some of these Valentine cards, but seriously I might just end up doing the $3 box of character cards. Lame Mom moment, I know.

Have you ever seen this blog? Save the Date for Cupcakes seriously makes me drool every single time. (She is doing a giveaway right now, but I didn't do this shout out for extra entries...I didn't even enter!)

Go vote for my teacher-friend Michelle...suuupppper easy, and when she wins she will get sweet supplies for her classroom. She would love you forever...I am sure of it.

You gotta go look at this blog...The Lowe Family News. If for nothing else...look at her header. LOVE that picture. NE ways...she is the one that introduced me to The Daybook, I gotta love her for that alone. She just got her eyebrows way, right. Yup.

Oh, and last for this week is Kenna. Just ran accross this blog thanks to Kamie. BEST story ever. All 5 or so parts of it. Grab a tissue, because seriously it was just oh so sweet.

Which BTW...what are your favorite blogs? I need some new reading material. =)

I hate to admit.

Okay so maybe I got sucked in to the whole sayings on clothes for Vin. I don't know how it happened, or maybe I do...

It started with Daddy's Little Monster, which led to "I just pulled an all nighter", and then there was that "My Mom is a Fox" shirt I couldn't resist...and now I just can't help myself.

When I saw these jammies for $4...I had to...
judge me.
it's okay...I can't believe I am admitting this.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

why I blog...

There have been a few "followers" of my blog that have been around since the beginning (not including family, of course). Kamie is one of them. She was brave and delurked...and I am oh so happy she did.

In all of our IM-ing this past week we decided that our official date we knew of each other was June 20, 2008. We have met up a couple of times, and talked on the phone. We have our babies that are just days apart in makes it super fun!!

If I didn't blog, I wouldn't have Kamie.

In December I got a package in the mail from her for Vin. Can you imagine how excited I was when it was this cute orange bib?? How thoughtful is she. Made my whole week...

Any-who...why do you like blogging? Since we just discussed one of the many reasons why I like it.

PS Thanks again Kamie...loves!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I'm a BIG girl now.

You know when you have finally been married long enough? When you get the bedroom set...not the bedroom set that you buy during the first year. We all know what quality you buy as newly weds. I think I spent a grand total of $700, including our mattress almost 12 years ago.

You also know when you are no longer a newly wed when you need a king size mattress. You finally need your space, and don't like to breathe the same air.

Well, I finally got my bedroom set. We upgraded our queen size mattress to a king. We upgraded our TV in our bedroom to something a lot nicer.

I have lots of little projects to add to our already beautiful room, and I am excited to be creative (since it is one of my New Year's goals). Here is the video footage of the transformation that has already taken place.

I realize that my bed needs about 20 more pillows...all king size...I just haven't done it yet. =)

Saturday, January 22, 2011

how to pull a tooth.

Van has been waiting impatiently for her turn to lose a tooth. All of her friends already have toothless grins. I kept telling Van that it was okay, because her school pictures would look funny with all the missing teeth. ;)

She has been complaining about her tooth hurting, but like the great Mom that I am...I didn't listen (please insert sarcasm here). She said that it felt like a piece of popcorn was stuck. Mmmm, not shocking since she eats buckets of popcorn. Seriously, she does.

Yesterday we were sitting eating lunch, and out of no where she yells..."Mom, my tooth is loose!" We were both excited, and upon further inspection I noticed that her adult tooth had already broken through...and was well on it's way. That explains the feeling of a popcorn kernel stuck in her gums.

Like the great Mom that I am, I decide to pull up all the videos on You Tube of how people pull teeth out, and Van sat in horror!! I told her that my parents would use the plyers to pull out my teeth, and when I showed her what plyers were...she almost died right then. I also gave her the option of doing the string to the door handle, I still can't understand why she declined that.

After hours of trying to wrap dental floss around it, grab it with toilet paper...I had to go to work.

This morning when Van woke up waaaay too early, she was back at it. I finally got some string, and got a good hold on it. So good that I couldn't get the string off unless she pulled her tooth out. After hours of it dangling, I did the unthinkable. I tricked Van. Paul couldn't believe it did it.
I asked her if I could just look at her tooth. I held her head, pretended to look at the string, and said one, two, three...and with a hard pull...I did it! She cried. A. LOT. Van ran right to Paul...telling me how mean I was. Do I regret it? Nope. I don't even feel bad, because as soon as she had Paul on her side...she ran to her room and put it under her pillow.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

to cut or not to cut...

This happens every time I grow my hair out...I am surprised I haven't had the "itch" to cut it all off before now. So, should I cut it or not?

Monday, January 17, 2011

no excuse.

I make excuses, lots of them.

I make excuses about my weight.

I make excuses about my cleaning skillz, or lack of.

I make excuses about why I don't cook.

I make excuses about my horrible memory.

I make excuses as to why I don't get ready anymore.

You get the point.

I am good at making excuses.

This is the year I stop this nonsense.

This is the year my house will be cleaner.

This is the year that I take my body back.

This is the year that I will cook, because I am good at it.

This is the year that if I have to use a day planner to remember, I will.

I have to do it for me...after all it's my big 3-0 this year.

I have to do it for my children, they deserve it.

I have to do it for Paul, because he deserves it.

So what am I doing to achieve these goals? I thought that you would never ask.

I went to Zumba on Saturday morning. I went after I had to work until Midnight on Saturday morning, I could have used that as an excuse...and didn't.

I drank WATER. Uggh. I hate water. I drank it, because it is better for me...and because Yoplait gave me a cool new water bottle (and a gym bag, jump rope, and stuff). I didn't make an excuse, I just did it. Thank you My Blog Spark and are helping me in my journey!

I cleaned like a mad woman. Like seriously. I took a few breaks, but kept on. Just a sampling of my cleaning skillz...

I even tackled my goal of being creative every day. I hung pictures, rearranged, downsized stuff, and made some presents. It felt fabulous.

I didn't cook much this bad. I had a gift certificate I wanted to use. Oh snap, was that an excuse.

Well, I'm not perfect, but I will keep trying.

Friday, January 14, 2011

pay it forward friday: first of 2011

If you are a Mother, a mother of two...this is the best post I have read. I love you, Kalli!

This a blog that Vanessa featured as one of her Monday's Maven. House of Smith's is by far my favorite new blog of 2011. If you don't swoon over her house, I don't know what will make you swoon. It looks like something out of a magazine. I happen to love this tutorial she did as well...everyone should do this. ;)

Okay so I lied...I have two favorite new blogs for 2011...The Daybook is my other favorite. If I could be this cute, I would die a happy lady. Okay, and I want her wardrobe, and I want to take that many pictures of myself...and they all be that cute.

If I ever got married again...this would be how I would do it. AND I would most def be that size too! =)

This is an email I got from Tiffany, this is someone who deserves some comment love. I loved her header, head over to this blog and say hi!

alrighty...that is all I have for the first pay it forward Friday. Send me emails, leave a comment...I would love to send a shout out your way!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I can tell I have had an off couple of days.

I read all these people making goals for 2011, and I get inspired.

Then I think about my goals, and I think...well I never keep them...why make 'em.

Although I did keep all of my goals I set for 2010, I didn't aim high.

I make lots of excuses why I shouldn't start exercising. My latest is too cold to ride my bike.

I make lots of excuses why I can't keep my house clean. My latest excuse...I don't have time (I do however have time to play hours of Webkinz).

So, I am going to carry over my theme from last year...Expect Miracles...and I am going to add Believe and Expect Miracles.

If I believe in miracles, I will lose weight.

If I believe in miracles, I will cook more.

If I believe in miracles, I will keep a cleaner house.

If I expect miracles, I will be a stay at home Mom this year.

If none of this happens in 2011...I will make it through, and it will be a miracle!
Post Edit: I just wanted to add to the goals of this creative! My first projects are looking fabulous, and I can't wait to share.

Monday, January 10, 2011

a letter and pictures

(I started thinking I wanted to write a letter for our Christmas cards after I sent all of them out. About that same time I thought I probably should have done a family photo instead of just pictures of our kids. So, if I could do it all over again this is the letter that would have gone out, and our family pictures that would have been included with said letter.)

Hi to all of our dearest friends, homies, loved ones, and peeps,

We hope this letter finds you happy and healthy, and your Christmas season was merry and bright.

We had an eventful 2010, and lived to tell about it.

It started off with a bang with the arrival of our first son, Vin. It appears our luck didn't run out after all, and he has all the good looks we were hoping for...and the personality...well, it is just like we anticipated. He is strong willed, and our trouble maker...of course.
Our Van is attending the local Charter school. She has quickly picked up on reading, writing, and arithmetic. She also has figured out A+'s are the only thing she wants to earn. This year Van has excelled in collecting Littlest Pet Shop animals and houses. She is up to some 38 pets and 4 houses. She adores them like they are real, and has an imagination that runs wild.
Vin has accomplished sleeping through the night a few times. He enjoys cruising furniture in his spare time, and likes a clean diaper. Vin is anxiously anticipating the day he outgrows his infant car seat. He is ready to take on the world, one Cherrio at a time.
Paul dreams of owning his own arcade filled with Super Bikes and Racers. Paul is a great stay at home Daddy, and has figured out the most efficient way to do the school carpool lane. Paul can be found late at night in his man cave (the garage) capsuling furiously to get ready for his next vending adventure. If he is not there he is most definitely at the movie theater enjoying some quiet time by himself with his favorite food...the crepe. The biggest highlight of Paul's year was definitely his San Fransisco Giants winning the World Series.
2010 proved to be one of my most difficult years. With the whole depression bout, and pushin' out a about did me in. I'm busy working on getting rid of my good old muffin top that has over stayed its welcome. I also am enjoying trying to become super famous with my blog...and I am well on my way. I have had many sleepless nights, too many poo stories to count, and have become addicted to all shows on demand.

We can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for us. I am sure most of it will be blog worthy, espesh that trip to Wisconsin for some cheese, brats, and The Dells.

Thank you for being apart of our Party of 4.
We love each and everyone of you.
Paul, Von, Van, and not so baby-ish anymore Vin
*all pictures were done by Fotofly.

Friday, January 7, 2011

shout out posts.

So I would love to continue doing my pay it forward Friday posts in 2011.

If you have anything you would love for me to highlight lemme know by email.

sellbabyphat {at} gmail

It can be something funny.
It can be something sad.
It can be a giveaway you need to get the word out on.
A charity.
It can be a blog that you think people should read...whatev.

If I don't get anything from you...well, then I will just decide myself what I think I should highlight during the week. =)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

design of a blog...

Redesign or not to redesign...that is the question.

Does the design of a blog ever need to change? I know I kinda get sick of looking at it, but it is still so me. Does a simple changing of the side bar pictures make it new and "fresh" again? When I saw Kim's new look it kinda made me jealous...not gonna lie! I also may or may not read blogs based on what the design of the blog is (shame on me!)

So let me know what you think...

Should my blog look different in 2011?
Should I pay to have it all redesigned...again?
Should I just get a freebie layout to cure my urge?

Monday, January 3, 2011


A week before Christmas I entered a giveaway.
You know those ones that you just know you won't win, because they are so good.
Well, guess who won?
I did.
I won a Nikon camera!
Yup, I feel so very lucky.
You should feel lucky know why?
You get great photos like this while I try to figure it out! =)
Thank you Paige. Not only for a great camera that I have used so. so. so. much already, but thank you for blogging. Thank you for being my online friend. Thank you for being so completely crafty and creative that I might actually pull some scrap book stuff out this year. Thank you for posting about Disneyland and all the cool things you see in So Cal...makes me all jealous...espesh the Ellen Show. Which I really should thank Ellen for my camera all about it here. Most of all thank you for being you! Muah!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010. the end.

2010 was good to me.

I can't complain.

My body birthed Vin.

Van became a big sister.

Paul has a son...he didn't even know he wanted.

Happy New Year.

I hope 2011 is as good to us as 2010 was.