Friday, April 27, 2012

friday photo phone dump week 3

1. I have been sick. sick. sick. I loved the little Halls inspiration on my cough drops.

2. After a Idaho weekend, this is how my kids can be found every spare minute that they have. I literally turned around to ask if she could feel the A/C in the car...and she was out.

3. Me + Bri at the Dr...we should all celebrate that I paid the Dr off this week. We can now move on to the hospital.

4. Waiting to get into Yellowstone Bear World.

5. Paul is the man. He braves vending with Devin by himself, while I sit in the car because I can't move. It is cute to watch Paul give Devin little jobs, and Devin takes vending very seriously.

6. Devin can always be found with his bare feet resting on the seat in front of him.

7. I have had a really hard week. The end of this pregnancy is near, and my body is mind is on the fence. I have been spending lots of time looking at Bri's clothes, and thinking about us with 3.

8. Our EcoFlow shower head...slice of heaven.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

making lemonade out of our lemons.

I have talked about when Savannah was 2 weeks old Paul dragged me down to look at vending machines he wanted to buy. Of course, he wanted my approval, but he would have bought those machines regardless of whether I said yes or not.
I was not nearly as enthusiastic about vending for the first two years as Paul was. Especially that first day we went to collect money out of them. One of the candy machines only had $1.75 in it...we laughed so we didn't cry. I didn't look at vending as something we were ever going to make our money back in. I was working full time, getting no sleep from our sweet baby, sharing a car, and never seeing Paul.
Our relationship was falling apart, and when I look back I am glad I didn't notice how sad it was. When Paul would bring up vending, I would shut down. It was his world, and something he wanted to succeed at. Every moment we had together was spent doing something business related. We lived off of the little income I was making, and credit cards.
I spent all of my vacation hours from work following behind a U.Haul truck delivering machines to Idaho. We stayed the night at complete strangers houses, because we couldn't afford to get a hotel room...all with baby Van in tow. Van lived in her car seat, and ate far too many suckers to try to make her last a little longer.
We started the Idaho route, because my family lives there.  We thought that it would be excuse to see them more often.  We learned a few things in the process of doing this route...we weren't going to be seeing my family, and Paul should not be driving by himself. We decided it would be best to sell this portion of our route after many years of doing it.
At first we were worried about that loss in our income, but it was worth it to me...because on those Idaho days I worried Paul wouldn't make it home to us. We did sell it, and we figured out the money like we always do.

Over a year later, the Idaho route landed back in our hands again. Sigh. I wanted to kick and scream...I didn't want to start all over again...this time with 2 1/2 kids. With no choice, Paul and I made a game plan. It involves going to Idaho every other weekend as a family until the Doctor tells me I can't. Not exactly how I planned to spend my 3rd trimester.
This time building our route in Idaho has been much different. We haven't had to stay at strangers houses, instead we have a 2 bedroom hotel suite we stay the night in. The hotel also has a swimming pool, and we have been able to take the kids swimming as a reward at the end of a long day in the car. I know that our hard work has always paid off, and will again. We have had fun at new places like the Yellowstone Bear World, and our kids still haven't stopped talking about getting to feed the bears. My bad attitude has quickly diminished as we have spent quality time as a family, and teaching our kids that if we work hard...we get to play hard too!
I will forever be grateful for a husband that provides a wonderful life for us. When things are tough like they have been for awhile now, we always get stronger as a couple...and I always remember why I married my best friend.

Monday, April 23, 2012

only the cereal with the toys, please.

A couple of weeks ago I was trying to figure out why I wasn't able to load some pictures on Devin's private blog. After not being able to figure it out, you can only guess I got waaaay sidetracked. I spent the next several hours just looking at all of my very old posts, and was in shock that Savannah looked so darn young when I started doing this writing gig.

I came to this post, and I just started laughing. I had just said yes to a review and giveaway from MyBlogSpark that is all about the cool prize inside the cereal box. Those darn prizes in cereal boxes make any cereal edible. Although they sent us a box of Lucky Charms, which I ate the entire box by myself within days. Ask Paul, I have the biggest bowls of cereal EVER!
Please tell me that I am not the only adult that stills gets excited over the cereal box toys? I guess I am okay with it if I am alone in this, because I have loved using our curvy straws the past week. :) I guess I haven't changed that much since 2008.

Want a fun prize pack?

Comment to win.

Disclosure: I received a curvy straws prize pack from General Mills through MyBlogSpark...but it is obvious that I am a tiny big obsessed with cereal box toys.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day.

This is a sponsored post, and a lovely giveaway too.

It is true that I am not much of an tree hugger, I think my Sister got all of what my parents had in them to pass along. Today I did enjoy having a meal on a picnic table to enjoy the earth. The sunset had a pink color to it, and there was just enough of a breeze. It is probably a good thing both of my kids could live outside, because I would not have these types of moments as often as I do without them.

Today I also took the online pledge to conserve water. Happy Earth Day from the Sell family! Right now my city is ranked 104...not too shabby. With Savannah starting to take showers, and Summer right around the corner {hello, water bill going up} was nice to have a refresher course in ways I can conserve water.

We installed a EcoFlow shower head, and just this morning I was so thankful I had. The shower head we got saves up to a gallon of water per minute, and guess what that means...extra mula in my pocket! After Savannah had been in the shower for over 10 minutes, I finally had to kick her out. Seriously that little body of hers should not take that long to clean. :) You can see why I decided that water conservation was something that we needed to work on.

I have loved seeing all of the little Earth Day craft projects on blogs, and hearing about people enjoying the great outdoors this has definitely made me want to get outside and enjoy the beauty all around me.

What do you do to celebrate Earth Day?

Would you like to make it your goal to conserve water too? Well, then Water Pik would love to give one of my lucky readers a EcoFlow shower head to get you well on your way to doing so.

Comment on this post and you are entered.

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Extra entries...

Take the pledge.
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PS They do have coupons as well on their site, just in case you are in the market for a new shower head.

Disclosure: I was given a Waterpik EcoFlow shower head as part of a promotional program with MomSelect, but all opinions are mine. The end.

Friday, April 20, 2012

friday photo phone dump week 2

I joked on one of my pictures on Instagram this week that you can definitely tell I am pregnant by my photo stream...hello food pictures. One day soon it will change to baby pictures instead.

Have you joined in the Instagram fun yet? Leave your info in the comments so that I can follow you.

I decided I like the Friday photo stuff. Except this week Friday came so fast, I didn't even realize it was Friday.

So, here are some of my pictures from the week...

1. A big wig from a large vending distributor flew out from back east to our neck of the woods to meet Paul. Yup, this also makes Paul a big deal. Hard work is paying off left and right for the hubs, and I am really proud.  So, we had a business meeting at a coffee shop, and what I ordered was gross. The end.

2. In the late after when Savannah isn't out of school yet, and Devi is starting to go stir crazy...we have been busting out the hose and such. That boy loves getting wet, and getting down to his diaper. I have a feeling I am going to see a lot more wet clothes drying on the hot cement this Summer.

3. Mint sandwich. Schmidt's Pastry Cottage. When fresh, it is heaven.

4. Stuck in bed. My body and baby aren't liking each other, and haven't been for almost a week. :(

5. Burger King got a face lift. It was much needed, and a little shocking too.

6. Arby's needs to change what that bag says. That place only gives me loads of heart burn, and sleepless nights.

7. Stopping at the movie theater for popcorn...such a good idea.

8. I love that I get a lunch date with my boys every day.

9. I ordered this super cute book from Shutterfly for Savannah.  She is going to be so excited. I am in the process of getting a few things together for Brin to give to her new big brother and sister at the hospital. This book is totally going in Van's gift basket.

10. He is still very much my baby.

11. Marley's. We are finding every excuse to head to Provo to eat those little sliders.

12. Car seat waiting at the front door, bouncy seat loaded with we wait for baby girl.

13. Smashburger...perfect reason to break the Sabbath.

Happy weekend friends. Yet another road trip awaits me in the wee hours of the morning...pray we all survive each other in the car.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Origami Owl Customer Jewelry + Giveaway

When Tiffany started talking about selling Origami Owl Jewelry on Facebook I didn't give it much thought.  I clicked on over, and "liked" her fan page, looked at her site, but didn't do anything else.

Fast forward a few weeks when I was at church, and noticed a necklace on one of the ladies. I asked her where she got it, but unfortunately she got it out of state at some boutique. Bummer. It was so cute, and something I had never seen...of course it had to come from out of state.

After seeing a few more posts from Tiffany, I realized that necklace I loved so much on the lady at church...was indeed the same necklaces Tiffany was selling.

{my cute necklace}

Here is what I love about Origami Owl...

This is an home based jewelry business, but the quality is impressive.

Above anything else, I love that the jewelry is unique to the person, and something I haven't seen all but that once on someone in Utah.

I love that you can add or change charms, dangles, plates to make it look like a completely different necklace as often as you have the money to do so. :)

I love that the charms go inside of the living locket, and you can add the handstamped plate to the inside of it too.

I think this would make a perfect Mother's Day gift, adding all of the birthstones to the inside of the locket for Mom or Grandma. {you best hurry if you want it in time for this!} I am excited to get a little locket for Savannah for her baptism, adding the CTR charm to it. I think it works for all ages of girlies too. The instant Savannah saw mine she asked when she was getting hers.
Okay so here are the fun details...

Tiffany is offering a $30 gift certificate to one of my readers. Tell us what you think is unique about Origami Owl in the comments, and you are entered.

If you want extra entries:

You can check out her Facebook Fan Page.
Share on your own Facebook page.
Tweet about it.
Pin it.
Place an order.
{If you order online it will ship directly to you. If you would like to contact Tiffany {locketsbytiffany at gmail} she will give you a 10% discount on your order.}

Look forward to a fun announcement...big girl party + Origami Owl + good food...

Giveaway will run until next Friday the 27th of April @ Midnight.

Disclosure: I was given a free necklace by Tiffany, but all opinions are mine...that's all folks.

Friday, April 13, 2012

friday photo phone dump...

Honestly I can't remember who does this once a week, if it is you...give yourself credit in the comments. I think she even had a really clever name for it, and clearly mine is not that. Sorry my brain capacity these days is at full, and I am doin' good just to write on the blog occasionally.

I wouldn't say I am completely addicted to Instagram yet, but my picture taking has once again increased. I have all these little random pictures on my phone, and I think it is a clever idea once a week to put them in a collage and share them.

So here is my first of many photo phone dumps to the good ol' blog.

1. Savannah made a picture of Sabrina, her, and I...presh.
2. Doing the potty dance with Devin, and loving it.
3. Finding some #oldskool candy, and not sharing.
4. Taking the kids on a date to "the city" as Savannah calls it, and loving City Creek.
5. Making a Von {hearts} Paul bracelet, and wearing it with pride.
6. 30 weeks pregnant. Holla.
7. Making a sensory box for Devin, and not caring about the mess he made.
8. My coworker transferred, and he gave me the best going away present ever...
9. Going to the school event to admire all of our 1st graders hard work.
10. Sabrina is going to look smashing in her blessing dress.
11. Glucose test. Not bad.
12. Volunteering for school lunch, and loving it.
13. Having a successful business takes hard work from the whole family.


That's all folks.

Happy Friday the 13th. Do you do a photo dump? Maybe we should do some sort of linky party. It could get fun.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Water Garden Cinema

*this is NOT a sponsored post.

Have you heard of Water Garden Cinema 6? If you don't live in Utah county, it might not be on your radar.

We just happen to come across it when we landed it for our vending machines, and we quickly fell in love with everything about it. It is the best little theater...IMO.

Why you wonder?

Admission is only $3. Nothing is rated R. It is clean!! The popcorn, snacks, drinks...$3 or less. I mean, what movie theater can you go to, and spend $1 for popcorn!!? Ridiculously cool, right?!!

Well, on their Facebook page they are starting to advertise their Kids Summer Program. They will be playing older movies every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. $1 admission. Show times start at Noon.
Hello people, can we say play date potential!!  The current line up has a ton of movies that we love to watch over and over. Rio, Megamind, and Despicable Me are our list to go to. I saw some movies on the list we haven't seen yet, but wanted it looks like we will have a date with the theater once a week for most of the Summer {with the exception of the Rango week...not a fan of that one}.

Wanna go with us? It will be so cheap to get in, it will be worth the drive. ;)

PS Sorry I have been slacking on my kiddie play dates lately, some silly Dr. recommended I take it easy. Psssh. Although I have had a couple of nights out on the town with the ladies...which I loved...I will be looking forward to lots of fun when I get through this last few weeks of pregnancy.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

nothing is ever perfect.

That big furry bunny disappointed the kids on Easter morning. We decided to spend more money on something they could both enjoy, and only do a little Easter baskets for each of them this year. It wasn't until 11:00 PM on Saturday night when I went to set up that darn toy and found it broken...there was no time to make it right. Wah, wah, wah. Bunny fail. Savannah was in tears, and Devin spent the entire day wondering why he couldn't actually play with the cool toy that was still in the box.

The bunny had some making up to do yesterday. We returned that toy, and bought new toys...which the kids were happy with. Although Savannah is still asking why the Easter Bunny delivered something broken...doesn't he know...Mom, that is not cool!  I get it Savannah, the Easter Bunny screwed up...let's move on already. We may actually never recover, because that Savannah has a memory as sharp as a tack.

I was so close to spoiling the Easter Bunny fun when the complaining seemed like it may never end...and then I realized I have other kids that I want to experience the magic. Although she will figure it all out long before Devi and Brin, I am not quite ready to give it all up.

I am just feeling lucky that we don't have another holiday for awhile...I am exhausted.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

easter + birthday

{if I were to guess from my shirt, I think I was in 3rd grade in this picture}
Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays {I think I said this about Halloween too}, even if I haven't been good at making traditions for my kids.

Growing up Easter was always spent down on my Grandpa Joe's farm. The egg hunt was top notch in the huge stacks of hay, and you were bound to find a few plastic eggs hidden in a nest of those poor chickens.

It was a family affair with deviled eggs, and a someone always tried to make a bunny cake of some sort. My Mom would top her famous sugar cookies with green coconut and a few jelly beans...and it was quite the grand party indeed.

This time of year not only brings Easter, it brings my birthday. Birthdays are always hit and miss for me, and not because my Husband doesn't buy me the best presents ever! I can remember a few birthdays just being really emotional...uhem, one of them was this year {and year 25 was a mess too}. Heeeelllooo pregnancy hormones, glad you decided to show up on my 31st birthday.

I didn't blow out any candles on a cake this go around, because even though I acted a fool on my birthday...I couldn't wish for a better life than what I have. I realize I have a husband that works really hard for the things I have, and will defend and protect me to the end. I have kids that make me laugh, drive me batty, and beg for my attention.  My friends are out of this world, and last night I fell asleep wondering how I got so lucky to have so many good ones.

Even though my 2012 has not treated us well so far, I am ready to see what 31 has to offer...I know a baby is in store...and that my friends isn't shabby.

Oh, and Happy Easter. Enjoy a deviled egg for me, because I will be cooking Lasagna. :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

blogs and such.

Awhile back Vanessa inspired me to start blogs for my kids. I posted on them a few times, and then I got unmotivated. I had hoped that one day Savannah might want to write her own stories down, and write her own story. That day came, and it has been fun to see what kind of old pictures and stories she wants to jot down on her own blog. Looking back on her blog, I can already see the changes she has made. I have posted on her blog between her posts just so that we can get a more detailed account of different events about school, friends, etc.

Devin won't be typing up any short stories for awhile, but I have enjoyed writing tid-bits on his blog...from his favorite toys to his quirky little habits I love. I have also started a blog for baby girl. I plan on posting her birth story, and the details about our journey to get her here. I may have even just posted a picture of me in my bathing suit 29 weeks pregnant...oh, it is a doozy of a picture. ;)

That brings me to this blog. I plan to change it up a bit. I haven't quite figured it all might take me some time to work that part out. Since I will be posting most of the little things about my children on their private blogs, I won't need to do those here. What I do know is I still will be doing some fun giveaways...can we say Origami Owl necklace. {go like the Facebook page, and get a head start on extra entries.}

Thank you for being on this adventure I call my life. I hope that whatever I decide to write about, it will be worth your time to read it.

Oh, and I did currently get sucked in to Find me...Evonce. We can have a jolly good time over there too.
{a little swollen pregnant cankles for your enjoyment!}