Sunday, May 6, 2012

did you miss me already?

I guess I need to clarify one thing after I got a few comments, and emails from people.

During my blog break, I will not be announcing Bri's arrival. If you would like an email with a picture when she is born, I would be more than happy to do that. Just make sure I have your email. :)  You can either leave it here in the comments, or you can just send me an email directly...sellpartyof {at} gmail.

Okay, now I am serious. Really. Like I am not coming back for awhile.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

a break

If I have learned anything in the years of blogging, everyone needs a break. I decided awhile ago, I was going to take a looong break before and after we added our new baby. At first I wasn't sure how long was long...but the closer it got to having the baby, the more I knew I needed at least a couple of months.

I am sure that there is a few posts between now and July-ish {I may even be gone until August} that I will need to do, because I am sure I am forgetting about some poor company I agreed to write a post for...but I am hoping that is not the case. I still plan on reading and commenting on all my favorite blogs...there will be plenty of sleepless nights.

{total side note: I remember when Devin was a brand new baby, I always could count on Kamie to be there for me in the middle of the night...she had a fresh baby too. Who wants to be my go-to person on Facebook this time around? :)}

This last go around I wanted to just enjoy the here and now. I have never been so excited to do it either. I am letting Savannah have a maternity leave from Tae Kwon Do even. We have already started planning our fun summer...I am still trying to decide if we can manage 3 kids on a vacation {sounds scary}. We have our big calendar getting filled up one week at a time.

Thank you for your love and support. We have felt overwhelmed by all the people that have helped us, been there for us, and celebrated us becoming a family of 5. It has definitely been a wild ride.

Peace out friends...I am walking away now....and letting the fun begin.

Fresh Produce Clothing Review.

I don't shop online, I am much to paranoid that it won't fit right. I am also the last person someone would come to for fashion advice. I am that person that wears pajama's to the grocery store, and I most likely have them paired with my favorite flip flops that I spent no more than $3 on.

This year I had big plans for our Easter outfits after I was asked to review Fresh Produce Clothing. Even if the big furry bunny disappointed this year, we were all going to look smashing for church. I can't remember the last time I bought myself an Easter dress, and I decided after this year I am definitely going to make it a priority. Oh, and we all totally matched...totally adorable right!?

I was excited to try online shopping to see if I could get over my weirdness about something not fitting. Even though Fresh Produce Clothing does not carry maternity, I picked {this is what I got} something that I thought would work pregnant and not. Guess what? The dress I got fit me, no returns required...and I love it.

Here are a few opinions about my experience and the product...

I love the fabric. It is mostly rayon, and it is so comfortable. I had to wash it right away, because Devin spit candy on washed up great. I love the style of this dress, because after I am done being pregnant, it will be a great dress to wear while I nurse Bri. Easy access, if you catch my drift. I am also a big fan of the 3/4 length sleeve.

My only real critique is not about the dress, it is about their website. I personally think they could use some better photos of the product. Some of the pictures look a bit cheesy, and it made it hard to find something that I could envision myself wearing. Other than this...shipping was awesome, size chart was helpful for me, and I would definitely buy from them again.

Thank you Fresh Produce Clothing for making my first online clothing purchase a great one.  I have conquered my fear, and will definitely be coming back for more convenient shopping!

Disclosure: Fresh Produce Clothing gave me a dress for free for this post, but all opinions are mine.

Friday, May 4, 2012

friday photo phone dump week 4

1. I love that a girl Paul use to date in High school sent us a baby gift this week. Snail mail is the best.

2. Since I had to work on our anniversary, I ate a huge ol' burrito by myself to celebrate.

3. The day I got the flu the kids kept me company in bed...and we read lots of books.

4. I am becoming a pro at making road trip entertainment bags...I really should write a whole post on this. Giving myself a pat on the back.

5. We went shopping at The Dub for Devi new bedroom furniture, dishwasher, rugs, electronics, and on, and on, and was our last shopping spree...and it was fun.

6. Savannah wanted to watch our wedding video since we celebrated 13 years of marriage this week. It was a tender moment.

7. It was a big week for Savannah, she was William Dawes in a school play.  She did a fantastic job, and remembered all her lines.

8. Devin loves to beg to go outside.

9. I wanted to take a picture of my shoes for day #3 of the photo challenge...I failed and mostly got belly. :)

10. Savannah lost another tooth.

11. This is the photo challenge I am working on with a friend on Facebook. It has been fun, you should join in.

12. Savannah got her blue belt this week. It was hard work, and well deserved.

13. Devin is completely addicted to The Muppets...of course, we needed Muppets sippy cups.

Have you been joining in on the photo challenges or the Instagram fun?  You should link up, I wanna see your pictures.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kennecott Visitors Center

We were invited to go to a blogger event at the Kennecott Visitors Center. This is literally in our back yard, and we had never been. Of course the morning came to go, and Devi got the flu {poor baby} it became a little Mommy-Daughter date.

I wasn't sure that it was going to be that interesting, and I thought Savannah might be bored. I have been wrong before, and this was definitely something I was wrong about too.

Savannah was so interested in everything. I sometimes forget that she is almost 8, goes to school, and loves learning. They had tons of displays of different rocks, and Savannah had studied these same rocks at school recently. Of course, that made her a great tour guide for me, as she pointed out different rocks and even knew the names.  Smarty pants! She also had a note pad that she drew the different rocks she loved, and colored them. {Not planned, and something I would recommend doing for your kids. She was a drawing machine!}

Kennecott Visitors Center is offering a coupon on their site for free admission to the mine in May. If you want a little adventure, I would highly recommend going. If you want to make a day of it, pack a lunch and head over to Copperton Park {our favorite} afterwards!

Disclosure: I was given a coupon to enter the Kennecott Visitors Center for free, but it was not mandatory that I post...I just wanted to spread the love.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Stanley Steemer Giveaway.

I will be honest and say that the only thing I knew about Stanley Steemer is they cleaned carpets, and I had seen a bunch of their commercials. Since I have a little boy that likes to pee on my carpet, I decided it was a place I wanted to try. I got my package with all the information about Stanley Steemer, and realized they were much more than just for carpet cleaning business. With baby girl coming + spring cleaning on my mind, I have yet to decide on what I want to try. They offer hardwood, tile and grout cleaning, air ducts, water damage restoration, and more. It has been a tough decision, because my air ducts deperately need a little TLC...and so does my grout.

Maybe you could help me.

Have you tried Stanley Steemer before? What services have you used? What would you do with a $100 to spend there?

If you answer any of the questions, or just are entered to win yourself $100 to Stanley Steemer. {They are in 48 states, if you don't have one that comes to your area...maybe someone you know could use it!}

Giveaway will end May 4th {Friday}...Midnight.

Disclosure: Since I haven't actually used my gift card, I haven't formed an opinion yet...when I get one I will blog again.  Thank you Stanley Steemer for the gift card and MyBlogSpark for hookin' me up.  The End.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

my ramblings + burger king giveaway

I figured out that when I don't feel good, and spend days in bed I tend to say yes to a lot of giveaways and reviews. Good for you guys...if you like winning. If you don't like should probably just come back next week. I should have spaced all of this out, but when you are in my current get the attitude of eh, just get it done.  So, apologies in advance.

Before Paul and I had kids we considered it a real treat to eat out, I actually tried to cook back then. When we would go somewhere we were all about going as cheap as possible...sharing a drink and fries, and splurging on the cheapest sandwich on the menu. I can't say that I miss this, but it does make me laugh.

The closest {in walking distance} fast food joint to our little place was Burger King. {We even exercised back then too!} I would beg Paul for a Jr. Whopper, and when I was pregnant with Savannah...I could not get enough of their fries. We definitely ate enough of it to get sick of that place.

We no longer live in walking distance from Burger King, and when I dropped in to use my gift card I was a little shocked. They have gotten a major face lift, and the one we went to was in desperate need of it. Not only do they have electronic menus and the cool Coke freestyle machines, they also have added a bunch of healthier menu items.  Of course I didn't pick one of those when I went...I had to make sure the Jr. Whopper was still good. ;)

I love reviewing a place that doesn't realize that I am there for a review. I think you get a better feel for how things are really run. I am big on customer service...I think that even if the food is average it can make it taste better if you get a good customer service experience. This particular day I was shocked at how attentive and nice the staff was. Savannah had wanted a SpongeBob toy she had seen, and ended up getting a truck of some sort. One of the employees went in the back for her, and found the one she wanted.  It made her whole day. It sometimes is the small things that make me want to take my kids back to a place.

Oh, and I do love that they sell the Coke Icee too, it tends to make a pregnant mama happy.

Giveaway time.

Comment to win a $25 gift card to Burger King.

Winner will be chosen Thursday {May 3rd} at Midnight...and will be contacted via email.

Disclosure: I was given a $25 gift card to go and partake of Burger King food. All opinions are my own.