Saturday, June 30, 2012

street tacos.

I actually started cooking more in May, shortly after I started my blogging break. We started off saying I had to cook every other day, and then I found myself getting excited about making after school snacks and such...I made Jell-O with fruit in it, and Savannah felt so spoiled {I still find this funny}.

One of my favorite things that I did was get a hands on cooking demo from Vanessa with our mutual friend Sam. Between those two girls, they are rockstars in the kitchen.  
Sam and I learned how to make homemade tortillas and the best carne picada ever. I came home and told Paul that if there is one thing I get jealous of, it is people that can really cook...not fake it like me.  The food she prepared was amazing, and I felt all inspired to start cooking really delicious food like it for my little family.

If you want the recipe for Vanessa's street tacos, it is right here.

I am glad that I have such talented friends that don't mind helping me with what I truly stink at. ;)

Friday, June 29, 2012

yeah, that was nice.

Where do I even begin?
A blogging break was exactly what I needed. After the first week, I started to even wonder if I should just delete this blog all together. It just felt so awesome, and I highly suggest everyone do it occassionally.

Let me try to sum up how my break was...
I had tan lines by Mother's Day weekend.
I clean, cook, bake, and take naps...every day.
We have never visited so many playlands, EVER.
We go on nature walks, and have a few bird nests we have been watching for babies to show up in.
We have ventured into new projects like water colors, and Devin still hasn't figured out you don't drink the paint water.  
Savannah and Paul have gone to Idaho a few times, and enjoyed the pool at the hotel.
We have done movie parties with popcorn, treats, and lots of soda.
We dance A. LOT. Our kids are hysterical and entertaining.
The baby rarely is left alone, and can sleep through the crazy that goes on around here.
But you know what I have loved about this blogging break the most?

I have laughed.
I have enjoyed the moment.
I have learned so much.

And I am ever so thankful for this life I have...
PS Since I am still in the middle of enjoying Savannah's Summer break, chasing after the energetic 2 year old, and being on a newborn schedule...I will be publishing some older posts that I wrote in the past month or so.