Friday, August 31, 2012

friday photo dump week 6

1. This is totally Sabrina's personality. Paul bought it for her, because the day before I changed 8 poopy diapers...and Paul changed 1 or 2. That my friends is a lot of diapers.

2. I am missing Savannah in the back seat, and I am not the only one.

3 and 4. TOTALLY ADDICTED. Sometimes in the middle of the night while I nurse Sabrina I drink me a Coke...then after I took this picture I may have realized how pathetic I am. Since then I drink Powerade.

5. Savannah told me "Mom, I know these are boy shoes, but I still look hot!" Love her.

6. I don't think her lips could get any more kissable.

7. My little stud. Gosh, he is so silly.

8. BIRDS. EVERYWHERE. Devin and I had fun opening the door and watching them fly away!

Happy Weekend Folks. 

Thursday, August 30, 2012

sweet freedom

I have been eyeing up double strollers for over 6 months. I wondered if by the time Bri came I wouldn't need one, so we waited. Turns out Devin is best contained. I tested a few, and I came to the decision I would get the ever so trendy Sit N Stand. I knew that Devin wasn't ready for the freedom of getting on and off, because when we tested in the isle at the store I lost count of how many times he did just that. So, I opted for the Fusion which is a double stroller, and the back seat is removable for later on.

It is a little heavy for me, but I am sure I will get use to it. I thought I was picking a stroller that was on the smaller side of doubles...turns out it still barely fits in my trunk.

Okay, so this isn't a I should probably just get to the point...

I have never been so excited over a baby item. I was using an umbrella stroller, and putting Sabrina in the pouch...but this double stroller business is waaaaay better than that.
{our old set up...worked, but that pouch makes me all sorts of sweaty. just keepin' it real!}

I have a rule if I walk to the gas station, I can get a Coke. So, we have gone twice in a 24 hour period. :) Sabrina loves to look out, but I also attached her car seat...and she thought that was okay too.
Our neighborhood has some serious hills, and I can already feel the burn in my legs from two walks. I am really out of shape, what can I say!
Those tasks that seemed a little overwhelming to the I am looking forward to. I may even just go to window shop, because I am excited to get a lot of use out this thing.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

a title goes here.

Here is the low down about our new schedule.

Day two of waking up waaay to early for school wasn't nearly as fun. We are exhausted trying to get use to our school schedule again. Savannah does like going to school, we just wish we could go a little later is all.

Sabrina has had horrible timing both mornings. She wakes up right after I leave for car pool, and Paul has had to listen to her cry for 30 minutes. Which we decided wasn't fun for anyone, and now I am pumping every night so that he has something to feed her.

Devin...well...he loves it so far, because lets be honest not alot changed for him. He still has the same sleep schedule and such. He has been excited to pick Savannah up to tell her about the trouble he has gotten in to. He mostly just loves the extra attention that he is getting during the day.

I am glad that this week, and next are shorter...

I just may sleep the entire weekend.


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

2nd grade.

I loved watching Savannah excitedly get out all of her clothes last night.

Her back pack has been ready for weeks.

We did our last minute shopping yesterday for shoes, tights, and some supplies the teacher asked for on back to school night.

I can't tell if Devin is going to love this, or hate it. Today it is new, and I would say he is in love with playing by himself without being told what to do next. Tomorrow he may hate it, when he realizes he will again be playing by himself.
Savannah has changed so much, and is most definitely ready for the 2nd grade.

She shed a few tears at breakfast, and said it was because she was going to miss us all. My tender little 7 year old. I wrote her a little note, and she tucked it in her back pack for later to read if she needed it.

Can't wait to see what this new year has instore for us all.

Monday, August 27, 2012


We spent our weekend celebrating Sabrina.
She has already taught me so much, and is loved immensely by all of us.

She is the baby I thought I would never get to meet on this earth.

She is the baby girl we knew we were suppose to get.

She is the perfect ending to our family.

We adore this little one, and are lucky she is ours.
Paul gave her a perfect blessing, even though she was crying. I knew if she wasn't sleeping she wouldn't happy...and I was right. I was proud Paul could keep his concentration.
After pictures, we went to Tepanyaki for dinner. Devin has really come out of his little shell with strangers, and instantly made friends with our cook. We all decided to try to catch the flying shrimp...I caught mine without cheating {and instantly spit it out, yucky}. Savannah caught one, the cook was really nice and shot it at her at close range. Paul, Devin, and BFF tried a couple of times, but were unsuccessful...they were still good sports. Okay, so maybe Devin was a little sad when it smacked him in the face instead of going in his mouth.
We went home long enough to change clothes so that we could hit up the arcade to play to end our celebration.

I couldn't help but feel so overwhelmed with joy that this little family is mine.
Paul likes to tease me, because I once thought I would never get an opportunity to have any kids of my own.
3 babies later I definitely realize I was a little impatient and being a tad bit dramatic.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day #5

I failed in the fun department today.

All this fun we have had all week, it may have slipped my mind I had other responsibilities. Ya know, a house to clean, things to prepare for Sabrina's big day tomorrow, etc.

Cleaning makes me angry, and makes me snap at my family.

I don't know why. A personality trait I need to fix, indeed.

So you can imagine I was a grumpy person today with all the cleaning that had to take place.

I spent the day rearranging clothes from one place to another, because we have a little boy who has figured out how to climb up the dresser using the drawers. Scary, right!? So I had to fix that problem ASAP, because I would be devastated if that dresser fell on top of him. He likes to change his shirt about every 15 minutes, and they are safely in the bottom drawer for easy access...instead of hanging where they can tempt him to climb.

I did get distracted once by the ingredients sitting on my counter for 7 layer bars. I quickly made those and got back to work.

I showered some time around 5 uh PM, and made a quick run to Target to buy me some new accessories to wear tomorrow.

I may have taken a few pictures on Instagram, but honestly I am tired...and still have sh-tuff to get done before we spend the afternoon celebrating the blessing of our last baby no pictures. Sorry.

Have a happy weekend, I will be back with pictures.

Friday, August 24, 2012

friday photo dump makes a come back.

Uh, well I did have this all typed up once, and I even viewed it.  Sorry if you stopped by and saw an empty post. Oops. I guess blogger hates me tonight.
1. I hold this baby until my arm falls asleep, because she is my last baby...and I feel like I need to soak her all up.
2. Devin didn't want to cooperate at the zoo for this photo op, so Savannah said that she would show him how it was done.
3. Paul bought me this after a hard day. It made that hard day a whole lot betta.
4. Our reward for lots of fun in the sun. It was as delicious as it looks.
5. Pre-hair cut. We have the same eyes.
6. The meal that totally hit the spot this week, and I made it. Success indeed.
7. We love vending. This is our "snack" when we go to Tae Kwon Do.
8. She was pretending to have braces. Please tell me you did this too as a kid, I laughed because it was a favorite past time.
Okay, until next Friday.
See you on Instagram {evonce}.

day #4

I planned a lot for this was a little overwhelming, but oh so much fun. I wouldn't have wanted any of it left out. Okay, except the shots for Sabrina. Boo-hoo.

We started off bright and early at the Dr. office, because baby girl had her 2 month check up. I don't think I ever gave her permission to not be a newborn, but she went ahead and decided to grow up anyway. Sad. So far she is our tall and on the skinnier side baby. 96 percentile for height, and only 65 percentile for weight.
The Dr took longer than expected, doesn't this always happen? We were suppose to meet BFF and friends at the beach by 11, and didn't get there until 11:45ish. Good thing my friends are understanding.

BFF has an awesome family, and they brought the "Parry Party Boat" with them...oh me, oh my that thing is fun. I went on it without a swimming suit, and got completely soaked from the waist down...but it was TOTALLY worth it. My kids never can get enough of the beach, except Ms Cranky Pants Bri. She was still mad I let the Dr poke her.
It was lovely to sit and talk to BFF and Cathy underneath the big umbrella. AND I am pretty sure BFF's Mom is the nicest lady around, and looked smokin' hot with her tan and super cute swimsuit cover up.

When the babies were spent, and time was tickin' to get to our next destination...we said our goodbyes with a promise to meet up for dinner. 
We headed straight from the beach to Savannah's school to find out who her teacher is going to be in 2nd grade. We were excited to see it was a familiar name, and Savannah was happy about who was and wasn't in her new class. Savannah was excited to show off her new baby, and see all of her 1st grade teachers. That girl was glowing, and I am excited to see what this new school year has instore.

With a car full of exhausted babies, we headed home for naps, baths, and to sit in an air conditioned house.

We weren't home long though, and it was time for Paul to take Savannah to Tae Kwon Do...and a dinner date with his little lady. While I got the babies and I ready for our dinner date.

Cafe Rio with the girls and little people was the end to a whirlwind day #4.
Tomorrow I am hoping I still have some steam left in me to complete this P-a-R-t-Y.

We haven't gone to Thanksgiving Point yet, and we still have a shindig for Sabrina's blessing Saturday.

This has been a blast, and I have proven to myself I can totally handle this 3 kid business...and still hang with the cool Mom's.

Bring on day #5.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

day #3

Well, lets see here...a recap of day #3...

I didn't actually tell the kids what we were doing Wednesday, because I didn't want to hear the constant "is it time to go yet!?" when they woke up I told them to start cleaning for a reward. Even that little Devin cleaned, and helped me wash dirty dishes. By the house still isn't clean if you must know.

Paul had to work in the morning, and so we stayed around the house and made my version of chicken pot pie {it really is more of a casserole, than pot pie}. I use to make this all of the time when we were newly weds. I told Paul I don't remember it tasting as good as it did...and his response "Maybe you have become a better eater." True statement, I am much less picky in my 30's.

When Paul came home he brought with him a table top arcade game. Uh, heaven. Our Daddy has the coolest job. We played game after game until we were all ready to hit the road.
After much discussion on Facebook it was decided that 7 Peaks in Provo would be our destination for the evening. I have to say it was a very good choice.
{I told Paul I needed to take more pictures of him, and this is the face he gave is definitely clear he LOVES the camera, huh!?}

I wondered how it would be with 3 kids, all of them at different levels of what they find fun. I couldn't have planned it out better. Turns out Devin was cool with the lazy river, Savannah was okay with the kiddie pool, and Sabrina just wanted to sleep on my shoulder {huge shocker, right!?}. Can we say so easy to manage? Paul took Devin, I watched Savannah while holding, win, win. We bought a pass that came with food that was okay enough to hold us over so we could stay a little longer. Kids were happy, and Paul and I always say that is what is important now.
I did almost fall with Devin in my arms on one of those stupid bridges they have. It was as close to falling as I could have gotten. Just think limbo, and I got low...low...low. Even Paul couldn't believe I caught myself. I am going to be sore for a few days, I proved I must have some muscle hiding in my body somewhere.
We also decided that Paul taking either of the babies on the lazy river by himself equals chick magnet. :) I mean who can resist a hunk holding a itty bitty baby, or better yet who can resist a hunk holding a little boy hunk. Seriously, it really is irresistable.

On the way home we picked up our favorite Nothing Bundt Cakes to eat when the kids were all in bed as our reward for braving the water park. AND that my friends is a perfect ending to a pretty darn good day.

Day #4 is going to be a busy one. BFF is in town, Sabrina has shots, Savannah has to go to meet her teacher for 2nd grade, I want to go and pick up my double stroller, and a dinner out with the girls at Cafe Rio...should have lots to talk about.

I really don't want to see Summer end, I am going to miss all this fun that we are having ALL DAY...

PS I promise to actually use my real camera on day #4 instead of my phone...

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

day #2

I had plans to go to Thanksgiving Point this day, but then I heard it was $2 Tuesdays...and I will be honest, it scared me away. I don't actually mind a crowd, but with our schedule being flexible I decided I would rather do it on a day that my kids won't have to wait to see everything.

I woke up to a snuggly 2 year old in my bed. I can't say this is a horrible way to wake up, he is just so darn cute. When he got sick of snuggling me, he crawled in Bina's crib and tried snuggling her. Um, I think I like his snuggles more than she does. He is gentle, but just likes to get up in her grill a little too much.
I had been putting off grocery shopping since Saturday, I was motivated enough this morning to go in my pajamas. I got all the kids semi ready, and Paul came to assist me in my efforts. I don't know how ladies do it without a man that helps as much as mine does...but this is a post for another day. Everyone earned quarters for being good, and we won a prize out of the crane...and I think 3 quarters were spent on gum.

We came home, and I told the kids to clean up 5 toys and we could go to the park. Man that made them move quick. Just as soon as I got the groceries unloaded, we were back out the door. I like to call our adventures in the park, "pajamas in the park". Getting ready is completely optional when the park is empty in the morning. Total bonus.
We played, we soaked up some fresh air, and Bina decided to throw up to the point it wasn't even worth trying to clean off of me. So...back home we came.
I made lunch, it involved sandwiches with of Savannah's favorite food choices. Then naps for the babies after everyone's belly were full.

Savannah and I played "cooking show"...she likes to be Paula Deen. :) We made cookies for people we love. This is always  top on her list of things to do when it is just the 2 of us.

Although we didn't really go anywhere new or far, the kids were still happy.

Tae Kwon Do, delivering our baked goods, and dinner with just my girls.

Day #3...we have hopes to go to a water park {not a splash pad!}. Oh howdy this could be the biggest disaster, or something spectacular. All I know is Paul is going with me. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

day #1

I woke up Monday morning, and got this crazy idea we were going to p-A-r-T-y all week...because it is our last week of real freedom.

I pulled the calendar out, and filled this week up with fun stuff for the kids. Have a mentioned Summer is kind of exhausting, because these kids want to be entertained 24-7!? Well, they do...and it is a lot of work to do that.

Sabrina didn't sleep well Sunday night, but I didn't let that put a damper on my big plans for the week.

I think Paul thought I had lost my mind when I told him our plans for the day were the Zoo. 3 kids, 1 Mommy...yeah, it is kind of out of my comfort zone. I am starting to get adventurous, what can I say.
We brought along our Dr Pepper can for BOGO tickets, a camera, and that is about it.
I let Devin run free like an animal in the wild.
Savannah even did her fair share of running.
Bri...she slept in the pouch, and when she woke up only to smile and fell back to sleep. Complete gem that girl is.
We stayed for hours, and rewarded ourselves with a big shaved ice at the end. I embarrassed Savannah nursing without a cover on, I told you guys I didn't bring anything in the zoo with us. :)
Everyone crashed in the car on the way home...except me, hello I had to drive. Oh, and I hit a ladder on the way home that I watched fall out of someones work truck. Boo for not securing your load, yeah for a Mommy that was a quick thinker and didn't kill us all. I did honk at the ladder, like it was going to move on it's own. Ugh.

We went and picked up our Daddy for dinner, a hair cut, and new church, Bri is getting blessed...we are planning things over here.
We stopped at Chick Fil A for yummy chocolate chip cookies {thank you Jennifer for suggesting it!}. We came home and all took long, hot baths...and then dipped our cookies in cold milk. Except Devin, he prefers juice for dipping {eeewww!}...and he didn't get a good cookie. He wants quantity, not quality. 
Tomorrow will be another recap of an adventure we went on.

Party on people.

Monday, August 20, 2012

2 new rules.

After a long day by myself on Saturday, I made two new rules.

No littles in my bedroom anymore.

No food out of the kitchen.

48 hours in, my bedroom is still clean AND toy free. I haven't had to clean up the carpet from any drink spills.

Please tell me you have these kind of rules, or I am alone in this.

These two are keepin' me on my toes...

Sunday, August 19, 2012

hearts 4 hearts girls

Savannah has never been into dolls, but that quickly changed when she got a Hearts for Hearts Girls doll. I love what this company is doing, and I love that it had such a good impact on Savannah. Her doll has quickly become her favorite, because she is a doll with a story.
Each Hearts for Hearts Girls doll has a story about a real girl that the doll was made to represent. An example is the doll Consuelo from Mexico, it was made to represent an imaginative 10 year old girl. This little girl knows all about food, because her parents own a bakery...and everyone in the family helps out. With her mother's help, she makes a little restaurant in the back alley to feed the children that are going hungry. When you purchase a Hearts for Hearts Girls doll a portion of that money goes towards helping support their cause. So if Consuelo is purchased the portion goes towards World Vision, a humanitarian organization.

Awesome, right?
Besides this being such a great cause, this is what Savannah also loves about her doll...
  • The doll has earings that you can take out, and put back in.{You can also remove all her bracelets, shoes, etc.} 
  • She likes that her doll isn't like a baby doll, it has a completely plastic body.
  • She loves her long hair that she can brush, and put in a pony tail.
You know what I LOVE about this doll, I can totally make Savannah behave if she knows she won't get to play with her! :)

We were able to host a little shindig to share this awesome company, and also give one of Savannah's friends a doll too...which was definitely the highlight of the party.

Ways to find out more about Hearts for Hearts Girls...

Website and Facebook

You can purchase a doll through their website, and by entering this code H4HAUG12, you will receive $5 off {while supplies last, expires October 2012}. When I did a little google search, I also found out you can purchase them through other places beside their website too!

Disclosure: Thank you #MommyParties and #HeartsforHeartsGirls for letting us be a host, and learn about such an inspiring business. All opinions are our own!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

I know it's Saturday.

I am going to start my photo dump Friday's again.

I am loving my phone, and the addiction to Instagram came back in full force.

So, follow me there {evonce}...recap post on Friday of my favorite stuff.

A little sneaky of my favorite picture so far...

Happy weekend folks.

Friday, August 17, 2012


We have good friends, and lots of them.
Just this week we had a play date with the Taylor's, a beach party with the Brown's, and a visit which included dinner from Stephanie. Our Summer has been filled with good friends, and I have been reminded of how lucky we are.
I was rocking Bina to sleep a few nights ago, and she smelled of a friends perfume. It made me smile, the smell meant that our baby has been snuggled, and held, and loved.
I was telling my friend about how much I missed Instagram, and how I was sad that all the hospital pictures I took of us were lost. Can you believe it when this friend produced a new phone for me, and when I loaded my card in it...poof, everything was restored! It was like Christmas, but better.

I have to share a few pictures of what I thought I would never recover from the broken phone...
Still so happy about this.

One night I was having a minor melt down, it happens. I was frustrated that Devin had decided to wake up his baby multiple times after I had just rocked her back to sleep. The house looked like I hadn't touched it, and yet it was clean just hours before. Right in the middle of thinking about crying, a friend called. Perfect timing, I needed to vent. That same friend even called the next day to make sure I was okay.

They say where one door closes, another opens...and my life is proof of that. If this is all I ever get, I would be a happy woman for-evah!

Thursday, August 16, 2012


I decided it was probably time to write a post about our littlest. Since it has almost been 2 months since she made her grand entrance into the world.

saBEANa or just Bina{Devin says it the best!}
baby Bean or just Bean
A little about her:

She is a noisy little thing. No disguising that she is eating. She squeaks, and slurps, and grunts like she is starving every time.

Her bodily functions scare her. A fart will make her start crying. Paul says it is because she is a lady, and gets embarrassed.

She loves to sleep all the live long day, and night...and would prefer me to hold her while she does this. She is only waking up once at night, and those long stretches of sleep are doing my body good.

She is starting to talk, and is of course adorable! Combine the talking with the smiles, and it basically melts me.
She tolerates her brother and sister smothering her, but prefers Mommy. She is definitely a loved on little thing...someone is always wanting to hold her, shove a pacifier in her mouth, play with her, and heck, Savannah even likes changing diapers!
I love that she is already getting the chunky thighs, and the edible cheeks. My shoulders always smell like spit up, and the washer is always running...but this girl of ours is pretty much awesome!