Tuesday, April 30, 2013

14 years.

{our one year anniversary!}
We have spent the past few days reminiscing about our 14 years together. Today we hit another anniversary. It is hard to put in to words just how far we have come, how much we have grown, and just how much we have learned.
I am trying to not get cliché, because Paul hates when I do that. Ya know what I mean...I married my best friend, business.
I have regrets about the first years of marriage, but not because of who was standing by my side. Mostly I realize that I wished away precious years of it being just us, and forgot to relish in all of the fun we could have had with him and I...alone. I don't think I truly learned to live in the moment until after Devin. That is a long time for Paul to put up with me wishing for the next step in life, constantly complaining about what I wanted, and never being happy with the here and now.
The other night Paul and I were talking about things the other person does that still irritate us. If we would have had this same conversation at the beginning of our marriage, I probably would have ended up in tears...and we would both have had a legal sized paper full of things. I love that we can laugh about it, and still love each other despite of our quirks.
I really did win the lottery when it comes to husbands. I almost married someone different, and am so lucky I didn't...I am reminded of this frequently. My life would not be as awesome without my Paul.

I am not nearly as skinny as I was at 18, or tan...but we are doing a good job at growing old together. He can make me laugh like no one else can, knows me better than anyone, and can see right through my fake smile.
{photo credit: Kim Orlandini Photography}
He takes such good care of me, and our kids. He even lets me bring up having baby #4, and doesn't throw it in my face that I said we were done.
{photo credit: Kim Orlandini Photography}
So, we made it...14 years. There is no doubt we will be make 14 more, and then some. Never been so thankful for a single person in my life. He loves me unconditionally, like no other has in my entire life...and for that I am sooo thankful.
Happy Anniversary Paul! If you ever start calling me Babe, I may take back all these kind words. ;)

Friday, April 26, 2013

surviving because of the sunshine.

Whoa, I made it to Friday friends. I did it. Hallelujah! It was a hard week from Monday on through to today for me. I can't be the only Mom that wakes up, and just feels like running away!? Maybe I am. I was just so off my game this week.

I think I just hit a wall. My wall consists of wondering when I will ever get a good night of sleep again, will I ever figure out why my kid has so many tantrums, wanting just a tiny bit of silence, and holy cow I can't keep up with the messes.  

So, yeah that was my wall.
I had little glimmers of light through that wall throughout the week. Bina learned how to use a straw and a sippy cup, I won't be nursing her until she is 5 after all. Devin randomly told me he was sorry for being naughty, and he loved me {dude, it was a moment that made my heart swell!}. Paul let me take a nap, and watched the babies while I went on a date with Cathy {which I think deserves a post all of its own}.
No matter how hard the days are, I still find myself thinking of another baby...so I guess it can't be all that bad, right? I mean, they are just so cute, and squishy...why wouldn't I want a million of them!?

Every afternoon and in to the evening we have been making our way outside to soak up the sunshine, and run off the last of our energy. That sunshine has a way of calming me, and makes me re-energized for the bedtime routine. I watch my kids play nicely, dream up new games, and laugh uncontrollably.
and then I wait for the next afternoon to do it all over again...

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Crayola's Big colorful Birthday Adventure

To celebrate 110th birthday of Crayola, the 8 original crayons are throwing a birthday bash!! It will be at the Crayola Experience {in Pennsylvania!!}, the world's only interactive Crayola family attraction.

They are out on an adventure to spread the news, and EVERYONE is invited to join the fun! You can FOLLOW along on their adventure, and learn more about each color and enter to WIN a trip for 4 to celebrate their birthday and the Grand Opening of the all new Crayola Experience this coming May, 2013! The winner will be among the first to experience the fun, along with a three- night, all-expenses paid stay. Wouldn't that be a dream?

We are excited to follow along, and see if the crayons make it to our state. Of course we are huge fans of Crayola, and only wish that Pennsylvania wasn't so far away from us.

Disclosure: I was asked by Crayola to spread the word, and all the information was provided by them. I have not been given any compensation. Our love for them runs deep.


Friday, April 19, 2013

heaven sent.

I don't know if I will ever get use to having Paul go to Idaho.

Paul usually goes on a weekend, because Savannah always goes...but business has been crazy busy, and it lead to Paul having to go during the week by himself.
Our morning started off with tears, because Savannah realized Daddy was leaving without her. She cried all the way to school. 

Sabrina was having an off day too. Just when I got her to sleep, the phone woke her up.

The only child that seemed to be cooperating was Devin, PTL. The sticker chart has been brilliant for him.

I felt like I was barely surviving, and I was ready to turn the day around.

I drove to check out Savannah a little early from school, and head to the cupcake shop. Doesn't treats cure everything?

On the way home I got a text from Cathy inviting us to come over. That friend of mine is heaven sent I tell you what. I got a good pep talk from her over the phone...while I was hiding from my kids in the closet, true story. When I got off the phone, I loaded my brood in the car headed straight to Cathy.
We love Cathy's house. Her little people, the toys, the backyard. As soon as I walked in, I felt a huge weight being lifted.

The kids played, we talked, Sabrina had a blow out.

When her husband came home, he watched my kids...and we ran away to Chubby's for dinner.  Good food, good conversation, and just what I needed to make it through the rest of my day without Paul.

Feeling so thankful for those people that help me survive.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

an afternoon.

Being outside with my kids has been something that I have had to learn to love. I don't mind the tan, but I can do without bugs, dirt, and the smell of sweaty kids. Something changed in me when I was pregnant with Sabrina, and started staying home in May of last year. There was something about the sunshine that helped me make it through those long days of being pregnant, and overdue.
So, Friday the sun was shining, and we made plans to play all afternoon and into the evening outside. It turned out that plan was even more awesome, because the rain came Saturday and stayed...keeping us inside for the rest of the weekend.
The kids are always begging to play car wash. So, I let them wash my car, bikes, and any toy they could find in the garage. They were happy little helpers until they heard the ice cream truck coming, and quickly were robbing their money stash to buy something. Nothing is cuter than watching Devin get on his little scooter with his wallet under the seat to chase down the ice cream truck. He was so proud to pay the lady, and didn't want any help.
I couldn't help but stop working in the yard when I saw my babies all sitting on the grass eating ice cream. It is these moments I want to remember forever.
It has taken a long time for me to adjust to having 3 kids, and 2 babies close in age...but it is finally starting to feel normal. I feel lucky that this is the life that I get to have.  

Monday, April 15, 2013

not a dyi'er.

I don't know how those DIY bloggers do it. Every time we do little projects I want to runaway. So, if you ever wonder if my blog will go that direction, it won't...
We have been wanting to have our front door redone. Living in an area that is always windy, the sprinklers don't just spray the grass. We have a wood door, and between the sprinklers and the weather...it was in need of some attention.
Just picking out a new handle, and finding the right kick plate about did us in. No joke.
You see all the colors on the trim? That is me trying to decide on paint. I was a mess. At one point Paul had to leave to return something, and I lost track of how many times I called him or sent him a text.
I would hate to see what would happen if we had a really big project, ya know like the basement. We will be sent to the looney bin before it is over.

Monday, April 8, 2013


The older I get the more I don't care about my birthday. I don't mind getting old, I am actually embracing it. I am learning to live in the moment and enjoy it. I look forward to growing old with Paul, and everything that we will do after our children are gone.

I have started finding gray hairs, and clothes don't fit like they did when I was 22. I go to bed at 8:30 most nights, and Paul has to tell me to stop snoring.
I still haven't learned all that I want to, or that I need to. I am a work in progress, but I can also see how far I have come.

When I was little I always day dreamed about what my life would be like at 30 something. I would have a car full of kids, be a stay at home Mom, be married to my best friend, and drive a big truck. I may not have gotten the big truck, but I have all the really important things...hot husband, cute kids, and I get to stay home with them.
{photo credit: Kim Orlandini Photography}

31 was a memorable year for me. I birthed a baby, I learned to love being outside with the kids, and I quit my job of 15 years - to name a few highlights. Can I top it in my 32nd year? I hope. I really do.

Let the adventures begin.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

9 month milestone

I am dying at how much Sabrina has already changed from the past update. Dooood.
weight: 21.8 pounds - 90%
height: 28.5 inches - 75%
head: 18.2 inches - 95%

Her crawl is highly entertaining, but she is quick. She loves to follow me around like a lost puppy from room to room.
She does what we call the "sexy pose" all the time. She knows she is cute, and smiles from ear to ear when we laugh at it.
Those two top teeth were hard fought, but they make her look extra cute. She is now at 5 1/2 teeth. Just when one is done, the next pokes through.
If you are eating anything, she wants to eat it too. No baby food for Bina, strictly table food.
{first pony tail}

This girl still sleeps like a newborn {most nights}. She is like clockwork, every 3 hours in the middle of the night. Occasionally I get a good night where she sleeps from 7:00 PM to 5:00 AM, but a bad night is always soon to follow. I keep reminding myself that Savannah didn't sleep good for 2 years, so I could have another year+ of this. Sigh.
Bina is starting to really show her personality...which scares me a tiny bit. She is mischievous like Devin, and no matter how many times you tell her to not touch...she still goes for cords, stairs, and tries to stand in the tub.

We love our spunky, chunky girl. I couldn't believe when I left the Dr. I said see you at her 1st birthday. It has gone by so quickly.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

wordless wednesday: easter hangover.

After a morning of chocolate, running around, and hunting...this boy was exhausted. We sat down in church, and before it even started, he was out.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

easter highlights.

We went to the neighborhood flashlight egg hunt. It was a total blast, and such a fun idea. The babies stayed home to sleep, and I just took Savannah. I was glad that a couple of ladies take on the task of organizing this for everyone, it will be something we will look forward to doing every year.
I decided to add some fun traditions to our Easter celebrations. We planted the jelly beans and watched them grow into lollipops Easter morning. It was a hit with the kids, and I think that silly bunny will try some different candy next year to throw them off a little.
The bunny also left a surprise for the kids in the toilet. Savannah was completely grossed out, but Devin thought it was hilarious. That right there is the difference between a toddler boy and an 8 year old girl.
We mixed things up with our hunt. A long time ago one of my coworkers did a string maze for her kid to find the contents of the Easter basket. I finally have a couple of kids that are old enough for this, and we went for it. I'll be honest, Devin got distracted...and had a hard time. He wanted to do it, but we would still be waiting today if we let him continue winding up that string. Savannah proclaimed this to be the best Easter ever...so I think we did a good job. Although I did forget a huge bag of goodies that I had hiding, and Paul told me I stunk at this gig. We surprised the kids later with that later, and just told them it was from us.
I think what we all enjoyed the most is being outside for hours, feeling the sunshine on our faces. Spilled bubbles down the driveway, little sidewalk chalk feet all over, lots of band aids and baths, digging for worms, setting up a bowling alley down the sidewalk, and water balloon fights.
In holidays past I have missed having family around, feeling like it was a little lonely with just us and too quiet. Just us has turned in to 5, and those feelings are long gone. We have become a rowdy crowd, and I may wish for more moments of it being quiet.

If only a weekend like this could last forever.

Monday, April 1, 2013

celebrating his birthday.

After giving Devin a long list of things to do for his birthday, he chose bowling. That kid loves it. He especially loves to go to Rollerball lanes, because he can do it all by himself...zero help.
We headed to Boondocks Fun Center up North, because we knew after he was done bowling...he would most definitely want to play arcades.
It was our first adventure that Savannah is finally too tall for the play land, but Devin really wanted to do that. Devin is too short for the fast track, and Savannah really wanted to do that. Paul and I split up to make both kids happy, and it still worked out. I think Devin had fun, but would have played much longer if he had his older sister sidekick.
Devin got money from Grandpa and Grandma and chose a scooter to spend some of his money on. It has definitely taken him some time to get the hang of it, but he is enough of a dare devil...he doesn't mind the skinned knees.
It is fun to watch each kid show different interests, and have their own opinion. Savannah tried to persuade Devin to choose something she wanted to do. I was proud that he stuck to his guns, even after his sister tried to talk him out of it.

We are gearin' up for another year of tantrums, rough housing, and his mischievous ways. Hoping we survive.