Thursday, June 27, 2013

Summer: Day 18 +19

I should have seen the signs on Tuesday when I just felt unmotivated to go and do something with the kids by myself. On Wednesday I felt even worse, and was a roller coaster of emotions. That darn depression stuff can sneak up on you when you don't see it comin'. I am glad that I recognized the problem before Paul had to tell me.
I tried to snap out of it, but I knew it would be another rough day. We went to West Jordan park, which the kids loved. They have a beautiful library right across from the park that we went and visited when we got too hot outside. When we got home I thought I was going to die...I'm not dramatic at all. Giggles.
I had a GNO planned with some of my friends, and thought it was the perfect medicine to cure my blues. It did help to talk and get multiple refills on my Coke, while eating pie. 

I knew today would be much better, because when you hit only can improve from there, right? 

I gave the kids 30 minutes to clean as much as they possibly could, and they were pretty successful in speed cleaning. We got our swimsuits on and headed to the Herriman Reservoir this morning. 
I love all the improvements they made from previous years. No steep rock walkway to try to get down. They now have paved sidewalks, covered picnic tables, a huge playground, a snack shack {that isn't quite 100% yet}, bathrooms, and grass!! It made me want to come back more often.
Aaand, I am off to veg on the couch for the rest of the night.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer: Day 17

What I had planned on doing yesterday was to go play at the splash pad/water feature at Liberty Park. What I failed to remember was that it was a Tuesday, and that means everyone would be at the same park using the Pass of All Passes at Tracy Aviary. See why it wasn't as desirable as I once thought?
I always want to do things, but I really didn't feel like taking the kids out by myself. I didn't have it in me. All I had to do was mention to Paul that I wanted to have him come, and he had the afternoon planned out. I feel lucky to have him around, he makes my life pretty easy. 
After I showered and got ready at 3 PM {don't judge}, we were on our way. We hit up Boondocks, and were only slightly disappointed. They have a deal on Tuesdays that if you don't buy a wrist band, you can only play certain games. It is odd, but we were already there, and why not play. They do have a really good arcade, and still managed to spend all of our tokens.
I wanted to do a picnic, but we opted for Smashburger...and eating on the patio instead. The kids weren't disappointed, probably because we had shakes. Oh, and I let Devin bring his whoopie cushion in. {The other reason why I decided on patio seating.}

Since I had told the kids we might be going swimming today, I made good on my promise when we got home. We turned on the sprinklers for them to run through.
We made it through another day, and I may just find my motivation and courage to take the kids out today by myself.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer: Day 16

I have been looking for a new kitten to help keep our Zoe company. Yesterday was finally the day I found one that was ready. We had to go to Utah County to pick him up, so I made plans to go to use our Pass of All Passes at Trafalga. 
Devin isn't as much of the dare devil I pinned him as. He was content to watch Savannah on most of the rides, except the bumper boats. He wanted to tag along with her, and gave her strict instructions he didn't want to get wet. That big Sister did such a good job protecting him, even though that is kind of the point of the ride. She didn't complain that it wasn't as fun to have him go with, but was excited he actually was participating in something.
We played long enough to not get bored, and were on our way to pick up the kitty. We fell madly in love with Dr. Cooper {the kitty}, and had to stop at Cathy's house to show him off.  
{side note: Dr Cooper is not loving Zoe. I hope that he decides that he wants to be friends, because I can't handle Coop being such a fun killer.}
We arrived at Cathy's just in time to go and feed the baby lambs next door. The kids loved this experience. I couldn't believe how quickly those bottles were empty. {Thank you Dan for helping Devin so that I could snap a few pictures.}

We played for a bit, and were on our way. Paul was nice enough to do dinner, baths, and get the kids ready for bed...and I went to dinner by myself. I never thought I would love eating by myself, but every once in awhile it feels good to have silence. 

Today...well...I haven't decided what to do. I mean I had plans on the calendar, but they aren't looking desirable right now.

Monday, June 24, 2013

a Bina birthday weekend.

We have never been about having big birthday parties. We always celebrate, but not with crazy amounts planning involved. I didn't buy one present in advance, or have any idea what we were going to do the day of.
I think the 1st birthday {and maybe even the 2nd one too} is more for the parents anyway. We can give ourselves a big ol' high five for making it through all those sleepless nights, and blowouts we had to change in public. 

When Sabrina woke up in the morning, I told her the first present I was giving her was that she didn't have to get her hair done. As much as I like to doll her up, she really hates it. Another present I gave to her was a bowl of popcorn that she played in for who knows how long, making a ridiculous mess. 

I lost track of how many times we sang the Happy Birthday song, and she clapped and smiled every single time. We ate enough cupcakes to give ourselves stomach aches, and we called the day a success.

I hope she never loses her contagious smile.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Our Bina Baby.

I knew the day Sabrina was born how quickly she wouldn't be a newborn, and if I blinked too long she would be a toddler. I wanted to enjoy her, because she could possibly be my last. Even if those first few months were more than an adjustment, I tried to love all the little moments. 
July '12
We always knew we wanted a Sabrina, and from the very beginning she felt like she was meant for our little family. We were more than a little surprised when we found out we were expecting, and even more shocked when we found out the 2nd time we were expecting her. It is easy to look back now and say...she was worth every hard day.
August '12
Before she figured out what freedom is, she was perfectly content to be in my arms all day. Looking at her never has gotten old. I spent the first few months of her life having a kink in my neck from looking down at her.

I will forever be thankful for Paul, it was a dream come true to be able to stay home. I feel like I don't have the regrets this time around, because I was home to experience it all. 
December '12
January '13
Sabrina catches the attention of strangers where ever we go. With those beautiful blue eyes, and her blonde hair, someone always stops to tell me how cute she is. And Paul takes all the credit. :)
Not gonna lie, I did feel emotional today celebrating our Bina's first birthday. Somehow you wish you could bottle up all squishy cheeks, and thighs, sweet smelling newborn scent, and those "firsts" that come at us fast.
I got lucky with this girl. Even if it makes me sad that she didn't stay an itty baby forever, I am excited to see what she grows up to be. She definitely makes my days a lot sweeter, and can easily make me smile with her open mouth kisses. 
Happy 1st Birthday Bina Baby!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Summer: Day 15

Paul told the kids that if they cleaned, he would rent them on a movie. So, we all worked hard on the house, and had a little movie party to reward ourselves this morning.
Savannah had a birthday party to attend in the afternoon at a splash pad in Highland. Since we don't live that close, I decided to tag along with the other kiddies to let them swim too. 
I love when activities are fun for all of my kids. Sometimes with the age gap it is hard to do. This was one of those things that all of my kids enjoyed. Savannah played with all the guests at the party. Devin had the freedom that he loves, and Sabrina is turning into quite the water baby. 
We hit up JCW's and Sweet Tooth Fairy on the way home. 

I am starting to plan next week, and it is looking like it could turn out fun. What are your plans?

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer: Day 14

You know when I said yesterday that I was going to make today a pj's and movie kind of day? I was successful. I didn't shower until 4:00 PM, and after I did...I put clean cozy clothes back on. 
Savannah wanted to go to the library, and so we did. While we were there, we ran in to my friend Jennifer {she can confirm my pajama wearing in public}. We started talking Geocaching, and I am really excited to put this on our to do list next week. 
Devin knows Sabrina's sweet spot to make her laugh uncontrollably.
We went to dinner with Paul, stopped at the gas station for treats, and came home again.
It was a really all so uneventful. About half way through the day, I was kicking myself for not planning something fun. I get so stir crazy.  

Tomorrow will be more eventful. We are going to a birthday party, and a new splash pad. I can't believe we are already almost through the 3rd week of Summer, I am really sad about it. I can honestly say I haven't gotten one "I'm bored" comment, and it really has been more good than bad.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Summer: Day 12 +13

Yesterday we hit up the Provo Seven Peaks for the first time this Summer. We got there right at opening, and although I heard the ladies next to us complaining about how busy it didn't feel that busy to me. I guess I don't mind a crowd as much as some do.
Our kids are weak when it comes to water, making it super easy to watch them. It also made me a tiny bit annoyed, I kind of wanted them to at least try a kiddie slide. I pouted, and then I forced them to do it. Devin cried, and I may have scarred him for life. Paul gave me the cutest kids ever, but he also passed down his fear of water to them. We are totally doing this again in a couple of weeks, these kids will conquer the water.
We stopped at Marley's for sliders, and then came home completely exhausted. 

I had forgotten that we had tickets to go to the movie premier of Monsters University at night. I was exhausted from the day, but Devin was ready for our Mommy/Son date. After spending one-on-one time with any of my kids, I always come away feeling like I need to do it more often. Devin was the perfect little date, and even made it through the entire movie without falling asleep. He definitely gives it a stamp of approval.

Today Grandma Sell is in town, and we made plans to go to lunch and feed the ducks. Even though I was a little skeptical, I used the tip I read online to feed ducks corn, instead of bread. Turns out the ducks {and the big gross fish} love corn, maybe even more than bread.
I don't think the kids ever wanted our afternoon to end. We played and played until Devin and Sabrina were overly exhausted...if only naps weren't a necessity.
It has been a fun two days, I think I am going to have to make tomorrow a movie day. I need to stay in my jammies, and eat large amounts of junk food.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Summer: Day 11

I decided to brave the grocery store with all 3 kids by myself, which never happens. Paul had to work, and I wanted to get it over with first thing in the morning. The kids were so good, and helpful at the store {which also never happens}...we had a pizza party when we got home.

{Chores don't stop because it is Summer, so those happened in between everything!} 
While the babies napped, Savannah worked on making homemade bubbles. Good thing our friend Jerilee {or as Devi says it Jer-wi-wee} saved the day when we forgot baking powder at the grocery store. 
It wasn't the perfect weather for bubbles yesterday, but it was what we had already planned for. When the kids got sick of bubbles, we had sidewalk chalk as back up.
Have you ever tried getting your sidewalk chalk wet, or just spraying the sidewalk and then coloring? It makes the chalk much more vibrant, and easy to write. The downside? After you walk/crawl in it, the chalk doesn't come off easily. Sabrina may look like her legs are bruised all over, when really it is just sidewalk chalk. 

Today is Seven Peaks, hoping we don't melt in the heat.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Summer: Day 9 + father's day weekend

I was glad that I had made plans with Cathy on Friday, because I needed some motivation to get out of the house and do something with the kids. Just keepin' it real, some days it would be easier to do nothing...even though I may go crazy staying inside all day.
Cathy and Cate wanted to go to Copperton Park, and see what all the fuss was about. I am pretty sure we played for 3 hours. The kids were happy, and so we let them be. Cathy played photographer while I played on the slides with the kids. We laughed pretty hard at all the pictures, action shots are always funny.
photo cred - Cathy
We played so long that we decided we needed to have dinner with each other. We drove to my house, picked up Paul, and gave Sabrina a bath...because she was that dirty. Then headed to Chili's to celebrate Cathy's 40th birthday. I love that Cathy has the same sarcastic sense of humor that Paul does, makes me laugh a lot. We all love our "Cafee"!
Bina was so exhausted from the park she slept through some of dinner at Chili's...which never happens.
It was suppose to be a weekend about Paul, because it was Father's Day after all. But after going shopping, I ended up with a new Dooney, and Savannah ended up with new TOMS. I couldn't help but feel a little guilty, because Paul is continually thinking about his family instead of himself. 
I was determined to make up for it Sunday. Savannah and I planned a new meal, and honestly it bombed! Total wife fail on Father's Day! I started laughing so hard that drink came out of my nose. I did give Paul a foot rub, and the kids bought him funny gifts. I am taking note, next year plan a fail proof menu. :)

This week we have a full schedule already. Homemade bubbles, yard work, Seven Peaks, a visit with Grandma, a beach play date, a date with Devin to see the premier of Monster University, a birthday party at the splash pad, and our Bina is turning one. 

Should be pretty good. What are your plans?

Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer: day 9

We went on a vending adventure with Paul yesterday.

We started off at Popeye's for chicken, we have been going there at least once a week. The lines are long, but it doesn't bother us. We have ran in to friends there, and we even recognized someone from the time we had to wait an hour+ for food...and struck up a convo with him.

The thing about vending adventures is although Paul is working, it really doesn't feel like work for kids.
We went to Water Gardens Cinema 6 to get a new machine delivered. While we waited we went to the concession stand and bought popcorn, soda, and frozen Jr. Mints. Have I already mentioned this is the best theater? All the treats were only $6. Most theaters that is the cost for just the popcorn.
Anyways, we rode the new ride that Paul bought, played with the machines, and were on way.
Next stop was The Game Grid, which is an arcade that we own a couple of the games in. The kids play games {again}, and we shopped a little at the mall.

When we got home it was time for dinner. Yeah for crock pot meals, because after a long day...I didn't feel like cooking {no shock there}.

The kids played in the back yard while I got Sabrina ready for bed. Little did I know that they had turned on the hose, and sprayed each other. They came in totally soaked, and giggly.

I was really exhausted last night, and didn't feel so hot. So, everyone went to bed early. I woke up not motivated for day 10 of Summer, but I am determined to make this day fun.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer: Day 8

I knew yesterday would have to be a pretty low key day. After something a little more extravagant, I always plan next to nothing to recuperate the following day.

We played toys, and cleaned, and got ready, and took naps, and ate lunch at home...and it all felt so good. 
my current favorite picture sequence I took yesterday morning during breakfast!
My low key plans were during nap time Savannah and I would work on some of our Operation Snail Mail {still can't believe we have almost been doing this for 2 years}. We had some thank you notes that were long overdue, and school pictures to be sent to people. 
I also have been on a quest to find a 16x20 frame, and it has not been easy I tell you what. So, I wanted to go to Hobby Lobby to take a looksie after we were done mailing out our stuff. Which if you must know, I still didn't find a frame I liked.
We have been working on our reading goals, and it was time to go back to the library to check in. The kids were able to pick prizes, and check out some new books. Savannah has been reading upwards of 3 hours a day...ridiculous. Even Bina got a prize she liked. 
One of the neighbors had a little shindig at her house, and I went over and scored myself the necklace I wanted from Trinkets and Butterflies. Brittany has some beautiful stuff in her Etsy shop. I may even start wearing earrings, just so that I can buy more stuff from her.
Today Paul invited us all to come on a business adventure with him. Should be exciting. I am sure whatever we do, I will try to document it well in pictures.