Saturday, January 11, 2014

waving goodbye to 2013

I started writing our end of year reviews as a joke. Kind of like, hey look at all we didn't do this year. Then I loved it so much, I did it is one of those things I actually follow through with. Now this is the post I look forward to every year. 

Hi friends, family, and stalkers,

We had a mostly uneventful year, and I somehow still managed to write 132 posts to put on the WWW. We didn't go on a single vacation, and our highlights consist only of 7 Peaks, splash pads, and other local hot spots. What can I say? We live on the wild side of things. Our low lights would definitely consist of our basement flooding, and having a bird build a nest in our ceiling. It can't all be good, right?
Savannah {age 9}: It was a big year for our oldest. She got glasses after she got a big fat F on the eye exam at school. Van started 3rd grade, and luckily still has her boy crush in her class. She decided to join the after school art program, and loved it. Her biggest accomplishments are definitely the 45 minute showers she takes daily, the ability to forget every day to clean out the litter box, and is still a straight A student. 
Devin {age 3}: Devin has perfected the art of putting on his charm at the exact moment he has pushed me to my breaking point. He is full of energy, can make anyone laugh, and likes to be different. Devin is known for his painted finger and toe nails, taking naps during nursery, and his fitted bed sheets he carries around {which he calls his cheeto's}. Devin accomplished learning to count to 20, and can say his ABC's. Fist bump!
Sabrina {age 1}: For the 2nd year in row, I think Sabrina stole the show. She learned to walk, talk, and celebrated her 1st birthday. Kind of a big deal. Am I right? She has quickly learned that being the baby means she can get her way 99.9% of the time. Something just melts inside when she flashes that scrunchy nose smile, and tilts her head...gets us every time. She is our pickiest eater, and lives mostly on cheese and meat.
Paul {age 35}: Uh, he broke his leg in three places. Should I go on? Kind of ended our year with a bang. Okay, let me really think about it. I think he made some sort of personal record for movies he has seen in the theater by himself in a year. He bought a juke box, pool table, and a kiddie ride...which were all new machines to our business. He continued eating all the baked goods he desired, even after the stern talkin' to by the Doctor. 
Evonne {age 32}: As I type this all I can think of is, I survived this year. I actually learned a lot, but it was mostly in December. I learned to pay bills, run our business, ask people for help, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. If I could really sum up my year in one word it would definitely be, PLAY! I planned loads of play dates, I played with my kids, I played without my kids. I really did have such a fun year.
Zoey and Cooper {age 10 months & 9 months}: We added pets to our family this year. It has been more challenging than I thought it would be. Cooper thinks he is a dog, and likes to eat everything off of the floor. Zoey is finally starting to chill out, and can be found sleeping on our bed when he isn't being bugged by children. If you must know, I have a favorite...if you would like Cooper, you can have him. 

Maybe 2014 will be the year of fabulous vacations {highly unlikely!}, or maybe I will finally lose the weight I have been talking about losing {yeah, right!} can dream.

We are ready for 2014, the question it ready for us!
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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

upside down.

December 10th, 2013

We decided to go see Frozen as a family, and were on happy high as we drove home singing all the songs from the sound track. We came home to find fun Christmas boxes on our front porch. I start herding children inside, Paul goes to get the boxes. In the middle of taking shoes off, and starting the Papa Murphy's Pizza...I hear Paul scream from the front sidewalk.

He slipped on the ice, and was holding his leg. A neighbor ran to help, and Paul asked for an ambulance. I was the mean wife, and said suck it up and get him in the car {I have learned I need to work on my compassion!}.  

My sweet neighbors {and friends} took our three littles, and we had a tearful drive to the emergency room. In my head I kept thinking it would be a few hours waiting around, and then we would be on our way. Paul made a few calls to his family, and I made one to Cathy. They all met us at the hospital to help calm us down. Paul got a Priesthood blessing, loads of drugs, a few x rays, and then the wait started. We decided after a couple of hours, I would take Uncle Jackie home to stay with the kids. While Uncle Shane stayed with Paul. 
I wasn't gone for very long, but I wasn't expecting to come back to the ER to find the room empty where Paul had been. After a few questions, I was told he had been admitted and moved to a room. I tried to not freak out, but I knew the news wasn't going to be good. 
I got the news from Uncle Shane...3 breaks. One by his knee, one in his lower leg, and his ankle. Surgery. Days in the hospital. 12 week recovery.

I cried. Paul cried.

Our world had been turned upside down.

Our troops {aka friends and family} rallied around us. Meals, babysitting, cleaning our house, phone calls, emails, texts, sweet messages, anonymous presents left on our doorstep. It is cliche, but we would not have made it without them. 
Every day that I am running on fumes, thinking I can't do it one more second, someone has somehow known I needed a little pick-me-up. Prayers have been heard and answered. 

Our Christmas season was a special one, as we watched so many people serve us in different ways. From Christmas carolers on our doorstep to a tight hug from a spirit needed it...thank you!!
3 weeks in is it still hard? You betcha, but we are making it. We are taking it one day at a time. I cry every day. Have I learned valuable lessons? Of course. Lessons I needed to learn {although the hard way}. Heeellllo, in almost 15 years of marriage, I have never done the bills. It was long overdue, right?!

As I have taken on the role of Paul, I have a new found respect for him and all he does for our little family. He has taken such good care of me and our children, and I will forever be changed by learning what he does for us. 

It would be nice to have this all behind us, but I am excited to take what I learned from this so far in to the new year.