Monday, July 28, 2014

Wicked - Capitol Theater

It was about 6 months ago that the kids and I were listening to Pandora, and the song Popular from Wicked came on. I came right home and bought it, along with a few other songs from the musical. I decided that I must go see it when it came to Salt Lake, and asked Cathy if she wanted to join me. I didn't know much about this musical, and have not been a long time fan, like most. We bought the "cheap seats", and were excited to see what all the buzz was about.
After much discussion, I planned for us to take Trax downtown. We got a quick bite to eat, headed to the station, and waited for our train. While we waited we made our "Mamba teeth". We giggled like we were 12, and I still am giggling at these pictures.
Taking the train was easy, but not necessarily cheaper than parking for the event. It was nice to do something out of our comfort zone. We had a crazy man sit next to us, even though the train was empty. I have never seen a person hold so tight to their purse {Cathy, I am lookin' at you!}.
Wicked did not disappoint, however our seats were not my favorite. I was kicking myself that I didn't buy more expensive tickets. I had 2 little girls talking next to me, and one behind me kicking my seat for most of it. I guess I would have been bugged if I spent even more money, and that had happened. Chalk it up as a learning experience. I would love to hear from people what is the best seats in Capitol Theater to sit in? I want to go again, and have a better experience.
Cathy and I hopped back on the train, and made it home safe and sound. We made a quick stop at the gas station for a late night Coke, and had lovely conversations about nursing, Motherhood, and life. 

I am thankful to have such a supportive husband to stay home to watch our kids, and friends that don't mind going on adventures with me...even though the train almost put her over the edge. 

Wicked, next time I won't go cheap...pinky swear.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Slide the City - Salt Lake City

Savannah and I were thrilled to be able to go to the Slide the City here in Salt Lake City over the past weekend. It was the first city they visited, and are planning visits all over the United States. I think/hope they learned a lot from Salt Lake being the first one, lucky for the rest of you folks. 

With the intense heat we have had, we decided to go later in the afternoon and stay to shut the slide down. After the stories I heard and a few things we saw, I was glad we made this decision. 
The check in went pretty smoothly, and we were ready to hit the slide. There were massive amounts of people, and the line was pretty long. I thought it would go quickly when I saw how many people they were sending down at a time. As we waited almost an hour, we were highly entertained and slightly horrified to watch people come down the 1,000 foot slide. People were colliding, crashing, and having a blast. 
Our first time down was a complete disaster. I quickly realized that this was not for little kids, in my opinion. We got plowed by a 200+ pound man, and Savannah was scared...and bruised up. After tears the entire time down, and all the way back up to the top of the hill, Savannah wouldn't go back down. 

We watched a girl get taken off on a stretcher, and it didn't help Savannah feel any more confident about going. So, I learned the second time down that the best way to go was on your tube, on your stomach. After that it was 100% better. I laughed, and screamed, and loved it. The volunteers also were not sending as many people down at the same time, smart idea! 
Our friends finally gave Savannah a little peer pressure, and she went down on our third time down. She had fun, and we ended our night on a high note. 

We were disappointed that the times changed, they went from keeping the slide open late...until just 7:00 PM. I know they changed the time on the website a few days prior to the event, but they had a lot of unhappy people. I also saw "sold out" online, but they were still selling slide passes up until 6:00 PM. So a little bit of confusion happened, but I think it is all preventable in the future. 

We did enjoy slip 'n slidin' in our city. Definitely something we won't forget. Thanks Slide the City for bringing it to our hometown. 

Name:  Slide the City 
Address: {click on the link for cities} 
Admission/Cost:$15-$45 per person

Friday, July 25, 2014

Highland Glen Park

Highland Glen Park has been on our to do list since last Summer. This is one of the places Cathy suggested we go to, and I never got around to it. We only ended up doing it this year, because of a cousin birthday party that was planned. 

Our last visit to Blackridge Reservoir was a little disappointing. Not because of the company or toys though, we had the best of the best with us that day. It is because of ridiculously low water levels, and it makes it not as fun...and extra stinky. It still has that wasp problem too, like dozens all over by where the kids are trying to build castles. Have you been recently? Hoping they fix it soon. 
Any-who, back to Highland Glen Park. I was excited to try to find something that was comparable to our go-to "beach" spot. Turns out this was more than comparable, maybe even a good replacement. We loved Highland Glen Park, like a lot. It wasn't busy, it was perfect. The kids have asked me every day since to go. 
They do have a sandy beach area, but the sand is hard. You can still build a castle, but it is definitely not squish between your toes. It is more rocky, and uncomfortable. That being said, it has a lot of grassy areas, shade, and picnic tables. The grass is close enough to sit and easily watch kids swim. 

I noticed on the drive in a cute little playground, and the kids begged to stop. It has a little zip line, which they are currently obsessed with doing. 

We probably would never try it {I would have to buy too much stuff}, but they do have docks for fishing too. 


Name: Highland Glen Park  
Address: 4800 W Knight Ave Highland, UT (you can also access the park off of Cedar Hills Drive/North County Blvd) 
Admission/Cost: Free

Monday, July 14, 2014

Museum of Natural Curiosity: 5 things you should know

When Summer started, Paul and I decided to buy an annual pass to Thanksgiving Point. This post is not sponsored, but after going many times {and taking friends}, I decided I needed to share some of the things that make it more enjoyable for us.
First of all, if you are wondering if the Museum of Natural Curiosity is really all that awesome, it is. It is worth every single penny, even if you don't have a pass. 

Although I have learned way more than 5 things to really enjoy this museum, these are the five most important ones. Like enjoy the little cafe they have inside the museum {which is not on my list}, it is pretty reasonably priced. Then you don't have to experience a kid exploding from hunger on the drive home. 
Tip #1: Don't bring a stroller.

Most everything requires you to leave your stroller in the "parking" outside each exhibit. Sabrina is definitely young enough to still be in a stroller, but I found it to be more of a hassle to take it. That being said, it is really busy, you have to keep a close eye on those little ones. Yes, I have lost her here once, and it was frightening.
Tip #2 wear a backpack instead of bringing a purse.

So much of this museum is hands on, and interactive. The first time I was annoyed with trying to keep my purse on my shoulder. I wanted to experience everything with my kids, and the backpack makes it much easier to do so. I totally conquered the rope bridges {don't wear flip flops, if you want to do this} right along side my adorable kiddies.
Tip #3 go later in the afternoon.

They are open until 8:00 PM, but not many people are going to take little ones that late. Close by after dinner time? I say rush over and enjoy it! If you go when the museum first opens, there has always been a line out the door to get in. We also found Saturdays are not as busy as you would think either.

Tip #4 stormy weather makes the museum busy. 

This one goes hand in hand with our third tip. When we have gone on gloomy/rainy days it is way more packed. People are trying to stay inside, and still have fun...I get it. 
Tip #5 go to Water Works last {one of the exhibits}.

Like a rookie, we did it first. You guys, listen to me. It is such a fun exhibit, but your kids will get wet...maybe even soaked! They have cute rain boots, and smocks, but it is inevitable. So, my kids had to walk around drenched, and were a little miserable. 

Have you gone? What is your favorite part? If you ask Savannah, her favorite thing is definitely the trading post in the Rainforest exhibit. 


Name: Thanksgiving Point - Museum of Natural Curiosity
Address: 3605 Garden Drive Lehi, UT
Admission/Cost: $15/adults - $12/kids

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Slide the City - Giveaway

Who is looking for something unique and absolutely awesome to do this Summer? Have you heard of Slide the City? Well, it is coming to Salt Lake, and I think it looks like an absolute blast!
What doesn't sound fun about a 1,000 feet of soapy vinyl!? Sounds like the best kind of water party to be at. Also? Totally family friendly, or a fun date night adventure. Not convinced you want to go? Watch this video.

Here is the awesome part? They are letting me go {with Savannah}, and I get to give a couple tickets away for you to come too!

Come play with us! We want to see all of our friends there! 

Winner chosen: Jessica K
  a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thursday, July 3, 2014

we need you.

I interrupt my regularly scheduled blog posts about Summer plans to talk about our lil' family business.
We own Sell Vending, a small operation of over a hundred vending machines. Not your snack and soda machines, the fun machines like cranes, arcade games, jukeboxes, and tattoo/sticker machines. We have been a success for almost a decade now. Insane to say that now, because it was a rough road at times.  
We are always looking for new locations, and a lot of it is just knowing the right person. That is why we need you. We want to pay you sweet mula to find us locations for our machines. 
We need bars for our jukeboxes, and every place in between. Our route runs as far North as Twin Falls, ID, and as far South as Spanish Fork, UT. We cover a large area that includes Heber, and even Tooele.
If this is something that interests you, I would love to chat about details. Email me: sellpartyof at gmail. We have all the paperwork, business cards, and information to make it easier for you too!