Friday, August 29, 2014

4th grader.

Well, we have already completed an entire week of school. That went by quick, right!? 
Savannah is mostly liking the 4th grade, but it is obviously still way to early to tell. I think I have worried more about this year than any other. Paul has had to tell me to chill out, which I am definitely trying to.

I think when we are new Mommy's we assume parenting gets easier the older your children get. Truth is, problems/worries/stress just change. I use to worry about sleepless nights with Savannah, now I worry about her being able to stand up for herself in a world that is crazy hard. At the time sleepless nights was a big deal and hard for me, now we face different challenges.
I cried when I dropped her off at the school. I want her to have the best experience possible, and it is clearly something I don't have a lot of control over. I want her to see her own potential, make lasting friendships, and smile more...cry less.

Things have definitely been more quiet around the house without her here. The babies took a reeeaaallly long nap yesterday, and I didn't mind one bit. I am more productive waking up early, even though I would rather not be a morning person. I have taken the babies to do a couple of things this week without Savannah, but I am excited to start up our Friday afternoon field trips when we pick her up from school.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

paul + evonne

One night over smothered burritos Cathy took pity on this cryin' Mommy, and offered to watch our kids so Paul and I could take a weekend getaway. I don't think she will ever understand how much this meant to me, and what perfect timing she had. 

This has been some of the most stressful months of our marriage. Owning our own business is hard, breaking a leg, Summertime SAD, kids, bills...just being the adult has taken its toll on us. We were in desperate need of "us time", and Cathy was the answer to my prayers.

I had been given a gift card to the Zermatt Resort, and when I looked for reservations they just so happened to be having an amazing special that my gift card covered completely. It was meant to be.
We had a lovely time away. The Zermatt Resort is gorgeous, and did not disappoint. We decided we liked it so much that we would take our kids back to have some fun with us next time.
They have an on site mini golf course, that I totally kicked Paul's butt at. We sat in the hot tub, and went to the movies. We had the most amazing Sunday brunch at Z's, and I will be dreaming of that granola for maybe forever. We took a stroll around the beautiful property, and enjoyed a cupcake at the local bakery. I ordered a picnic dinner that we ate on top of the crater at The Homestead. They had a fun concert, and we ran in to friends there. We enjoyed every ounce of our alone time, and quiet, I might add.
Even though life is hard for us right now, I have the best of the best in my life. Paul is always worried and stressing over us, and I am a lucky girl to have someone that cares so much about my needs/wants. 
Our Cathy is a life saver on so many levels. She quietly serves, listens, and supports. We love her dearly, and are forever thankful for the sacrifices she makes for us. 

I think we are ready to take on the new school year!

Monday, August 25, 2014

soccer mom.

Savannah has tried lots of different extracurricular activities. Most of it she has liked, the art club and the show choir were definitely at the top of her list. She was sick of Tae Kwon Do after all those years, and has been on a two year break {read permanent one!}.
After hearing about all these soccer games she played at recess in 3rd grade, we decided to let her try out a game our family knows nothing about. Her and a little friend signed up together, and neither of them have ever played outside of school.

She definitely got an enthusiastic coach, which has us at practice twice a week. Games are once a week, and Savannah is absolutely in love.
I still couldn't tell you a thing about this game, but I have a feeling this just may be the sport she stays in for awhile. I love seeing Savannah passionate about something, and wanting to get better at. 

Go Eagles. Let's win some games!

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

our company.

A few months ago one of Paul's dearest friends from his old stompin' grounds {Tracy, CA} sent me an email that they were coming to Utah. Of course I jumped at the chance to have them visit us. They gave me free rein to plan their vacation days, and I was only a tiny bit nervous they weren't going to have fun. We figured out we haven't seen them since Savannah was 2ish. Yup, long overdue visit. 
It was the most chill, fun, amazing time we have spent with friends in a long time. It was so nice to hear Paul laugh, and laugh really hard. It was fun to get to know Christina, and feel like we were old friends too. It was lovely to watch our kids instantly connect, and have a blast together.
We went the Museum of Natural Curiosity, the "zip line park", Liberty Park, took a tour of the Conference Center, danced in the rain, played on the slip 'n' slide, ate lots of food, and talked until way after our kids were suppose to be in bed.
Savannah cried herself to sleep the night they left. I was left wondering why all the people I love the most have to live so far away. It was such a highlight of our Summer.
Bess Family,

We love you.
We miss you.
We should see each other sooner rather than later.

Sell Family

PS You made it on the blog! Fist Bump! {wink, wink}

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

hitting the wall.

I remember "the wall" from last year, and imagine happened to me again. I finally hit that wall of wanting Summer to be over, wanting everything to go back to some sort of normal, and ready to sit on my butt for an entire week to recover. 

Don't be fooled, we have still been playing. Even when I don't have an ounce of energy to do it. We are still going to the park, and still get out the slip and slide, but I am done. I stopped planning play dates, I stopped being really motivated, and I stopped scheduling {I totally wing it}. Honestly, it has felt really good. It makes me less crazy to work around a schedule, and trying to plan around others schedules too.

I didn't realize that Savannah had made a Summer bucket list until a couple of weeks ago. I freaked out a little when I noticed she had 10 or so things still to cross off, one of which was staying in a hotel. I may have also patted myself on the back when 20+ things had been crossed off without me even trying. Glass half full, friends. I am excited to tell you some of the fun things she had on this list that were super easy, and fun!

A little less than 2 weeks left of this Summer gig, I got this.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Our Drink & Treat Stand.

Last year it was the highlight of our Summer doing a {non} lemonade stand. It had to be repeated. We asked our Cathy if she wanted to do it again, and with a was on the schedule.

Now that I have done it two years in a row, I learned a thing or two. We did do things a bit differently this year, and I don't think our stand was as successful. But we had just as much fun.
This year we didn't do as many baked goods, because of laziness on my part. Those were our best sellers this year, and last. Duly noted, I won't be lazy next year, and I will make the majority of what we sell baked goods.

The vending toys are a huge hit. The kids swarm those little toys, and we had to run home for a refill. 
This year I did buy lemonade, unlike last year. It was one of the favorite drink choices, even if it was in a can. So, I did do something right.

I definitely think this will always be a thing we do, because our kids love it that much. They love working the cash register, and being in charge of the "business" like grown ups. I can only handle doing it once a year though, it is a lot of work.
Thank you to all of our neighbors and friends that make it successful and fun for us. Also, a special thank you to Cathy for helping, and baking the delicious cookies everyone was raving about. Also, photo cred to Cathy on all pictures as well.

We will see ya'll on the corner next Summer.