Friday, September 26, 2014

Little Chicks Class - Tracy Aviary

I was so excited when Tracy Aviary contacted me asking if my kiddies wanted to attend the Little Chicks classes. It took no amount of thought, the answer was YES! If you have been around here for awhile, you already know our love for Tracy Aviary...and adventure
You may wonder what the Little Chicks classes are, here is the Evonne run down...

Classes are an hour long, once a week for 6 weeks. They have different days for different ages groups. Every week has a new theme, and you can sign up for individual classes or all 6. Think Mom & Me class, not a drop off and come back to pick up. Super interactive, fun, and kids totally dig it. The bonus is you get free admission into the aviary after you go to class. 
Our first class was all about owls. The teachers were awesome with the kids, and had so many fun things planned for class. Devin and Bina are on the shy side, and it helped that they were all so attentive.
We started with a coloring page of an owl while kids got settled, surprisingly Bina totally rocked this part. They had a fun welcome song, cute mats for the kids to sit on, and an adorable owl story that Devin loved. They kept the kids busy, and moving from one thing to the next.
We had snack time, then an up close and personal encounter with a beautiful owl, and we even got to touch some owl feathers. The owl flew so close to our heads you could feel the wind from his wings! 
What the owl was suppose to look like...
What Bina and Devin's ended up looking like...
They had planned to make this puffy paper bag owl, and I let the kids have free reign with the glue and markers. Which if I am being honest, doesn't happen enough at home. 
We got to clean up after that, and say goodbye to our teachers. Devin and Bina were not about to leave the aviary just yet though. They wanted to go and see the Owl Forest, and find and learn about other birds too! 

We ended up exploring until lunch time, and then headed out. Devin is already excited about next week when we get to learn about crows. This is definitely worth every penny, and something my kids truly enjoyed. I love watching them learn, and get interested in different things. Who wants to go with us next time, we would love to bring our friends?

Thanks for inviting us Tracy Aviary, such a fantastic experience!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Drake VS Lil' Wayne

Paul loves Drake, I just love music. The very first day the tickets went online for Drake, Paul was throwin' down his cold hard cash for good seats for us. It has been a long time since we went to a concert, and we were both giddy.

3 months went by.

We lined up Uncle Jackie to come and watch the kids, and were oh so thankful we did...
Doors opened at 5:30 PM, we decided to be casually late thinking the concert would start sometime around 7:00 PM. We got there right before 7:00 PM, and an artist by the name of G-Eazy got on stage shortly after.We have never heard of him, and although he grew on us both...he probably shouldn't try to dance. He preformed for less than an hour, and the crowd was hoppin'.
Then we waited. And waited. And waited. The people watching was top notch. Who doesn't like to watch people getting wasted, and making complete fools of themselves!? Okay, maybe that is just us, but we had a riot.
At 9:30 PM, I was ready for bed. Paul and I laughed about how old we are. The show didn't start for another 30 minutes, but when it did...we were ready. Paul instantly messed his back up from jumping around, reiterating the fact...we are old. 
Lil' Wayne and Drake were so entertaining, but clearly the Salt Lake Valley likes Lil' Wayne a little more. They are high, literally and figuratively. Drake is who we came to see, and he didn't disappoint. They have great chemistry on stage, and had us laughing too many times to count. 
We didn't end up getting home until close to 1:00 AM, after we were involved in a hit and run on the way home. Yes, those drunk people aren't as funny when they get in their cars.

It was an absolute blast, but Paul and I can have fun doing pretty much anything. I just love that I am married to that guy! I couldn't hear for 3 days, and I would do it all over again in a second.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

i crashed.

I love going on adventures every day with my kids. I don't do it for a blog post, or an Instagram picture...I do it because I love it. Evonne needs out of this house, or I go absolutely crazy.

I love that during the Summer we can go to bed a little later, or babies can wake up all night, and I can sleep in a little later. I love the feeling of having all day to do anything we want, with no set time of being back home. 

It isn't so much the weather that makes me love Summer, it is everything that goes with it. 

We have gone back to very early mornings, with very little sleep most nights. Lots of homework, and busy evenings. Feelings of Mommy guilt that comes with taking the littles to do fun things without Savannah.Yada, yada, yada.

After the first couple of weeks of our new school schedule, I emotionally crashed. I had forgotten what makes me happy, and what makes me tick. I don't need to be busy every moment of every day, but I need things to look forward to. 
Since then I have taken the littles to the pond {Thank you September for being so hot, we can still swim}, the Museum of Natural Curiosity, and a few other things in between...service projects, clothes shopping, and trips to the snack shack. I think the adventure a day just might be a permanent fixture for us. After all, it is for my sanity.