Saturday, November 1, 2014

Little Chicks Class at Tracy Aviary {a recap}

Our time in the Little Chicks class at Tracy Aviary has already come to an end. It went by so fast, and left us wanting more. We learned so much, and had so much fun. We can't help but feel a little sad that we will have to wait until January for the next Little Chicks class to start up again. We made so many new little friends, including birds. 
Our love of birds has grown exponentially. Devin's awareness for all the birds around us is awesome, and he remembers so much from "bird class".

I am just going to tell you a little tidbit about each bird that we found interesting. After 6 weeks, Devin can still remember things from the very first class. 
Our first class we met Barnie, the Great Horned Owl. We thought it was cool that it is the softness of their feathers that make them fly so quietly.
The second class we got up close and personal with Millie, the American Crow. This is the class that the kids got to help Millie train with the donation box. So memorable watching them be brave, and Bina trying to pet Millie. 
All the kids running/flying with bird feathers.
Our third class was Inca, the Red-billed Toucan. This is the bird that Devin related to something he had seen on Rio {the movie}.
The fourth class was Irvana, the Volture. We went in thinking these were really ugly birds, but ended up really loving Invana. The little tidbit I found so fascinating was they spread their wings out in the sun to 'ultraviolet bathe', which is when they use the UV light from the sun to burn bacteria off of their feathers. 
Our fifth class was the parrots, and we met Dali, the Great Green Macaw. There are lots of different birds that are considered parrots. Also, when Dali gets excited her white cheeks turn pink, just like for us when we blush. 
Our last class was the cutest White-faced Whistling ducks, Salt and Pepper. They got to eat right out of our hands, and my kids were thrilled. Also, we learned not all ducks quack, these ducks were some that don't. 
See that bird next to Devin, that is Bina!! She hasn't been able to take off the bird costume. 
They made our last class extra special by letting my kids paint pumpkins that went in to the bird enclosures. They were sure proud of their creations, and Devin hoped all night the peacocks were enjoying his pumpkin. 
Gosh, it has been so fun. We have loved every minute. Not only have my kids loved the class, we get to explore the aviary after every class. 

Thank you Tracy Aviary for the best kind of experience possible. We couldn't have asked for a better 6 week course. 

Love your #1 fans!
the end.