Wednesday, December 31, 2014

dusting off the keyboard.

I don't even know where to begin, because it has been that long. I am pretty sure Paul is the only one that still checks my blog to see if I have updated.

I decided a good place to start is with my annual end of year letter to my family, friends, and stalkers. A recap of everything that didn't happen in 2014. It is my favorite thing to write every year, definitely worth sitting back down to the computer for. 


How can a year seem so uneventful, yet I look back at my hundreds of photos and have so many memories and emotions. I have been so excited to wish this year away, and now I find myself sad that it is gone. All my kids another year older, farther away from being those tiny babies I adore having in our house. 2014 was hard, but oh how I wish I could bottle all those good things up and relive them.  
Sabrina {age 2.5}: Our Bina Jane is our favorite 2 year old, she has yet to really reach any sort of terrible in our eyes. She is our child that keeps me smiling and sane most days. What did our baby accomplish this year? Well, she got rid of her paci on her very own, which I still miss. Bina got a toddler bed in hopes it would help her sleep more, it didn't. We had a first ER visit with Bina, I haven't ever done this with a kid before. She learned lots of awesome words/phrases like bootay, fart, and "I don't poop in toilet!" She reminds me every day that God loves me, because He sent her to me.
Devin {age almost 5}: Oh boy! There is never a dull moment with this kid. 2014 he lost his first tooth by getting it knocked out. Devin suckered Paul and I out of more money for toys, treats, and games that I would ever admit to. I will blame him for always being broke. He tells me when he is 6 he will stop sucking his thumb, I secretly think is the most adorable thing he does. Devin has a skill of melting my heart just before I reach my breaking point. He is a pro on his scooter, and still hates church as much as he did in all the previous years.
Savannah {age 10}: Van decided she wanted to start a new sport, soccer. She plays defense, and is actually really good at it. Who knew my kid would like a sport her parents know nothing about!? She would spend every minute away from us if she could, she has reached that stage. We don't do enough, are so embarrassing, and definitely don't let her stay up late enough. We are just so unfair. Savannah likes to be the Mom, but no one else appreciates it. She still has managed to be a straight A student, even though she can't remember to brush her hair or teeth any day of the week.
Evonne {age 33, I think}: I have said this every year, but one word to sum up my life is always PLAY. I do a lot of it, I have come to terms with it. I finally got to see Wicked the musical, the only thing that disappointed was our seats. I went to my first blog conference {SNAP!}, and got my party on. I successfully entertained our children, which is a really big deal...if you ask me. I learned how to curl my hair with a straightener, which is probably my biggest accomplishment.
Paul {age 36}: After breaking his leg in December, he finally got his cast/boot off at the end of April. Paul continued on his quest to see all good movies in the theater, and eat the most delicious baked goods in all the land. He is always looking for a new business adventure to stress him out, and we may have just found a good fit in 2015. Stay tuned. He managed to keep his wife happy by his constant spoiling, and survived my new cooking adventures.

Our favorite highlights of 2014 were a quick trip to Park City as a family, a weekend getaway to Midway as a couple, having the Bess family come from California, Grandma come from Wisconsin, another Summer of #sellfamilyadventureaday, going to the Lil Wayne vs Drake concert, visiting with Paul's mission companion, BFF coming to hang out, and lots of little things in between.

Dear 2015,

Please be kind.

The Sell Family