Monday, April 20, 2015

soccer spring season

when i signed savannah up for soccer in the fall, i didn't realize devin would be so enthusiastic about wanting to play. i promised him fall next year i would most definitely sign him up. well, when spring rolled around, i received an email from the league asking if anyone had kids interested in playing U5. we totally lucked out, and devin was able to sign up for this spring season.
it has been so fun having both kids play, although a little hectic on saturday mornings. devin has slept in his uniform every friday night, and all week leading up to it asks when he gets to play.
#4 is our little guy
both kids really enjoy being on the field, and are confident being there. devin asks me to scream loud for him on the sidelines, because it helps him. savannah is one tough cookie, and although she plays great defense...she is learning to be more aggressive in the offensive role as well.
love that my kids are learning a sport that is new to both paul and i. half the time i am lost as to what the rules are, but i do enjoy being a soccer mom.