Friday, July 31, 2015


Every time we pass Lagoon, the kids always beg to go. We saw a killer deal on tickets, and we decided to go one evening. I told Paul that I should just stay home since I couldn't ride on anything, but he insisted I go and be the glasses, key, wallet holder/picture taker. Turns out that is a pretty fun gig watching all my people have the time of their lives.
We found out Sabrina is our dare devil. She wanted to ride on everything. I waited for her to start crying on one of the rides, but she just kept begging for more.
It was perfect having Devin and Sabrina ride together, and Savannah and Paul could go on the bigger rides together. The things that were too scary for Devin, Savannah was able to take Sabrina. 
We were afraid that an evening wasn't going to be enough time to enjoy ourselves completely, but it was just the right amount of time. Paul and I are feelin' old, sore, exhausted, but happy.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Treehouse Museum.

We started off the day early to meet at a friends house to carpool to the frontrunner {train} station. When we got there, I could not get Bina's car seat out. I must have had super human strength when I put it in last time. With Christy's help + 10 minutes of hard work, we got it. The kids and Momma's were ready to rock this day. We came armed with lots of games, treats, iPad's, and enjoyed a long train ride to Ogden where we had planned lunch and the Treehouse Museum. 
When we finally made it to Ogden we decided to head over to Tailgaters for lunch, which is inside of Fat Cats. This walk isn't very long, but in 100° heat + pregnancy shtuff...I was definitely questioning my sanity in doing this. The food was good, the company even better. You get free tokens with your meals, and so after lunch we played in the arcade. I told Christy the kids would have been just fine hopping back on the train at this point and going home. 
My phone died {such an unprepared blogger I am}. I got very few pictures of the whole reason we went on this adventure in the first place...the Treehouse Museum. The big girls went off on their own, something I have never done before. It is pretty small place, and was easy to find them. Except I didn't get to see Savannah's excitement over all the fun new things. They put on a play in their theater, and invite the kids from the audience to play the parts. The story teller was fantastic, and Devin landed the leading part {soldier}! I was so proud of him for being brave, this is something that surprised me he even wanted to do. Sabrina also landed the part of Granddaughter, and had to take a potty break during her big scene. It was hilarious and so fun. {In the picture that is Bina girl with the blue scarf on her head, and Devin talking to her.} Such a fun place to go. Kids loved it, and want to go back. We definitely didn't see everything. 
We thought we had left plenty of time to get back to get on the train. Devin decided he couldn't walk, everyone needed snacks, the girls were chatting and not paying much attention. Uh, we ended up running when realizing we may not make it. It wasn't pretty folks. When we finally got seated back on the train, I thought I may very well die. I must have looked like it too, because Christy looked concerned. Hahaha We thought it was smooth sailin' from there, it wasn't. They announce somewhere between Centerville and Woods Cross that the train couldn't continue, because something was blocking the tracks. At this point we had 3 sleeping kids, and just started freaking out. Christy said, you better start praying Evonne they fix the track so we can continue, because this could get crazy! After 30+ minutes sitting on a stopped train, lots of laughter, they decided they could continue. Crisis averted. We managed to make it back with only a few tears. This adventure was 10+ hours long, and we were all exhausted and ready for bed last night. 
The end.