Saturday, August 29, 2015

5th grader.

Savannah was a little nervous about starting the 5th grade. Her very best friend ended up in another class, and they have been inseparable. She did end up getting the teacher she really wanted, so that was a little bit of positive for her.

Savannah is a smart young lady, and makes friends no matter what her situation is. She looks forward to learning, and is responsible with homework. I feel really thankful that I have been so lucky this first time around with a child I never have to worry about.
Every year we take the same picture of Devin with Savannah. This year Bina wanted in on the fun. Clearly Savannah doesn't think it is as cute or fun anything...which makes this picture all the more priceless.
I am sure 5th grade will take some adjusting, but I am also sure she will absolutely slay it! Can't wait to see how much she excels and learns. 

Friday, August 28, 2015


Devin wasn't excited to start Kindergarten, and I am not gonna lie...I wasn't thrilled about the change either. It was a lot easier to send Savannah off to school at this age, because she was ready and wanted it.

Devin sometimes has a hard time warming up to people. He is still taking and needing naps, and we of course got the afternoon block...making it impossible for him to have one now. 
I cried for most of his first day. 

Devin is quirky and can be hard. I hope and pray his teacher will fall in love with him like we do. I hope he thrives, learns, and decides to love it.

There is still a lot of wanting to stay home, and coming home to crash after a huge meltdown.
It would be easy to let him stay secure under my wing, but I know we can conquer big things...and this is just the first of them for us.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

vegas baby.

Long before we knew we were having another baby, we planned our very first trip for just Paul and I. It was clearly long overdue, and we weren't about to cancel it because of pregnancy. We did have to change a couple of things we had planned to do, but we still had a long list of things to see!

We had never been to Las Vegas, and we had no idea what to expect. We stayed at the Stratosphere Hotel, and though it was nice, I would pick something different next time. It is a bit too far off of the strip for us, we wanted to be in on all the action.
The first night we were there we stayed around the hotel, which by the end of the trip we regretted wasting that time. We enjoyed going up to the observation deck for free being a guest, and the view was amazing. Paul is scared of heights, so he stayed clear of the edge. We also went to dinner at Roxy's Diner, which was less than desirable food. We people watched, walked around, and were more than excited to spend quality time just the 2 of us.
The next morning we started the day off right with Serendipity 3 for breakfast. Chicken and waffles, that is all I gotta say. Man, I still have dreams about that meal. We learned that portions are HUGE in Vegas, so we ended up sharing all of our meals. 
Our agenda this day was go to the top of the Paris Eiffel Tower, Mob Museum, bus tour at night.
We ended our night with good music, great people watching, and delicious food at Jimmy Buffet's restaurant.
We started this day off with Guy Fieri's restaurant. This little number was a pancake pot pie, filled with delicious berries. Yet another thing we shared.
Our agenda this day was Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, gondola ride, Michael Jackson ONE Cirque du Soleil show.
Right before we were to go in to the Michael Jackson show, I had a colossal win on the slot machines. I always knew Michael was my favorite. Then we went and took our seats in the nosebleed $100+ per person seats, and some nice lady came and told us to follow her. We were hesitant, but she took us all the way to the 17th row and gave us new seats!! It made for a pretty lucky night!

We walked until our feet couldn't take it anymore. We hit up the M&M store, Coke store, rode the monorail, we shopped, ate delicious food in between. 

For our first time in Vegas, we definitely saw a lot. We went to bed every night exhausted, and woke up ready to hit up the strip to see more things.

We couldn't leave Vegas without more Serendipity 3...hello frozen hot chocolate! 

I loved this trip so much. It was nice to reconnect with Paul, and remember all the things I love so much about it. We went home dreaming of our next trip to Vegas, and all the shows and things we didn't get to conquer. Definitely a trip to remember.