Sunday, November 1, 2015

halloween 2015

This year we invited friends to come and trick or treat in our neighborhood. Then they invited us to their house for hot chocolate and cinnamon rolls after we were done collecting our loot.
My kids could seriously could go trick or treating all night, even sweet Bina was game to keep going. What can I say, we love our treats.
Savannah decided to be a nerd this year, and matched with her cute friend Brooklyn. It is sad to see her years of trick or treating coming to an end. Maybe in a few years, she can be in charge of taking all the little people instead of me. Pass the torch, if you will.
Devin is always wanting something different to dress up as, and this year he chose a clown costume. You never see him in a costume that everyone else is wearing. He has yet to dress up as a Ninja Turtle, or something that is all the craze with kids his age.
Bina girl picked out a ballerina cat get up, and although kinda weird...she looked absolutely adorable!
These are the kind of holidays I just love having kids. They make everything so fun!