Friday, December 18, 2015

Drake's Birth Story

December 18th.

My scheduled induction date.
My appointment was at 6:15 AM, and I was suppose to call at 5:45 AM to see if they had room. I almost broke down in tears when the nice lady on the phone said "Come on in!". 

We wanted to keep everything as normal as we could for the littles, and Savannah wanted to still go to school. So, I set out on my own to the hospital with a plan to call Paul when things were progressing. 

Everything was smooth sailin' at first. Got my IV, pitocin going, and my antibiotics for Strep B. Had some good contractions on my own, and the nurse and I made a prediction he would be here before Noon. 

The one thing I wanted more than anything this go around was Kim to be there to do one of her gorgeous birth stories. After all, this really is our last baby, like really! Paul thought I was slightly crazy, but said I could.

Kim showed up nice and early, and I was glad to have some girl chat to pass the time away.

Around 9:30 AM I decided to get an epidural. First try, he hit a blood vessel. Second try, I remember getting some relief, but it didn't feel like my past epidurals. With a promise to come back in a couple of hours, he left. 
After this all happened, Paul showed up. Things seemed to be going pretty smooth, that Noon delivery was looking pretty good. They were rolling in the baby gear to the room, and I could see an end in sight.

Then here is where things get blurry for me. I love that Kim was there to capture images of things I don't remember, or have already forgotten {Yes, pregnancy/mommy brain is alive and well in our house}.
I started feeling lots of pain, not just pressure. I hit that little epidural button, I got nothin'. I start to feel panicked as the pain brings me to tears.
It seems like this was sometime around 11:00 AM, but I couldn't even tell you. Paul and Kim were crackin' jokes, and doing a great job at trying to distract me.

Nurse checks me...I am only a 6, holy crap. I need relief.

I ask for the anesthesiologist to come and fix my epidural. He comes in, put medicine in my line to test it, and I instantly feel really sick. I couldn't hear very good {which is a normal side effect}, and thought I was going to pass out. I do remember Paul and Kim talking about me, but feeling like I wasn't able to respond. It was an odd experience. 

They decide to sit me up to do a 3rd epidural. Paul on one side, Kim on the other I sit and wait, and wait, and wait. 
Paul jokes "It is 11:59 AM Evonne, doesn't look like you are going to have him before Noon!"

I am going through contraction after contraction. I am feeling the urge to push, I warn the anesthesiologist he better hurry. No luck in hurrying or the 3rd epidural.
I lay back in the worst kind of pain. They tell me to breathe through the contractions, and don't push. 

I have to push, I can't wait.

Paul and Kim are whispering "Just push, Evonne!" Gosh those 2 are the best birth coaches ever!

No Doctor yet.

I push, and oh man did it feel oddly good.

Doctor appears, I don't care if she is ready...I am going to push again.

3 good pushes, and our baby boy was here.
12:12 PM. 

Drake Lydon Sell
8 pounds, 2 ounces
19 inches long
They put him on my stomach, and all I could think of is "I did it! I did it, Paul!" I just had a baby without drugs! 
Something about having a baby makes me fall in love with Paul all over again. These are situations he isn't comfortable in, and he is always a total rock star! He held my hand, talked me through it, and will always be my favorite person to have by my side. The pictures of Paul during all of it are the ones that bring me to tears. I am so lucky to have him, our kids are lucky to have him. 

I am so thankful Kim was there to support us. Not only is she such an awesome friend, she is so talented at capturing the best of the best moments with her camera. Paul teased me about how these pictures would look, and I was nervous I would look a hot mess. But I took one look at the album full of photos, and instantly fell in love with all of them. I will never regret having her there to capture our last baby, and how special the event was. 
When I first looked at Drake, I saw Savannah. Then I look at him again, I see Devin. Then Bina. I guess that just means all our kids look similar. One thing is for sure, we all fell in love with him hard and fast. He is the perfect ending to our little family.