Monday, January 25, 2016

my partner.

*All photo credit goes to Kim Orlandini Photography.

This post is all about my better half. This isn't "normal" for me to get of mushy, but I want it documented.

Having a new baby is always hard for us, so much change and adjustments happen. We usually start moving in different directions, growing apart, and get short with each other. 
Drake so far has been our hardest baby, or maybe he isn't and one of us {me!} always just forget how hard newborns and sleepless nights are.

This go around has been so different for us, and not because of me. I am still the emotional train wreck I usually am, but Paul has been a total stud! I have had lots of days I want to give up, and Paul has been right there willing to pick up the pieces.

My favorite thing Paul has said since Drake is "We are crushing this 4 kid business!"

It really is the little things that Paul has done that have made me realize that he loves us, loves me. 
Vacuuming the stairs. Taking over the morning car pool. Offering and taking a shift at night so I can sleep more. Picking up the odds and ends we need at the grocery store without me asking. Taking me to lunch and dinner so I can get out, and don't have to do the dishes. Putting kids to bed. Gas station runs. Remembering things I said I wanted, and going back to bring them home as gifts. Listening to me cry, and snore from exhaustion. Finding a new pediatrician for Drake. Walking the halls during Relief Society so I can listen and love being spiritually uplifted. Oh, and there is so much more than this.

When I thank Paul for helping or doing something I would normally do, he always responds with something along the lines of, I don't need to thank him it is part of being a Dad.

Even though I have enjoyed the newborn stage this go around the least out of all of our babies, I love what Paul and I have this time. I am a very lucky to have his support. I am thankful to be in this parenting adventure with him, we make some darn cute kids together.