Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Tracy Aviary

We were invited to a fun bloggers day out at the Tracy Aviary last week. It was a no-brainer to go, because we already have a deep love for Tracy Aviary. It was about 18 months ago Bina and Devin had the opportunity to take the Little Chicks Classes. As soon as I told the kids we were going to aviary, Devin instantly remembered all he had learned in those classes...just when you think they aren't listening {wink, wink}.

Just because we have been to the aviary quite a few times, we still managed to do and see things that were new and exciting this trip. 
We had never done the Amazon Adventure, which is an additional cost to the entry fee {but totally affordable}. We were able to feed the Wild Sun Conures, and the kids were totally thrilled with this opportunity. It gives you an up close experience with a bird, and watching them eat it pretty interesting.
We enjoyed seeing the newly built vet clinic, and seeing some of the patients they have in the clinic currently. Devin thought this was especially cool, because he has recently been talking about becoming a vet himself when he is older.
We, of course, got to do some of our long standing family favorite things, like the bird show. We also snuck some peeks into cages to check on some of our bird friends we have missed like the flamingos, owls, and the ducks.
Just to give you an idea how warm we got in the Rainforest, look at Drake's rosy cheeks!
Tracy Aviary has added the Treasures of the Rainforest exhibit since we had been there last. It really is a fun and humid little building. It rains twice a day in the building, lots of unique birds flying overhead, a few special birds in cages to admire while you walk through. We also were able to do a ladybug release while there, which was especially memorable. The ladybugs help eat bugs that are harmful for the plants in the exhibit. 
We definitely enjoyed our morning at Tracy Aviary, and never get tired of our visits. Never been? I am giving away a 4 pack of tickets on my Instagram account this week. You might want to hop on over there to enter.

Thank you Tracy Aviary for another memorable adventure. We have plans to come back when we kick off our Summer adventures.

Name: Tracy Aviary
Address: 589 E 1300 S SLC, UT
Admission: $5.95 for kids, $9.95 for adults

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Cavalia by Odysseo - Sandy, Utah

We got a special invite to view the Cavalia show by Odysseo in Sandy, Utah. If you are local, you have probably seen the big white top tent in the parking lot of the Southtowne Mall. It is a pretty impressive set up, and is hard to miss while driving by.
I invited Ms Savannah as my date, and it ended up being a really good decision. We got VIP tickets, and when they say VIP they really do give you a experience like no other...and she felt so special all night. 
We arrived at the VIP tent 90 minutes before the show, and enjoyed a delicious dinner and found some friends. The dinner had a little bit of everything, and I am pretty sure my adventurous 11 year old tried it all...including that really spicy gazpacho. Everything I tried, I loved. Steak, chicken, quiche, pasta salad, shrimp...something for everyone. Not gonna lie, I lived it up with a few too many Coke's.
After a few pictures, a little purchase at the gift shop inside the VIP tent, we picked up our drinks and popcorn {included in ticket as well} to head in to the show. We had amazing seats, 4th row. Savannah had never experienced a big production of any kind, and was absolutely giddy. It was a beautiful set, and you really can't tell you are in a tent.
It was live music, which I wasn't expecting. Gorgeous horses, of course. Sometimes slow and mesmerizing, sometimes you didn't know where to look because so many cool things happening at once. I personally loved all the flips and tricks the most, but when I asked Savannah she couldn't narrow it down.
I was glad I had a few friends go before I did, because I was thinking of taking the whole family. Although it could be entertaining for the younger crowd, I personally wouldn't take my 6 or 4 year old. Of course there is always exceptions, maybe if they are major horse lovers it would be entertaining enough for them to sit through. 
After an hour or so, they have a 30 minute intermission. We went back to the VIP tent to eat dessert. If you aren't fast the lines are crazy long, and you won't have a chance to even make it to the dessert tables. So, that may be a suggestion to remember if you are spending the extra money on your tickets.

Cavalia was nice enough after the show to let us have a meet and greet of some of the talent. Savannah was amazed to meet these ladies up close and personal. We also got to go to the stables to see the horses too. 

It was definitely a night to remember. They are only in Utah until June 3rd, so if you are wanting to go...you only have a limited amount of time left to jump at the chance.

Also, if you are reading this today {May 19th}, I am doing a flash giveaway over on my Instagram account for 2 tickets to Saturday's show. Go enter. 

Name: Cavalia by Odysseo 
Address: 10450 S State Sandy, UT
Admission: $39.50 all the way up to $249.50...just depends on day/time/seats

Saturday, May 7, 2016

newpark hotel getaway

While Grandpa and Grandma were here we had planned to escape 3 of the 4 kids, and stay in Park City as a couple + baby Drake. After they got here, we had a change of heart about leaving everyone and quickly planned it for the 8 of us to go instead. 
We love Newpark Hotel, it is the only place to stay in Park City...IMHO. We have been going there since Devin was just a little guy, and we have made many traditions in those years. We stayed in our favorite suite, and then added the attached room on to it as well. 
We arrived at the hotel, got all settled, and then headed out for dinner together. We took everyone to Maxwells, which is a family favorite. We even branched out on the menu, and weren't disappointed. 
We went back to the hotel, and did what the kids had been begging for already...swimming. It was Drake's first experience, and he loved it. It was fun to swim as a family, and have Grandpa and Grandma there to get all the cute pictures for us.
After we got everyone settled in to the rooms, Paul and I headed out for a little date. We walked around, got some ice cream, and talked. Nowadays dates don't have to be anything extravagant, just time to talk in peace is lovely. We were going to go see a movie, but we opted for sleep over a movie that we weren't super interested in seeing anyway.
We woke up and got to explore Main Street Park City, which is always more fun with people who have never done it before. We stopped in some of the shops that were actually open, read that as Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. We also had a delicious breakfast at The Bridge Cafe, which I am still dreaming about my omelet.  We decided we weren't ready to go back home until we had a competitive game of bowling. Paul ended up winning, which actually hasn't happened in years.
We called this adventure a total success. We were so happy that we
changed the plans and took everyone with us. Although Paul and I definitely don't get enough alone time, we also don't get to see his parents often enough that we wanted to use up any time being away. We decided that this needed to be a new tradition while they are in town.