Thursday, April 13, 2017

SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium - Utah + coupon code

Let me start off by saying, it has become increasingly hard to entertain all of my children with the same activity. You know why? Drake is 1, and our Savannah is going to be 13 this year. It is difficult to find something all of them can enjoy at the same time. With that being said, SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium - Utah did that for us, and that completely sold me! Seaquest is located in the Layton Hills Mall, in Layton, Utah {more on this later}, and really isn't that close to our home...but it was worth the drive to see all of my kids entertained for a couple of hours!
We were invited for a tour of SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium a few weeks back. It was during school, so just Bina and Drake came along to explore with me. As soon as we started into the aquarium, I instantly was regretting not bringing the older kids too! I know people are skeptical when they hear it is inside of a mall. Your first thought is "uh, it must be tiny!". You have to think of a huge department store inside of a mall being filled with fish, instead of merchandise. It is a good size! 
My second regret, bringing a stroller! When they say it is interactive, they mean it. Of course Drake didn't want to sit in a stroller, he wanted to touch, feel, and feed all the things! Although the stroller is nice for cup holders, because they do have a FiiZ Drinks right inside the lobby {and yes you can take your drinks into the aquarium}!
We went back as a family over our Spring Break, and boy howdy did I have a happy bunch of kids. I asked Savannah if it was something she wanted to do again, and she excitedly said "Yes!".
Everyone had something different that they connected with. For Savannah it was the birds, and they flocked to her to take all of her food first. Drake liked "trying" to feed the shrimp to the stingrays, and following along the glass to point at fish. Bina is now really obsessed with mermaids, thanks to the real live mermaid you can have your picture taken with. Devin ran right up to the worker and asked if he could hold the boa, and the rest of us stayed as far away as possible. Of course I had to try the fish spa, and I can't say it was my favorite feeling in the world...but everyone needs to try it at least once, right? Savannah is begging to do it, next time!
So here is the nitty gritty, they have an entrance fee, and it doesn't include the fish spa or food for feeding the animals. You buy tokens for doing those things. If you don't want to spend any extra money, it doesn't take away from the experience of SeaQuest. You can still go into the iguana cage, or the bird just won't be given food without the token. 
It is sooooo much easier to take pictures of iguanas, they don't move like my kids do! 
SeaQuest Interactive Aquarium - Utah has given my readers a discount code to use on your next visit! Hooray! If you mention sellpartyday25, you will receive 25% off your daily admission price! I can't wait to hear what you guys think!

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